Sabu Vol. 2 Shoot Interview

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In this day of kayfabe, it is rare to find anyone as elusive as Sabu. For years, Sabu would not utter a word on camera. Sabu now sits down for a second time with RF Video, Inc in his most entertaining shoot interview yet. RF Video presents the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal maniac, Sabu.

This interview is much different than the last time we sat down with Sabu. Sabu was aware of the camera and had a lot to say. A lot has changed since we last spoke with Sabu. Sabu signed with the WWE, headlined RAW, and made headlines with an arrest. Sabu opens up and discusses all of the above with RF Video.

What was it like for someone like Sabu to go to the WWE? How much creativity did he have? Were other wrestlers apprehensive about working with him? What was his relationship like with Vince McMahon? Was there still heat with Paul Heyman? What was it like to headline against John Cena and other WWE superstars? Sabu addresses all of the questions.

Sabu also talks in depth for the first-time ever about his arrest with Rob Van Dam. What happened? How did the WWE react? What was his meeting like with Vince McMahon? Why did he give reporters the fingers? How would his career have turned out if he wasn’t arrested? Does he regret it? Sabu addresses all of the tough questions.

What was it like for Sabu to be a part of the new ECW? What does he think of the new ECW? Did he have any problems with the product? Did he try and change it? How did the other ECW alumni react to the product? Did he make any suggestions? What does he think about classic ECW fan reaction to the new ECW? Did he think it would last?

Sabu’s story didn’t end with the WWE. Sabu talks about the before and after in this shoot. Sabu talks about his run in TNA and the barbed wire matches with Abyss. Sabu also talks about life after the WWE. Where does he go from here? Does he regret the years of punishment he inflicted upon himself? Was it worth it looking back? These are some emotional questions we as the great Sabu.

RF Video has a library of thousands of videos featuring the legendary Sabu. RF Video pays tribute to Sabu by including the original 3 way dance with Sabu vs. Terry Funk vs. Shane Douglas. In addition see the epic Stretcher Match between Sabu and Rob Van Dam. Relive the greatness and see how the nephew of a wrestling legend carved out a legacy of his own.

We at RF Video will proudly call Sabu a legend. It is excited anytime we have the opportunity to talk to a legend. The cameras were rolling as Sabu sits down one on one with RF Video for this one. It is truly an honor and a pleasure to present one of wrestling’s true pioneers for a second time. RF Video proudly presents our newest shoot interview with Sabu.

