Sharing My Knowledge with Maria Kanellis

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Are you ready to get inside the squared circle and learn from one of WWE’s hottest females of all time?  Well get ready because RF Video teamed up with Playboy centerfold Maria Kanellis for her new DVD titled Sharing My Knowledge.

Sharing My Knowledge is going to be one a kind DVD that you will not want to miss, especially if your a girl and you want to get into the wrestling business.  The DVD starts out with Maria in the ring with a group of up and coming female wrestlers such as Brittney Savage, Jessica Havok and Allysin Kay who are all aspiring to make it one day into the WWE.  Maria starts out the DVD in the ring with the girls answering all sorts of questions that they ask her about her time in the WWE locker room.

Maria shares her knowledge with the girls on what they should do to make it into the WWE and most importantly how they need to land their job and stay in the WWE.  She talks about taking bumps, locker room respect and etiquette.  What it was like to work with some of the top names in the WWE locker room in the ring and most importantly shares her in ring experiences to teach these girls how they can become the next WWE female superstar.

The second part of the DVD has these girls actually wrestling each other in front of a live crowd.  Three exciting women bouts first as Sassy Stephanie takes on Rain then in match two Alicia & Brittney Savage take on the duo of Jessica Havok and Allysin Kay.  Afterward Jessica Havok challenges Rain for her WSU Spirit Championship!

Post match we take the camera backstage where cameras never should be allowed until now and Maria sits all of the girls down in a circle and critiques and gives advice about their matches.  She tells them what they did right and most importantly what they might have done wrong to learn more.

This is a really amazing DVD from start to finish and it’s even better that one of wrestling sexiest bomb shells Maria Kanellis is the host!