Rob Feinstein Vol. 2 Shoot Interview

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Rob Feinstein has been around the wrestling business for over 20 years. He was worked with some of the biggest names in our business from A to Z from Abby to Zybsysko. Rob has traveled the world from going to Japan, Mexico, England, Puerto Rico and all across the United States with ECW. You all have seen his work and know of his infamous shoot interviews, but maybe there are things you never knew on what goes on behind the scenes at RF VIDEO. Now for the first time in almost 7 years, RF VIDEO’s own Rob Feinstein talks about some crazy stories that he has encountered along the way.

This interview will be nice and juicy with tons of dirt. I know what you guys like so I know I was able to deliver the goods. I did do a quick recap of some topics but there are tons of new stories as well from the last few years. I don’t like to bury anyone in wrestling because you never know when you might need that person again but it is safe to say I will never step foot inside the former ECW arena again after this shoot comes out. I tell in great detail on how the owner tried to work me. Do you want to know why I lost all respect for Jim Kettner of ECWA? What happened when Raven got arrested in my car (nothing serious trust me, but the funniest story ever)….What happened when Scott Hall attacked me in a hotel in NY and who saved me….What happened the first time we met the Sheik for his first ever shoot.Want to know what Howard Stern was like..The interview is loaded with funny stories from new shoots, indy shows and so much more!!!
How did you first start to watch wrestling
How long until you went to your first show
How did you discover NWA on TV (Magnum TA vs Wahoo) Cage match was on
First time ever going to NWA with my Dad at the Civic Center Bunk House Stampede
Did you drive to the show next to a cab with Dusty Rhodes and Magnum TA
Who was Joel Gooheart and how did he get you to meet the guys with his fan club
Talk about the I95 marketplace store Squared Circle
WHo was your first wrestling friend and how did you meet him (Eric)
Fist time ever at the Marriot
How did you get kicked out of the Marriot and banned
Talk about eating breakfast with Dynamite Kid
How did you get to talk to Roddy Piper when you were 16
Talk about calling wrestlers and booking them in fake matches Abby vs Iron Shiek (Scaffold match)
What was the hotel scene like at the marriot
What was it like when WWF and NWA were in town together at the same time
How did you get to drive Randy Savage and Elizabeth to a show
Talk about the night you finally got backstage thru Ricky Morton
How did you end up driving Animal and Rick Steiner and what happened later that night at Dennys with Eddie Gilbert
Any good backstage stories from the NWA with Tom Zenk, Flair kicking us out,
How did you start filming shows?
What was it like to film early Dennis Caroluzzo shows with Sabu and Benoit
Talk about driving with Joel Goodhart for a three day loop from Washington,Philly and NY and nearly crashing on the way home from dropping Eric off at home
Talk about getting friendly with Ricky Steamboat and Bonnie during that swing
Talk about going to Memphis with Joel and filming the Undertakers tar and feathered match
Talk about going to Baltimore from a wildwood show with the Fantastics and the Rock N Roll Xpress
Talk about doing early on wrestling conventions for John Arezzi
Did you really think you were going to buy that new car after his first convention.
Talk about how you would get your blank video tapes from Carefour and how you counted them before you would copy them for a convention to =$13000
When did you first encounter and work with Vince Russo
Talk about John Clarks from NBC wrestling convention with Warrior and Kerry Von Erich
How did you meet Jim Ketner and how did you end up wrestling in his battle royals
Did you wrestle Doug at a convention in a cage
How did you meet Tod Gordon
How did you hear about the first ECW TV tapings at the college
How did you meet Doug Gentry
Memories of the first ever ECW TV tapings
What college did you go to?
How did you start to trade video tapes around thru The Observer
Memories of meeting Paul Heyman early on
Talk about how Eddie Gilbert called you looking for fire matches
Talk about getting to set up at the first ECW show at the arena
What was it like to be around ECW during its infant stage
What was Paul Heyman like and do you recall early phone calls at 3AM
How did you meet Tommy Dreamer for the very first time
What happened when you worked a indy show and Taz and Dreamer found out
What was it like on the road early on when we would drive to Flagstaff
How did you handle going to college and doing ECW
What was it like to expand with ECW
Who did you travel with in ECW
What fights did you see in the ECW locker room. (Pillman and New Jack) (Sandman and New Jack) (New Jack and a indy worker)
What happened the night of the riot in Plymouth meeting
Did you ever party with the guys in ECW
How crazy was the drug scene in ECW
What was it like going to New Orleans and how fun was that
Did you like going to the Florida shows
How did you first meet Victor and why was there heat with him at first
How did you wind up going to Japan in 1995
How did Victor help you with the FMW office
How did Tajiri and Super Crazy come to ECW
First night Crazy was in and how we got into a fight at hotel becasue I was sick
Talk about nights that we would not find a hotel
Talk about the night we had to sleep in a van in OH after first ever TNN tapings because hotels were all sold out.
