Sandman #2 Shoot Interview

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YOOOOOO!!!!! The Sandman returned to the RF Video offices for a brand new shoot interview. Last time we sat down with Sandman was 1997, now Sandman covers all that has happened since then. Sandman was never afraid to speak his mind and he holds nothing back on this interview. The Sandman is one of the loudest, most outspoken, entertaining and unique people you could ever meet and youll see why on this shoot. Here is what The Sandman talked about:

-Final days of his last run in ECW.
-Feuds with Sabu, Raven, Dudleys and Justin Credible.
-The rise of ECW including the first PPV.
-His locker room fight against Shane Douglas.
-Relationship with Tod Gordon, Bill Alfonso and Too Cold Scorpio.
-Why did he leave ECW for WCW?
-How was he treated because of his reputation?
-Does he feel he was misused in WCW?
-His views on WCW politics.
-How was wrestling without drinking?
-His opinion of the infamous junkyard match.
-Why he left WCW and returned to ECW.
-His ECW Arena return.
-The details of his feud against Rhino and The Impact Players.
-How did Paul and the locker room treat him?
-Feud against The Network.
-The scoop on a locker room fight with New Jack.
-Sandman gives his opinion on the XPW incident.
-The downfall of ECW.
-Current life on the indy scene.
-As always Sandman is honest and controversial on these topics and others