Shawn Michaels Shoot Interview

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RF Video sits down with TWA Commissioner and “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels for the newest installment in our shoot interview series. Shawn talks about how he started in the business, Texas All Star Wrestling, the AWA, Midnight Rockers, why he was fired from the WWF his first time there after only a few days, what led to The Rockers split, the “clique” and what “power” they had, Shane Douglas, Chris Candido, his first impressions of Vince McMahon, Sid Vicious, Cactus Jack,& more. He talks about how the business changed and how he helped move the WWF into their current direction. Shawn talks about his career ending injury and his final match at Wrestlemania with Steve Austin. Oh yeah, Shawn talks about Bret. Now this wouldn’t be a shoot interview with Shawn Michaels if the topic of Bret Hart wasn’t discussed. Shawn takes you on a timeline of everything that went down between both of them. When the dissention started, how it was heated up, the “fight” in the locker room and why Shawn “quit” the WWF, what happened after Shawn defeated Bret for the title at Wrestlemania 12 and how the business changed while Bret was gone, and finally Montreal. Shawn gives his side of what happened leading up to the most controversial PPV ever, Survivors Series. Plus tons more.