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Sit back, pop open a cold one, and be prepared to have the time of your life as Robert Fuller takes you through one great tale after another in RF VIDEO’s newest exclusive shoot interview. One of wrestling’s national treasures, Fuller has been around wrestling since birth and is a natural born storyteller. Fans new and old are going to have a wide grin throughout the course of this THREE HOUR shoot as Fuller ranks right up there with the greats in his ability to captivate an audience. We say in full confidence that this will go down as one of the best reviewed DVDs of the year!

Fuller goes over his entire career, starting with his humble beginnings traveling the road with his grandfather. Just wait until you hear his incredible cigar/chop fest story and hear what would happen to him if he dared fall asleep in the car. Robert gives first person details about how tough his family was and their hard-nosed training tactics. You’ll get incredible stories of working down in Florida with Eddie Graham, up in Georgia for Ole Anderson, and over in Texas for the Funks and the Von Erichs. Fuller has a wonderful story for every big name you can think of. Dusty Rhodes. The Armstrongs. Hulk Hogan. Jerry Lawler. Dick Murdoch. Arn Anderson. Ric Flair. Austin Idol. The Freebirds. Ted Dibiase. Jeff Jarrett. Mick Foley. Jim Cornette. You name them, they’re here.

Of course we peppered Fuller about his Stud Stable taking over the Memphis scene in the ’80s, and he was more than happy to oblige. And you know we weren’t going to let Fuller go without going in-depth about his stay in WCW and his much talked about Col. Robert Parker character. Fuller talks about being involved in corny skits and all the craziness that happened in WCW, including the infamous Vader/Orndorff fight. You’ll get first hand accounts with a little gossip thrown in as well from one of wrestling’s best talkers. Don’t miss out!!

