Shoot Interview with Ivan Koloff

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This shoot was not conducted by us but is definitely worth viewing. The Russian Bear sits down and talks about getting started in the business, working in all promotions (Florida, Mid-Atlantic, NWA-WCW, ECW, WWWF, Houston, Herb Abrams UWF, & more). Discusses Nikita Koloff being brought in, opinions on Dusty, Vince Sr., Ole Anderson, Paul E, & more are included. Other topics include when the FBI actually came and checked him out after a promo he cut, his demons including drinking/drug abuse, the cops pulling a gun on Buzz Sawyer, fighting with fans, and the NWA/WCW buyout. He talks about Vladimir Petrov and his ties to the mob, plus the night he backed Jim Crockett down in the locker room. He covers the entire WWWF title change in detail, Bruno wanting time off, Pedro being picked by Bruno to replace him, and Ivan brought in as the transitional champion. There is a ton more in this shoot interview loaded with information never before revealed.

Please note the video quality is average