Sam Houston Shoot Interview

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What is it like to drive across the country with one of wrestling’s most powerful men? What is it like to toss back beers and listen to stories from the legends? What is it like to be in the ring with one of the greatest of all-time in his prime? Sam Houston has the stories and it is with great honor that he shares them with us in the newest RF Video Shoot Interview.

Sam Houston is known by wrestling fans for a variety of reasons. For one, he was married to one of the most gorgeous women in pro wrestling. Another would be that he is part of one of wrestling’s most controversial families. Another reason may be his brushes with the law. Or, maybe you watched Sam Houston wrestle every Saturday on NWA World Wide Wrestling or TBS? Regardless, Sam has one hell of a story to tell and he covers it all in this shoot.

Sam talks about growing up as the son of Grizzly Smith and brother of Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Sam addresses all of the accusations Jake made about his father in Beyond the Mat. How much of it was true? Was Sam kayfabed by his father? How close was he with his brother? What did it take for his father to break him into the business? Sam picks up where Jake left off in this shoot interview.

Sam also talks about working the legendary territories. Sam talks about his days in Florida Championship Wrestling. Sam talks all about the legends like Dusty, Sullivan, Mulligan, and Graham. What was it like to be in such a hot territory at such a young age? What did he learn and who taught him the most?

Sam has some classic stories about one of wrestling’s most polarizing figures, Dusty Rhodes. Sam traveled with Dusty and has a ton of great road stories. Sam tells an absolute classic never told before here or anywhere else. Sam rode with Dusty after Dusty’s interview with Jim Crockett. Dusty didn’t think it went well and what happens next is worth the price of the shoot alone. What happened and how did the Dream wind up with a lot of egg on his face?

Sam also talks about working for Jim Crockett Promotions at the height of its success. What was it like to wrestle Ric Flair in his prime? What was it like to party with the Horsemen? Sam talks about all of his legendary opponents including Abdullah the Butcher, Tully Blanchard, and Superstar Graham. How did so much potential get wasted by placed in Central States? Sam has some great stories.

Sam also talks about his romance with Baby Doll. How did it start? How did the boys react? How did wrestling impact their relationship over the years? Was it a good or a bad thing being in the business together? How did Sam’s job cost Baby Doll a spot? What went wrong and how did things end so badly between the tw o? Did any booker’s jealousy cost Sam a push?

Sam also talks all about his brother Jake. Are they close? Was there ever an attempt to use their relationship together in the WWF? Sam talks about Jake’s psychology and where it comes from. Did his brother ever get him a break? What does he think of his brother today? What did he think of his brother’s portrayal in Beyond the Mat?

Sam also addresses his demons and is very outspoken about his problems with alcohol. Does he think it is hereditary? How does his problems compare to his brother Jake’s? Did it ever cost him a job? What happened when he received a 10-year jail sentence a few years back and how is he not in jail? Sam talks openly about all of the vices in his life exclusively in this RF Video Shoot Interview.

Some of RF Video’s best shoots are the ones with the road warriors of pro wrestling. Sam is one of those road warriors that traveled all over the world and is here to tell us about it. Sit back and get ready for some great stories from one of the last of the territory stars. It is with great pleasure that RF Video presents the Sam Houston Shoot Interview.