You come from a long line of wrestlers in your family, can you talk about that
Did you and your cousins talk about getting into wrestling as kids
How early were you exposed to the business
How close were you with grandfather growing up
Can you talk about what it was like to be a promoter during that time period
How big was your grandfather on kayfabe
Do you have any early road stories you can share
How young were you when you started going to shows
What do you remember about going into the locker room as a kid
Were there any overly racist angles at the time considering the time period in history
When did you start training
Was your grandfather or father helpful to you
Memories of your first match
Early memories teaming with Jimmy
How s oon did Ron get into the business
Did you two always try and stick together
Memories of the Alabama territory when you first broke in
Why do you think some second and third generation wrestlers like yourself do well while others like David Flair and David Sammartino don’t
How close were you with Buddy Fuller
Early memories of Eddie Graham
Who were your mentors
Did any of the boys who had issues with your dad or grandfather ever try and take out their differences with you
Talk about the pressures of being related to a promoter and wrestling out of the territory
Memories of Jack Brisco
Memories of Nick Gulas
Memories of the NWA Florida tag team tournament
Was Eddie Graham as good of a booker as they say
Early memories of Dusty Rhodes
Memories teaming up with Kevin Sullivan early in your career
Memories wrestling early on in the Georgia area
Memories teaming with Bob Armstrong
Early memories of matches with Jerry Lawler
Memories of Mr. Wrestling II
Memories of the Garvins
Memories teaming with Stan Frazier in Georgia
Thoughts on Ole Anderson as a booker
Memories working with the Andersons
How hot was Southeastern Championship Wrestling
Did you like working for Ron
Memories of your matches with the Sheepherders
Memories of your=2 0feud with Randy Rose
You were involved in the angle that formed the original Midnight Express, correct
Memories of matches with the Nightmares
Memories of Johnny Valiant
Memories of Ron Bass
Memories of your feud with Jimmy Golden
Memories of your feud with Mr. Olympia
Memories of Mr. Saito
How did you wind up in Memphis for the first time in the 70s
Did you like it
Memories of Jackie Fargo
A lot of people say he was more talented than his brother, do you agree
Early memories of Terry Funk
Other than family, who were your favorite and least favorite promoters to work for
Memories of Bob Armstrong
Memories of your matches with the Armstrongs over the years
Memories of a young Hulk Hogan coming through Alabama
Memories of a young Arn Anderson coming through Al
Who did you see come through Al that you thought would make it and didn’t and vice versa
Memories of Dick Murdoch
Memories of Jos LeDuc
Memories of Tom Pritchard
Memories of Ric Flair when hed come through Alabama< /div>
Memories of a young Austin Idol
Are you surprised he didn’t go further as Austin Idol
Early memories of teaming and working with the Mongolian Stomper
You teamed with a young Brutus Beefcake in the 80s. Memories of that
Memories of wrestling in Georgia against the Freebirds
Memories of being a part of the Freebirds-DiBiase angle
Why do you think the territory eventually folded
You went to Memphis i n the late 80s as part of the Stud Stable and had a huge push. How did that come about
Was there any jealousy from some of the guys because you guys were pushed so heavily
How did you develop your promo style
Were your promos in Memphis scripted in any way
What do you think of scripted promos today
Memories of feuding with Jeff Jarrett
Memories of feuding with a young Scott Steiner
Did you get any heat for the racial slurs you used against Brickhouse Brown back then< /SPAN>
How did the idea to use Sylvia come about
Did she like it
Did it strain your marriage at all
How much fun was that time period
Do a lot of fans still remember you for this time period
Memories of working with Lawler in and out of the ring
How did Gary Young come into the mix
Memories of a young Mick Foley
Any good road stories
Do you think you hit Memphis a year too late since the business was changing
When did you realize that territories were running into problems
Memories of a young Undertaker
Did you like going to Texas as part of the whole World Class feud
Memories working with the Von Erichs
Memories wrestling Mil Mascaras in World Class
Memories wrestling Matt Borne
Memories of Brian Lee
Who was your favorite guy to work with down there at the time
How did you wind up working for Dusty in the PWF
Why didn’t you stay that long
You went back to Memphis as a babyface in the early 90s. How did it change
Memories teaming with Jeff
How did you guys wind up in SMW
Thoughts on Jim C ornette
Memories of matches with the Rock N Roll Express
Why do you think SMW didn’t work
How did you wind up in WCW
Thoughts on Eric Bischoff
Missy Hyatt says in your book that you are called the Tennessee Stud because you have the biggest penis in wrestling. Your thoughts?
Who came up with Robert Parker
Who’s idea was it to put you with Sid
Thoughts on Sid
Thoughts on Vader
Memories of traveling with Harley
Memories of the feud with Sting
How did you wind up with Steve Austin
Did you and Steve gel
Do you think Steve was still upset over the team with Pillman getting yanked
Did you have any clue he’d be as big as he’d become
Who’s idea was it to reform the Stud Stable
Memories of Meng
Memories of Terry Funk from this time
Memories of feuding with the Rhodes
Did you see the Vader-Orndorff fight
Memories of the feud with Sherri and Madusa
Was it tough to learn of her passing
Memories of Lex Luger
How did you wind up with the Canadians
How different was Jacques as compared to the kid you used to wrestle with in the early 80s
Memories of the feud with Harlem Heat
Memories of the Chicken Suit match with Pillman
How did you wind up in the WWF
Who’s idea was it to put you with Jeff
Did you work well with Jeff
Did you have any plans to wrestle or just manage
Was it tough not being able to wrestle
Was it a big accomplishment for you to finally work in that territory
How were you accepted by the locker room
What were your thoughts on Vince
Why did you leave
Did you ever try and move into a booking role in the WWE
You were a part of TNA briefly, what happened
There was an attempt to bring back a territory down south a few years ago, why do you think it didn’t work outDo you still watch wrestling
Do you want to write a book
Fav ribs and road stories
Do you enjoy doing the nostalgia shows
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today
Do you still have a passion for the business
What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler