Scott Norton Shoot Interview

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Scott “Flash” Norton is the latest wrestling superstar to stop by the RF VIDEO offices for a top notch shoot interview. In this latest exclusive release, we cover Norton’s entire career as Scott delivered one good story after another from his 17 years in the business. Hailing from a hotbed of wrestling, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Norton actually began his career on the arm wrestling circuit and you just know when someone talks about arm wrestling we are going to ask about the legendary Sylvester Stallone movie, Over The Top, and Scott’s role in the film. Norton wasn’t just any arm wrestler, he was the Super Heavyweight champion 1986 and has won championships with both his right and left arm. Just an incredible and Norton describes the backstage world of arm wrestling that few have ever heard!

Norton segued easily from arm wrestling to the mat sport after starting in Verne Gagne’s AWA. Norton talked about the rigorous training and dished dirt on all the top Minnesota stars such as Gagne, John Nord, Ken Patera, Larry Zbysko and the Destruction Crew. Norton left the AWA to go to Portland and eventually found himself working in Japan. We get all the details on such legendary names like Billy Jack Haynes, Brian Adams, Antonio Inoki, Riki Choshu, Hiroshi Hase, Keiji “The Great Muta” Muto and many more. There is even a five star story Norton tells about the time he met the Ultimate Warrior that has to be heard to be believed! You want to hear the details of teaming with Tony Halme and working against the Hell Raisers? How about teaming with Hercules Hernandez in the Jurassic Powers? You’ll get it here and only here!

From Japan to Atlanta, GA, Norton found himself in the WCW circus and you’ll love the road stories that Scott brings to the table including a riotous event in which the Korean government didn’t particularly enjoy a phone call between Norton and his wife in which Norton buried the country. Of course you’ll get the scoop on all the big WCW names including Eric Bischoff, Sting, Hulk Hogan, the Steiner Brothers, Ric Flair and more, including a strong rebuttal to Ernest Miller. It wouldn’t be a Scott Norton shoot without talking about his teaming with Buff Bagwell in “Vicious and Delicious,” and we get everything you’d ever want to know about one of WCW’s most charismatic tag teams!

The NWO. Being IWGP chapion. Winning the G1 Climax Tag League 1996 with Hashimoto. We get Scott Norton to talk about anything and everything. Fans of 90s wrestling and good rib stories are going to enjoy this new release!

Were you a fan growing up
Who did you enjoy watching
Can you talk about your arm wrestling background
Thoughts on the Over The Top Movie
How did you break in, who trained you
What was his training like
What was the hardest thing to pick up in training
Memories of your first match
Was it harder or easier to make it and get bookings back then
Did anyone mentor your and if so, who
What was Verne like
Memories of John Nord
Did anyone try and test you early on
Memories teaming with Ken Patera
Memories working with the Destruction Crew
Thoughts on Larry Zbysko
You worked underneath a show with Flair and Pillman headlining in 89, memories of Flair
How did you wind up in Portland
Was Verne angry you left
Memories of Don Owens
Thoughts on Billy Jack Haynes
Memories of your series with Brian Adams
Why were you stripped of the title
How did you wind up in New Japan
Did you spend time in the dojo
Memories of the training
Thoughts on Inoki
Thoughts on Choshu as a booker
How did you wind up as Rick Steiners tag team partner
Did you ever have a problem with the Japanese selling for you
Memories of working with Hase and Muto
Memories of teaming with Tony Halme
Memories of working with the Hell Raisers
Memories of teaming with Hercules Hernandez
Memories of your fav matches
Memories of road stories
How did you wind up in WCW
Thoughts on Eric Bischoff
Memories of your feud with Sting
Thoughts on the booking
How did the locker room receive you
Who did you enjoy working with the most at that time
How did Hogan treat you early on
Memories of teaming with Ice Train
Memories of working with the Steiners
How different was it working with the Steiners in America as compared to Japan
Whos idea was it to split you from Ice Train
Memories of Ric Flair from this time period
How bad were the politics
How did things change when Hall and Nash came over
Did Bischoff change with success
Did you enjoy working NJPW or WCW more
Memories winning the Super Grade 96 with Hashimoto
Whos idea was it to team you with Bagwell
Did you like teaming with him
How hard was the travel going back and forth in those days
Whos idea was it to recruit you into the NWO
Ernest Miller says in his shoot that you were rough on him in a match and then he almost had to knock you out with a kick in the second match, is that true
He also says you were supposed to wrestle a pay per view in the 3rd match and it was canceled because you were under the influence, is that true
How huge was it when you won the IWGP title
How did that change your status in Japan
Are you a legend today in Japan
Why did you temporarily retire in 2004
Were you in Fla during WCW’s final show
How did you hear about the sale
What killed WCW in your opinion
Are you bitter that it ended the way it did
Who had the most culpability in the way things turned out
Why did you become a freelancer with New Japan
How has the New Japan business changed
Did MMA kill the pro wrestling business in Japan
Did Inoki kill what he built
What do you think happened with the death of Gompei in the dojo in 1995
What do you think about the success of MMA in Japan
Were you ever approached to do MMA
Have you ever talked with Vince about coming into the WWE
What are your thoughts on the current US scene
Can Japan ever get back to where they were before in terms of wrestling success
Talk about Wild West Championship Wrestling
What do you miss most about WCW
Fav matches from WCW
Have you ever refused to do a job and if so, when and why
What was it like wrestling in Korea
Why do you think you had more success in Japan than America
Is it true you and Buff are looking to put the team back together
Memories of Rick Rude pre-wrestling
What do you do today
Do people recognize you
Do you still stay in touch with your peers
What is wrong with the indys today
Thoughts on John Laurenitus’ rise to power in the WWE
Why do you think New Japan has not been able to create new stars in the same vein as Tenza, and Chono
What were your thoughts when Muto left for All Japan
Would you like to go into the WWF Hall of Fame
Are you surprised that Flair and Hogan are still active wrestlers
Is there anyone that made it that surprised you and is there anyone who didn’t make it who you thought would
Do you still watch wrestling
What are your thoughts on all of the deaths of the past few years and which in particular hit you hardest
Favorite Ribs
Advice for young guys
How important has tape studying been to your career
Thoughts on newsletters and the internet
Do you want to write a book
Any regrets