Shoot & Best Of Teddy Hart & Jack Evans

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There are some things that are just made to go together. Peanut butter and jelly. Rum and Coke. Monday Night Raw and bad writing. But, when you think of the word “controversy” only one thing can come to mind, Teddy Hart. Last year, Teddy made the trip from his home planet to visit to the lavish RF VIDEO studios and recorded an incredible shoot that, due to legal reasons, could not be released. The red tape has been cleared and we can finally offer this scorching DVD to our loyal customers! Anyone that knows Teddy Hart knows exactly what they are going to find on this no holds barred shoot.

Besides covering a variety of subjects in a way that only Teddy Hart can, this DVD also has a bonus of several matches with Teddy as well. Say what you will about Teddy the person, and trust, everything under the sun has been said, but you can’t take away Teddy’s talent in the ring. A phenomenal worker, Teddy’s work ethic in the gym and in the ring is among the elite and were proud to present these matches to you.

Teddy Hart vs. Homicide 2/28/04
Jack Evans & Lit vs. Azrieal & Mike Tobin 5/28/04
Teddy Hart vs. Azrieal 6/4/05
Jack Evans vs. Jay Lethal vs. Azrieal vs. Insane Dragon 2/28/04
Teddy Hart vs. Mikey Tenderfoot 6/5/04
(3) Jack Evan matches from Washington
Jack Evans & Azrieal vs. Alex Law & Ricky Landell
Teddy Hart vs. Shawn Sheridan
Shoot Interview with Teddy Hart, Deranged, Lit & Jill Love
*NOTE: This is NOT the same interview we filmed with Teddy Hart in 2003.