Sid Vicious Shoot Interview

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(Sycho Sid,Sid Vicious,Sid Justice). Sid Eudy has been wrestling since approximately 1988. Sid has competed in USWA,World Class,CWF,WCW,WWF among others.

The highlight of the interview may have been when he was asked about the now infamous scissors incident in Europe with Arn Anderson. Sid not only recounts the entire evening, but also reveals some very interesting never told before facts about the incident & the aftermath. Also discussed was Sids negotiations with ECW to be at Living Dangerously, his feelings on the Bret-Shawn feud & recounting tension during Three Way matches between all three, his two WWF Title reigns & why while drawing top houses & increased buy rates it came to an abrupt end,his relationship with Shawn Michaels & other Clique members,the REAL reason he left the WWF,his first stay in the WWF,his matches with Sting,his days as Lord Humongous,his stay in CWF under booker Eddie Gilbert,being a Skyscraper,his feud with Brian Pillman & more. Very revealing answers on his steroid use & falsifying test results. This is a classic interview & our first with a former WWF Champion.If you are a fan of Sid Eudy ,the WWF,or wrestling in general & its inner workings youll love this.