rWhat was your favorite ECW show ever
Talk about going to the first PPV in Philly
Did you get heat for going to Shawn Michaels shows in TX during ECW and why do you think there was heat
What was it like to see SPanky and Dragon and Lance Cade early on
How did you get to interview HBK when you were there and why did it almost never happen
What was your favorite place to visit
Did you ever get burned out from going out every weekend to shows and if so what towns did you skip
How did you know ECW was in trouble
When did you find out that it was all over
How did you start the Pro Wrestling shops
During ECW what indy companies did you work with if any
Talk about working with JAPW early on
Talk about doing MCW shows during ECW
Talk about life after ECW
What was the indy scene like after ECW
Misconceptions about PWE and PWX on how they were my company.
Why did PWX fail and who was to blame
Talk about Low Ki and what it was like to work with him and problems we have had in JAPW.
How many people call the office or email us looking to start a new company
What happened with Scott Hall in NY when he attacked you in a hotel room
Talk about the passing of Doug
What has your life been without Doug in it
How did you cope with loosing your best friend of 20 years
How hard was it doing the first shoot interview without Doug (John Tatum)
Talk about the drive going to NY to do Scott Norton and what happened
Thoughts on Jim Ketner
What was it like meeting Chyna and was she sober
What was it like meeting Sheik for the first time in Airport and what was going thru your mind when you did your 1st ever shoot with him
What was it like to go to the Howard Stern show
Who was cool with you guys in the studio
How did you get hooked up with the Kilers of Comedy tour
What is Sheik really like
What are your thoughts on Eric Simms
What was it like going to Tito Santanas house
What are your thought on doing the shoot with the Nasty Boys
How did LeatherFace end up at your house
What was it like meeting Bruno for his shoot interview
Did you like doing the shoot with DDP
How did Tonga Kid hold you up for more money
Talk about going to do the shoot with Demolition (traffic jam)
Talk about the shoots you did with Gary Hart in NC and Manny Fernandez and Black Bart
What was it like sitting down with Kevin Nash in FL
Thoughts on Frank Goodmans FL shows and talk about the snakes and bugs from that venue
How did you get Scott Hall to do his first shoot interview
What was the Sandmans house like
Talk about the stress of waiting for Scott Hall to shop up for his shoot with Kevin Nash
What was it like filming When Worlds Collide and why did the cops show up
What was Kurt Angle like off camera for his shoot interview
How was George Steel for his shoot interview
Talk about VPW and Roger
How did you develope the Face Off Concept
How drunk was Ken Patera for his interview and how did you have the guys to ask him about going to jail
Talk about the pre party with Iron Sheik & Jamie Dundee
What happened with your shoot with Jerry Jarrett and why did you not do the interview
How much fun was Ole Anderson
Talk about working with Scott Hall in NC
How awesome was the Robert Fuller shoot interview
What was it like working with Torri Wilson
Was it hard to interview Stan Hansen again
How fun was this shoot with the Godwins
How hard was it to get this done Jake/Raven/Sullivan
Talk about his condition Marty Jannetty
What is in the future for RF VIDEO
What else will you be doing in wrestling and do you ever want to run shows again
There were rumors that you were going to start something a year ago what happened
Thoughts on todays indy scene
talk about all the wrestling conventions that are now going on and what do you like about it.
Do you think wrestling is dead right now because of the economy
What are your thoughts on all the heat you get on the internet
Is wrestling still fun for you today
Scott Hall at the NC Convention
Meeting Ozzy at Ozfest with Dreamer and Snitsky
What happened when Raven got arrested with you in NJ
On the Road with Sheik to Stern show
What was it like going on the road with Killers of comedy
Meeting Jeff the Drunk and Gary the Retard