Can you talk about growing up in wrestling
How early were you exposed to the business
How close were you with your father growing up
How big was your father on kayfabe
Do you have any early road stories you can share
How young were you when you started going to shows
What do you remember about going into the locker room as a kid
When did you start training
Was your father helpful to you
Memories of brother Jake as a kid
Memories of sister Robin as a kid
Your dad accused your father of rape and some very serious things in Beyond the Mat, how accurate was Jake’s description of your dad
Was he involved with you as a kid
How did Beyond the Mat and Jake’s comments impact your family
How did you get started
Memories of your first match
Did you think you would make it
Who were some of your mentors
Were promoters and guys harder or easier on you because of your father
Did you travel with your dad during your days as a worker
Memories of wrestling in Florida
Memories of Mike Graham
Memories of Dusty Rhodes
Did you know Dustin growing up
Memories of Kevin Sullivan
Memories of Blackjack Mulligan
Memories of Barry Windham
Memories of Gordon Solie
Fav matches from the territory
Memories of matches with Hector Guerrero
Memories of matches with Mike Rotunda
Memories of JJ Dillon
Favorite angles you watched at the time
How hot was the territory
What was the travel like
What was the partying like
Who did you travel20with
Memories of matches with Zambuie Express
Memories first meeting Ric Flair
What was your take on Dusty jumping to Crockett
How did you wind up working for Crockett
Did you expect a big push
Initial impressions of the territory
Memories of Ric Flair in and an out of the ring
Did Ric sell well for you in matches
Memories of matches with Tully Blanchard
Memories of the Andersons
Memories of the Koloffs
Memories of your matches with Black Bart
Memories of the famous angle where the Horsemen broke your arm
What was the lifestyle like back then
Initial memories of meeting Baby Doll
How soon did it become romantic
Did you guys hide it from the boys
What was she like outside of the ring
Did you sense any jealousy from the guys
Is it true that Dusty buried you because he was jealous
Memories of matches with Barry Darsow
Who taught you how to do interviews
Memories of the first Great American Bash and the spectacle
Memories of matches with Superstar Graham
Memories of matches with Abdullah the Butcher
Memories of matches with Buzz Sawyer
Memories teaming with Nelson Royal
You had a match with Dick Murdoch that ended quickly with a punch, who’s idea was that
Memories of matches with the Midnight Express
Memories of the night Magnum crashed
Memories of your series with Bill Dundee
How did you wind up in Cen tral States
Was there a disconnect between Crockett guys and old Central States guys
When did you realize the territory was dying
Memories of matches with the Warlord
Do you think you were sent to Central States to split you and Baby Doll up
How did it affect your relationship
How close were you with your step brother during this time in the business
Your struggles with drugs and alcohol are well known. Was it hard to control this during your runs in the business?
Did it ever cost you a spot?
How did you wind up in the WWF
What were you promised in the WWF
Were you close with your brother here
Who did you travel with
What were the differences in the locker room here and Crockett
Memories of Hulk Hogan
Memories of Randy Savage
Is it true that your WWF job cost Baby Doll her WCW gig
Memories of your run with Danny Davis
Memories of your series with Barry Horowitz
Memories of Vince
Did you ever try and get your wife in
Were there ev er any plans to mention you and Jake’s relationship in the WWF
Memories of your run with Ron Bass
Was it frustrating when you turned into an enhancement talent
What was the travel like
Who did you enjoy working with
Any good road stories from the area
Memories making your MSG debut
Did you stay in touch with your dad at all as a mentor during your run
Memories of matches with Terry Taylor
Memories of teaming with Ultimate Warrior
How did you wind up leaving the WWF
=0 A
Do you feel you got a good opportunity there
Are you still recognized from your 24/7 appearances
You went to WCW briefly after. What happened?
Memories wrestling for the USWA
Memories of the Von Erichs
Thoughts on Jerry Lawler
Thoughts on Jerry Jarrett
Did it occur to you at anytime that you blew it with the WWF
How did your wife react
How did you get involved in Global
Do you think the guys behind it knew what they were doing or20were just money marks
What do you remember thinking watching the Lightning Kid-Jerry Lynn matches
Memories of matches with Bull Pain
Memories of Eddie Gilbert
Is it true that you pawned the GWF belt
Who’s idea was the mask
Memories working in Deep South
You and your wife divorced in 1994, what happened
Are you still friendly today
How much did you lose in Katrina
You wound up sentenced to 10 years in jail. What happened?
Were you upset your ex wife posted something on the Internet about it
She said that you hadn’t seen your kids in almost 10 years, is that true
She claimed your dad got you out of numerous DUIs, is that true
Is it true that you had 20 DUIs
Can you tell a story about being in a hospital and hearing about your death on Mid South Wrestling
What were some of your best ribs
What do you to today
How is your relationship today with Jake and Grizzly and Robin
Are Jake and Grizzly on good terms
Do you plan to get back into the business
Fav and least fav guys to work with
Fav road stories
Do you still have a passion for the business
What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler
Any plans for a book