Sharing My Knowledge with Tommy Dreamer

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In all of the years that RF VIDEO films certain wrestling projects there are always a few that stick out.  There is always that one project that is a gem.  This DVD is just one of those projects that is a true gem.  Not because we did this with one of my best friends Tommy Dreamer, but because we did it with by far one of the most talented guys in the business as far as creative ideas goes and he was also in charge of talent relations for the WWE for many years.  Tommy was responsible for hiring many of the top WWE stars that you see on your TV each week.  He knows what the WWE and TNA is looking for and has helped 100’s of wrestlers get their big break by giving them the opportunity to get hired by the WWE.   He knows what the WWE is looking for and also knows on what you need to do to get a job with them as well.Did I mention that the DVD is over 3 and a half hour long of stories!!!!!So when we wanted to conduct another wrestling seminar with a major name, we knew that Tommy Dreamer would be the best guest to get, after all he was the man in charge and has the most knowledge on how to get a john in the pro wrestling business.  That is why we are calling this DVD..Sharing my Knowledge with Tommy Dreamer!!!!


Tommy Dreamer hosted one of our biggest seminars ever at the legendary ECW arena.  Just some of the names who were apart of this were Sami Callihan, Adam Cole, DJ Hyde and many others.  This seminar was just by far the best we ever filmed. Tommy shared his knowledge on how to get into the business from every aspect imaginable as he shared so many amazing stories on every name in the business basically. If your a WWF, NWA, WCW, ECW or TNA fan your going to want this DVD. If your looking to break into wrestling this DVD is a must as Tommy knows what the WWE is looking for as he has hired 75% of their locker room.

Tommy took questions from all of the young and aspiring wrestlers that were there.  Tommys stories were at time hilarious.  He has stories on all of the top names that you see on WWE TV and talks about how they got their jobs.  There are a ton of never heard before stories.  This is basically like a shoot interview because his stories are so freaking entertaining.

As a special bonus we took Tommy into the empty ECW arena and had him talk about the history of the building and what it meant to him. Let him give you a personal tour of the arena as he looks back at some of his infamous bumps, angles and talks about how legends were born from Sabu, Foley, Guerrero, Benoit the worker (not the person), Public Enemy, Tazz, Jericho and the list goes on and on!!