Shane Helms Shoot Interview

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Look up in the sky, its a plane, its a bird no its Shane Helms stopping by the RF VIDEO studios for his latest shoot interview. This is our very first interview ever with Shane Helms as he flew by to talk about his entire wrestling career from his early days doing the indy loop down south to his major break thru spot in WCW. Shane also was one of the lucky talents who was actually kept when the WWE purchased WCW.

Shane was one of those guys who held NOTHING back and gave us a real shoot interview. His interview was absolutely perfect as we could not have asked for a better interview. We talk about all of his major programs in WCW that he had when he was with Three Count and how that gimmick came about to his transformation to a singles wrestler in WCW. What was it like to work in WCW during its heyday when they were on top going head to head with the WWE. What were the politics like in WCW?

We talk about all of his major matches in WCW and how he was picked up by the WWE after the sale…If you want major locker room stories well this is a interview for you. We discuss all of his major matches in the WWE as Shane has worked with every name out there in the WWE. HHH, Rocky, Flair, Benoit, Tajiri, Kurt Angle, Rey Jr and the list goes on and on. Shane has grappled with them all.

If your a fan of wrestling from the 90’s until now Shane has some of the best stories of all time. Not only do we talk about his entire wrestling career and all the major programs that he has been involved in, but we get personal as we talk about so many other taboo subjects wether it be the past drug problems of the Hardys, his motor cycle accident, his heat with HBK, bar room fights, drugs, and so much more. Shane was one of our best interviews in ages and we cant wait for you guys to see this!!! This is a 5 star shoot interview!!!

Talk about growing up and watching wrestling
Who were your favorites to watch
Did you go to WWF or NWA house shows as a kid
Who did you watch growing up and idolize
When did you know you wanted to get in the business.
How did you break into the business
Who trained you
Talk about some of the Indys that you worked on early on
Memories of working for SWA
Memories of your tag team with Mike Maverick as the Serial Thrillaz
Memories of Omega
Thoughts on Thomas Simpson
How did you first meet the Hardys
What were they like back int he early 90’s and did you see their potential
How did you start to work for NWA World Wide.
Memories of first meeting Shannon Moore
Memories of meeting Joey Matthews and Christian York
You guys became the bas Street Boys
Any other great indy stories or road trip stories from the indy days
How did you get signed with WCW
Did you and Shannon come in as a package deal
What were you promised and who was booking at the time
Memories of Even Karagias and the 3 Count gimmick
Did you think the gimmick was going to get over
What are your memories of when you won the Hardcore Title
Talk about your friendship with Chris Kanyon and thoughts on his passing
What was Eric Bischoff like back in WCW
Did you like working in WCW and who did you travel with
What was your life back than like being on the road full time
Did you see all the politics being played by Nash, Hall and Hogan
Memories of the match where Brian Knobbs broke his nose
Memories of when they added Tank Abbott to their trio
Memories of working with the Jung Dragons
Memories of Jamie Knoble
Memories of working Chavo Guerrero
Did you leave WCW for a brief time in 2001 back to NWA Wildside
At what point were you sitting around maybe on a plane and tell yourself “Wow I made IT”
When WCW was bought by Vince how happy were you that your contact was one of the 25 that were purchased by Vince
Memories of the Invasion storyline and did you like how it was done with the Alliance
Memories of working Billy Kidman in WWE
How did you get the Hurricane gimmick and how was it given to you
Did you have any say in the character
Thoughts on Vince and did you have early interaction with him
Memories of working with Matt Hardy in the WWE and how different was it from Omega
Memories of working JBL and do you think he has a bad rep for being a bully
Memories of teaming up with Lance Storm
Did you like being paired with Molly Holly
Did you like working with Lance Storm against the Hardys
Memories of matches with Spike and Big Show
Memories of working with Tajiri and Billy Kidman in a Triple Threat match
Did you like teaming with Kane as the Hurr-Kane gimmick
Did you like working Smackdown or Raw brand better
What was it like to work with the Rock in 2003
Memories of the Match with Rock on Raw where Austin came out and you pinned him
Memories of your teaming with Rosey
Memories of matches with La Resistance
Did yo enjoy working with Stacey Kibeler and are you surprised she is dating George Clooney
Memories of your matches with Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade
Memories of your angle with Kurt Angle
Did you you like your heel turn on Roosie
Were you happy dropping the character
Memories of your match with Rosey
Memories of your brief match with Jerry Lawler
Memories of working with Little Guido
Memories of working with Kid Kash
Memories of Scotty to Hotty
Memories of working Psicosis
Memories of your match with Chris Benoit in 206
Thought on the Benoit tragedy
What was it like to team with MNM fo ace Super Crazy and London and Kendrick
What was the drug scene like in the WWE around this tim
Memories of working with Rey Mysterio Jr
Memories of working again with Matt Hardy on Smackdown
Thoughts on being the longest reigning Champion of any kind in Smackdown history
Memories of matches with Jimmy Yang
Thoughts on working Tajiri
Memories of working with Stevie Richards
In 2007 you worked with Chavo Guerrero again thoughts on those matches
talk about your injury in 2007 with the two broken Verebrae
How long were you our for and did you think you were finished
Talk about your role as a interviewer
Memories of your come back match with Montel Porter
Thoughts on working with Shelton Benjamin
Did you like working the ECW brand in 2009
Thoughts on Paul Heyman
Thoughts on Ric Flair
Memories of your matches with Paul Burchill
Thoughts on HHH and Steph
Was HHH easy to work with
Did you get along with Michael Hayes
Who were the agents you worked with the most
Why were you released and was it over your fight
What are some of the indys you worked after you left
Did you work anyone on the Indys that stuck out
Thoughts on working for Lucha Libre USA
Do you watch other INDY companies like PWG
How did you meet Vevlet Sky and was it hard dating her while you were in WWE and she was in TNA.
Why did you guys break up and did WWE ever want to bring her in to be with you
DId she ever visit at WWE house shows
Thoughts on the passing of Eddy Guerrero
Who’s death hit you the hardest
Thoughts on the Sports Illustrated Article that named you for getting HGH
What happened in 2008 in the club in NC when you got hit in the face by Dustin Narron
What happened with you and Chris Jericho in KY after it was said you punched Chris and someone else in a cab
Talk about your motor cycle accident
Was drugs and alcohol a big part of it.
Did you think your gf was going to pass at first from the reports
what were your injuries and will you be able to come back full time to the ring
Thoughts on the ups and downs of Matt and Jeff Hardy
Thoughts on the self destruction of Jeff Hardy thru out the years
thoughts on when he got arrested for the drug charges
Thoughts on how Matt Hardy went from being pretty much str8 edge to doing pain pills
Thoughts on all of Matts home made videos and at any time did you call Matt and tell him to try to get him help
What were your thoughts when you heard Matt did the suicide video and did that piss you off
Any good Xmas Party stories from the Hardys house
How is he doing today
Memories of working with David Arquett as his stunt double on Ready to Rumble
Memories of your radio show where you buried HBK and where was the heat
What was HBK like in the locker room
Do you think he is a hypocrite for religion
You talked about his drug use on your radio show
What happened in the locker room when you wanted to beat him up in the locker room one night
Any good road stories from WWE
Any good locker room fights
Ever talk to TNA and thoughts of that company
Thoughts on Bret Hart Screw Job you had mentioned it was all a work
Name Game..Thoughts or memories working with these guys
Steve Regal
Trish Stratus
Booker T
Randy Orton
Mick Foley