Shawn Daivari Shoot Interview

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Usually when you break into the wrestling business you have to pay your dues on the indy scene for many years before you make it into the WWE.  For some that chance might not even happen but for this man, not only did he get a quick jump on many of his peers to succeed into the WWE, but he got to work with all of the top name with in months of breaking into the WWE.  Now for the first time ever RF VIDEO is happy to have conducted Shawn Daivari first ever shoot interview, as Shawn discusses his entire wrestling career to date and his story is very interesting.


Shawn talks about breaking into the business as a young teenager around the age of 15 and what it was like to work the indy scene in MN.  Shawn was not lazy by any means as he traveled the country trying to get as much work possible and you will hear first hand of some funny road stories during his journey.  What were his thoughts on the ROH locker room in 2004?  Did he like working in ROH and why did he never last long in ROH?  All of these questions will be answered.   His thoughts on his early matches in TNA in 2003 will be discussed as well.

Shawn will take us back to his days doing dark matches for the WWE and how he finally got the big call.  Why did he only last in OVW for 3 weeks before getting called to TV?  Shawn got to work with some of the biggest names with in weeks of landing himself on TV.  What was it like to work with Hogan, HBK, Undertaker, Jericho as he has tons of locker room stories on all of these guys.

What happened with his gimmick after the bombings in England and did he have to tone down his gimmick due to the political heat?  Did he like going to Deep South and what was his take on Bill Demott and his reputation as a bully instructor?  We talk all about his run with Kurt Angle and there are tons of WWE stories during this interview on all of the top guys from Piper, Mark Henry, Masters, Chavo Guerrero, Jamie Noble, Tajiri, Jeff Hardy, Tommy Dreamer, Shane Helms and more!!!

Shawn was also frustrated with the company at times due to his lack of push and he would often speak up about it to the Mcmahons as we discuss how those meetings went too.  Why did he really leave the WWE and go to TNA?

Shawn talks about his time in TNA and what it was like in the TNA locker room with Vince Russo being apart of it.  What heat did he see between Russo and Jim Cornette?  Did he like his programs in TNA and why did he not stick around TNA for a long period of time.  There are tons of TNA locker room stories as well during this shoot interview.

Shawn talks about his time being back on the indy scene especially what it was like to go to India to help out with the Jeff Jarrett Ring Ka King project.  There are some crazy drug stories here too.

What deaths hit him the hardest in pro wrestling?  His thoughts on the Chris Benoit incident, what really went down on the train where he chocked out a problem passenger, what was it like to work the first HOH show, Going back to ROH with Prince Nana and so much more.

If your a average fan and like to hear all about the behind the scene stories of WWE and TNA Shawn holds nothing back as his interview will fly by so quick because he has one incredible story after another.  Order your copy today!!!!!

Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Who did you admire
At what age did you know you wanted to get into the business
Did you go to house shows
How did you break into the business
What was training like
Is it true you started at the age 15
Who trained you Ed Sharky or Tom Prichard
What indys did you work on before getting a job in the WWE
Memories of working Super 8 in 2004 Tyson Dux
Memories of working for ROH you teamed with Delerious working Justin Credible and Masada
How did you get hired by the WWE
Did you get sent to OVW
Who was down there at the time Matt Morgan, Bobby Lashley, Chris Masters
Is it true you were only there for 3 weeks before you got called up
Initial Impressions of the locker room
Initial impressions of Vince
Did they make any promised or give you direction with what they were going to do with you
Memories of your Raw debut with Mudammad Hassan
Memories of the angle you did with Hogan and Eugene at Wrestlemania 21
Memories of working with HBK and beating him on April 11 2005 Raw
Memories of your tag match at Backlash 2005 working HBK and Hogan
Memories working Regal and Tajiri
Memories of working Chris Jericho and whats he like outside the ring
Memories of working with Jericho and Shelton Benjamin
Did you like being drafted to Smackdown
Memories of your match with the Undertaker on July 7 2005 and the angle after with the 5 masked men and how much heat did you get because of the bombing in England
Was Undertaker considered a locker room leader and what was he like outside of the locker room
Why did WWE send you to Deep South after that run
What forced your partner to retire
How much heat did your characters have from UPN and did you think the gimmick was finished due to political pressure
Any horror stories from Deep South
Who were the trainers down there at the time
Thoughts on Jody Hamilton
Thoughts on Bill Demott and does he get a bad rap or deserve it
Take us thru a typical week of training in Deep South
Memories of coming back to TV to manage Kurt Angle
Memories of the angle you did with Kurt and Chris Masters against Cena and HBK
What was Kurt like outside of the ring and did he have any drug issues at that time
Memories of the angle when you faced Kurt and Mark Henry ran in
Did you like working with Mark Henry
Any crazy strength feats with Mark Henry
Memories of managing the Great Khali
Who did you travel with around this time
Memories of doing Pipers Pit with Khali
Did you like going to ECW or did you look at that as a step down
Did you like managing guys or would you have rather been working in the ring
Memories of your WWE/ECW debut working Shannon Moore
Memories of working Tommy Dreamer on ECW TV
Memories of working with Shane Helms
Memories of your match with Kane and Angle
What was Kane like outside the ring
You went back to Smackdown in 2007 and teamed with Chavo and Jamie Noble to face/Spanky/London and jimmy Wang Yang
Then you went back to Raw to work with Jeff Hardy memories of that match
Were you frustrated with getting switched back and fourth so many times
Memories of working with Super Crazy
Memories of your short program with Jim Duggan in the flag match
Why did you leave WWE
Is it true you had meeting with Steph Vince and Johnny about your lack of direction in the company
What was it like to work with Steph and was she easy to talk with about suggestions
Were you frustrated with the character that they gave you as a terrorist in a way and did you feel that was a racist character that you had to play because of your ethnic background
Was your partner mad about his push too being that character
Where you ever nervous due to crazy fans maybe going after you
What was it like to do the indy scene once again for PCW
How did you wind up in TNA and did you follow the product
Who came up with your new name Sheik Abdul Bashir
Memories of your debut win over Jay Lethal
Memories of winning the X Division title against Petey and Creed
Memories of the angle you did with Rhino where you jumped him for his political views
Did you really get heat for pulling a rib on Kip on a plane and what happened
Memories of working Eric Young
What was the political scene like in TNA
Did you think Dixie Carter was in over her head and being worked by the boys
How unhappy was Jim Cornette when you were there
Did you see any heat with Russo and Cornette
Who was the main booker when you were there
Memories of forming an alliance with Eric Young, Kiyoshi and The British Invasion (Doug Williams, Brutus Magnus and Rob Terry) known as World Elite. They were also later joined by Homicide
What lead you to leave the company
Did you like going back to ROH to be apart of Prince Nana stable
Memories of working Eddie Edwards
What was it like going to India and working for the TNA project Ring Ka King
what were the living conditions like over there
Memories of working for HOH against Crowbar
What happened on the train
Did anything legal happen to you with the guy trying to sue you
Thoughts on the Chris Benoit tragedy and the media
WHos passing has hit you the hardest
Thoughts on the Wellness Policy
With the Ring Ka King stuff ask him if he enjoyed working with Dave Lagana and was he surprised that it flopped.
Memories of working with his brother Arya on Ring Ka King
Thoughts on Resistance Pro and teaming with his brother Arya there
What do you think of Billy Corgan as a promotor?
Thoughts on wrestling in JCW
How is the atmosphere of the JCW shows different from other Feds you’ve been in?
Thoughts on Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J as wrestling promotor