Savio Vega Shoot Interview

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Savio Vega breaks his silence for the first time ever on the Puerto Rico Wrestling scene and the murder of Bruiser Brody!!!  The highlight of the shoot interview was his take on the entire Bruiser Brody murder.  Savio was the only guy who took the stand and he gives his amazing recount of the entire incident including shocking new details on his meeting the day of the trial with Jose Gonzalez in the bathroom of the court house and what was said….Savio goes into great details on what it was like to hire Jose years later for the IWA promotion and what happened in secret meetings at Victor Quionnes home.  The stories are non stop during this interview.  What really happened to Bruiser Brody and why….

We talk all about his start working for Carlos and what it was like to work with all of the legends like Stan Hansen, Abby, Chicky Starr, Rip Rogers, and everyone else who worked for WWC during the 80’s.  You will hear first hand how he got his start in the WWE and what happened behind the scenes with him and Scott Hall.  This eventually lead to a near parking lot brawl at a strip club as Savio talks on who was watching his back from a limo across the parking lot.  This story is nuts and has to be heard to be believed.

We talk all about his run in the WWE and we made sure to talk all about his major program and angles with all of the top stars like Bret Hart, Steve Austin, JBL and so many countless others.  What happened backstage the night that ECW invaded during his match and who almost ran into the ring to shoot on the ECW stars?

The interview really gets intense when Savio addresses why he was let go from TNA.  He talks all about getting fired for all of the wrong reasons and you will be shocked when you hear why he thinks he was let go.  This has never been talked about before and Savio makes some shocking statements during this part of our interview.

Savio has been around the business for over 3 decades and has worked with everyone under the sun.  If you love hearing tons of backstage scoops and major stories on all of the top workers from his day this is one interview you can’t miss.  The highlight of the shoot is the entire Brody murder and what really went down in the locker room that night and all of the fallout that happened on the island for years to come.  This is a 5 star shoot interview!!!

How did you get into the business
Howd you get started
Was the training more difficult than you thought
Memories of your first match
What was the hardest thing about breaking into the business back then
How long were you kayfabed for
Did any vets mentor you early on
Did any vets test you
Were you planning on going back to the WWF or staying in Puerto Rico throughout your career
Howd you come up with the TNT gimmick
Did you like it
How quickly did you pick up things in the ring
Memories of matches with Abdullah the Butcher
Memories of matches with Carlos Colon
Thoughts on Carlos from back then
Was he a fair promoter
Thoughts on the Bruiser Brody murder
Memories of matches with Mr. Pogo
How did you wind up in the WWE as Kwang
Thoughts on the character
Initial memories of Vince McMahon
How were you treated early on by the locker room
Memories of your first Royal Rumble
Memories of the Clique
Memories of Harvey Whippleman
Were you there during Vince?s trial?
Why was Kwang dropped
Who came up with the Savio character
Memories of teaming up with Razor Ramon
Thoughts on Scott Hall
Memories of matches with Jeff Jarrett and the Roadie
Memories of your King of the Ring 95 run
Memories of the match in Canada between Mabel and Diesel which had problems
Thoughts on Kevin Nash
Thoughts on Shawn Michaels during this time
Memories of matches with Waylon Mercy
Memories of Owen Hart and Owen ribs
How different was it around without Bret and Shawn being on top
Memories of your feud with Steve Austin
Did you think Steve would take off
What do you remember about being in the ring with him
At what point did you think that was something was about to break with him
Do you think your matches with Steve were important to his success
Memories of the ECW angle
Memories of matches with Bob Backlund
Thoughts on Triple H as he was rising
What were your thoughts at the time about the ECW crew coming to RAW
Thoughts on the Farewell to the Clique curtain call
Were you surprised when Scott and Kevin left
At what point could you sense a turn around in business
How did Vince change as things started turning around
Memories of Sid Vicious
Memories of Ahmed Johnson
Memories of matches with Bradshaw
How did the Nation come about
Did you like the gimmick
Memories of a young Rock
Could you see something in Rock
How did Rock and Austin change with success
Do you think Beyond the Mat was good or bad for business
Memories of the Los Boricuas angle
Memories of matches with the DOA and Nation
Memories of the Brawl for All
Did you feel pressured to do it
Was it a dumb idea in hindsight
Did you think you could win
Were you surprised when Dan Severn pulled out and Shamrock didn?t enter
Memories of your match with Droz and Brakkus
Memories of Survivor Series 97
How did things change
How did the boys treat Shawn and Hunter
Did you think of Vince any different
Do you think it was a work
Were you surprised to see Bret back
Why do you think Super Astros wasn?t more successful
Thoughts and memories of Victor Quionnes
How did IWA start
Did you plan to WWE or did things just get too busy
Thoughts on the Undertaker
Favorite and least favorite matches in IWA
Do you think IWA could work in America or on PPV
Thoughts on Konnan
Thoughts on what happened to Tiger Ali Singh in Puerto Rico
You guys grew really fast and then had a decline, why do you think
How did Carlos react when you guys first opened
Can you talk about the big invasion angle in 2008
How did that change business
What exactly happened with you guys and Mario Savoldi
How did you wind up in TNA
Thoughts on Dixie Carter
Do you think Dutch got a raw deal there
Memories of working with the Knockouts
How badly did the recession in Puerto Rico hurt business
How come you left TNA
Thoughts on TNA today with Hogan and Bischoff
Have there ever been talks about using IWA as a developmental territory with the WWE
Thoughts on your recent angle with the Colons
Is it hard to trust Carlos
Are you on good terms today with the WWE
Thoughts on Mexican Lucha trying to break into America
How much longer do you plan on staying in the ring
Road Trip/Rib Stories
Fav guys you have ever worked with
Least favorite
A match you wish you had
Thoughts on the Chris Benoit tragedy
Thoughts on Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan wrestling today
Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling
Do you plan on writing a book