Was it hard to adjust back to the indys after ECW
Favorite or notable matches you had on the indys
Worst promoter you worked for the indys during that time
There were several reports that you would show up for matches under some kind of influence. How do you respond to that
Did you think about getting out of wrestling and getting a full time job
What did you think when you first heard about One night Stand
How were you contacted to come in for the WWE One Night Stand
Were you apprehensive about working for them
Is it true that they called you often in the 90s and wanted you to come in and change your name
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Initial memories of the locker room at One Night Stand.
Was it divisive with ECW guys and WWE guys
Memories of One Night Stand and your match with Rhino
Did it bother you to only have 6:30
Thoughts on what happened with Meanie and JBL
Initial impressions of Vince that night
Did you expect a job out of it
Memories traveling with the juggalos
What did you think of Shane Douglas’ attempt to revise the product
Were you surprised the touring shows didn’t do well
Thoughts on your match on the big show with Terry Funk and Shane Douglas
Was your body ready for all of that or were you back in the ring too soon
During the time you were out, how hard was it on your financially and mentally
Thoughts on Jeremy Borash’s ECW DVD
Taz has recently called himself the biggest asshole in the ECW locker room. Would you agree
How did you wind up returning to TNA
Did you stay in touch with WWE at all during this time
Thoughts on Vince Russo
Thoughts on Jeff Jarrett
Thoughts on your feud with Abyss
Thoughts on teaming with Raven
Thoughts on Raven’s lawsuit against the WWE
Thoughts on working for Ian Rotten and IWA MS
Memories of your barbed wire match with Abyss
How did you break your arm in Mexico
What was your experience like going to a hospital in Mexico
Did you feel pressured to wrestle 8 days later for TNA
Konnan is suing TNA feeling they should pay for his medical expenses. What are your thoughts on that
Thoughts on wres tling Samoa Joe
Memories teaming with Mil Masacaras
Memories working with Dory Funk
Thoughts on wrestling Mad Man Pondo
Who contacted you to come work for the WWE
Were you apprehensive about signing with them
How did the locker room accept you and the rest of the ECW guys
Who did you travel with at this time
Was Paul Heyman any different to work with at this time
Memories of your debut angle leg dropping John Cena
Was Cena open to anything or was he a bit guarded
Initial impressions of Stephanie McMahon
Thoughts on Triple H
Was there still bitterness between you and Paul
Memories of wrestling Cena on RAW
How did life change for you now that you were a top WWE superstar
Thoughts on the traveling
Memories of doing the angles leading to the second One Night Stand show
Memories of your match with Rey Jr at One Night Stand
Did you like the finish
What were your initial impressions of the ECW Sci-Fi product
Thoughts on the first tour
Thoughts on returning to the arena with the new ECW
Thoughts on Kurt Angle and matches
Thoughts on the Big Show and matches
Did you find the direction of the ECW frustrating or you didn’t care
Did anyone not to work with you there because they didn’t want to do any hardcore spots
Memories of your Vengenace match with John Cena
Memories working C.W. on the house shows
Guys like Sandman and Balls were pretty wild back in the ECW days. Were those guys as crazy in the locker room
Did you like the locker room
Did you have a lot of interaction with Vince
What happened the night you and RVD got pulled over
Did you fear for your job right away
What happened the next night at RAW
Some reports indicate that you showed remorse to the company while RVD didn’t. How do you respond
Thoughts on John Laurinitus
At the time you and RVD were in the hottest angle in the company. How do you think your time there would have went if that incident never happened.
Memories of your matches with Stevie Richards
Did you like working with the ex-ECW guys more or did you like fresh WWE opponents
Were you treated differently when you came back
Do you think marijuana should be legal
Why did you flip off the media when you left the court house
Memories of your series with the Big Show
Thoughts on your SummerSlam match
Memories of your Survivor Series match
Is it hard to put a match together with that many people
You and RVD had one big Ladder Match. Are you surprised they didn’t do more matches with you and RVD
Were you disappointed to get pulled from your December to Dismember match
A lot of fans call that one of the worst WWE pay per views ever. Do you agree
Do you think that your incident with the cops prevented them from having confidence in pushing you
Did you ever approach anyone with your concerns
Memories of the Royal Rumble
Memories of wrestling at WrestleMania
How big of an accomplishment was it for you
Thoughts on Tommy Dreamer and his WWE longevity
How important was it for you to induct your uncle
How do you think your uncle would have felt about it
What is the craziest story you have heard about your uncle from one of his peers
How did you find about your release
Do you feel the door was left open
Were you happy or disappointed by that
Do you think that was your last big run
Was it hard to adjust to life back on the indys
You hurt your back last year and had to miss some shows. What happened
Were you disappointed not to wrestle at the XPW reunion show
Thoughts on working in Puerto Rico
Thoughts on Carlos Colon
Did you allow your back enough time to heal
Why did you shave your head
Do you sometimes look back and regret your physical style
Can you run down your injuries
How is your body today
Was it worth it
Do you think there should be some kind of union to take care of guys like you
Without you, how different would wrestling be today
Without you, would ECW have worked
What are your thoughts on the WWE Wellness Policy
Can you wrestle without taking something for pain
Recently you started doing interviews, why the change
How hard was it over the years to remain as true to your character as possible
You actually spoke a bit on promos in the WWE. Were you against that
Thoughts on the Wrestler movie
Could you make it if you were just coming up and breaking into the indys
Any plans to go back to TNA
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today in wrestling
Can you make a living in wrestling not working for TNA or the WWE
Do you have any plans to open a school
The Nasty Boys recently admitted they may have had a part in the incident with Pee Wee in Japan. What are your thoughts on all of that
Are you surprised Ring of Honor never brought you in
What is the most embarrassing match you have ever been in
Who was your favorite tag team partner
Who was your favorite manager
Who was the most overrated guy you have ever worked with
Who was the most underrated guy you have ever worked with
Do you think youll go back for one more run in the WWE
Any matches you regret
Favorite ribs
Favorite road stories
Do you still have a passion for the business
What is the biggest thing missing from the indys today
Thoughts on how the business has changed over the last 20 years
Do you want to write a book
Do you think your wrestling skills are underrated because of all of the brawling you did