Sheepherders Shoot Interview

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Luke Williams and Butch Graham came to the RF Video offices for this exclusive shoot interview. They take you from their first matches in the 70s to life in the year 2000 on the indy scene. These two went from being the most hardcore tag team in wrestling by being in the first barbed wire match to becoming a comedy act in WWF. Find out all the details on how they pulled this off and much, much more!!!

– Their start in New Zealand.
– How they got paired together.
– Early territories including Stampede.
– West Coast in the 70s including their feud vs. Roddy Piper.
– How they developed their style.
– Stories of Puerto Rico.
– Thoughts on the Southwest territory.
– All the details on Bill Watts UWF/Mid-South.
– Feud with The Fantastics.
– Details of the first barbed wire matches.
– What were the boot camp matches like?
– Why did they leave UWF?
– Feud with the Fabulous Ones in Florida.
– NWA 1988 feuds vs. Rock n Roll Express and Fantastics.
– Details of their tenure in WWF.
– What did they think of changing their name to The Bushwackers.
– They talk about the adjustment from being hardcore to doing commentary in WWF.
– Memories of their vignettes with Bobby Heenan & Gorilla Monsoon.
– Did they like WWF?
– What do they think of Vince McMahon and what was he like?
– They reveal why they left WWF.
– Their brief stint in ECW with The Dudley Boys.
– They talk about other indy groups and their future.