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While it’s almost impossible to top the nearly perfect, and immortal, Jive Soul Bro music video, RF VIDEO did the next best thing, a one on one interview with former WWE manager Slick! Yes, the former manager of many of the 80s WWE’s best tag teams (including the Twin Towers and Power and Glory), not to mention the 1987 Slammy Award winner for best personal hygiene, stepped into the lavish RF VIDEO headquarters for an incredible two hour shoot that will be impossible to forget, no matter how hard you try!
The self proclaimed “Doctor of Style” made a lasting impression on WWE fans with his jheri curl hair and slick (pun intended) dance moves, and we all remember when Slick helped Kamala the Ugandan Giant “become a man!” but now we will hear ALL the stories from one of the craziest eras in wrestling history. Listen to the man who helped the One Man Gang find his African Heritage and was “Classy” Freddie Blassie?s handpicked protégé. Slick went on and brought God into his life (before that was the in-thing to do in wrestling) and WWE made it part of his gimmick, remaking Reverend Slick during the early 90s.

Have you ever seen a manager teach his wrestler bowling? Slick taught Kamala the finer points of hitting a 7-10 split back in 1991. Have you ever seen a man fall asleep during a shoot interview? You will here as Slick, dog tired after a full day of doing Lord knows what, actually fell asleep not once, but TWICE, during our shoot. Trust us, this shoot is like nothing you have ever seen before! Don’t be a playa hatah, check out the New Release section for this jive shuckin’ new DVD!

RF VIDEO continues to bring you the biggest names of today with the fondly remembered wrestlers of the past and trust us, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

How did you get into the business
Were you trained as wrestler
Who trained you
What was the training like
Were you discouraged either due to your race or size
Did you learn how to bump
How did you get into Texas All Star Wrestling
Memories managing Maxx Payne and Lord Humongous
Thoughts on Bruiser Brody
Some people say Brody was bad for a territory and all about himself, what do you think
Who mentored you early on
How did you wind up in Central States
Thoughts on Harley Race
Who did you manage in C.States
Thoughts on Bob Geigel
Did you ever meet Sam Muchnick
Did you watch tapes of any old school managers to help prepare you for your gimmick
Early memories of Butch Reed
Did anyone mentor you here
Who did you ride with
Good road stories
Larry Matysik recently wrote a book and said the payoffs for Central States were low, is that true
How did you develop your gimmick
Did you experience any racism here
Did anyone refuse to sell for you because of your size or color
Memories of Ric Flair
Favorite matches from this time
Memories of managing Art Crew and Timothy Flowers
Are you surprised neither went on to any big success after the territories folded
Thoughts on Bulldog Bob Brown
Who was your favorite guy to manage here
Did you know that Butch had something
Were you ever contacted by any other territories during this time
Thoughts/memories of the Funks
Memories of the Midnight Rockers back then, any stories
Memories of Sgt Slaughter
Memories of Magnum TA
Did you think Magnum would go on to become bigger
Were you there at the time Harley Race went to the WWF show and pulled a gun on Hogan and if so, memories of how it played out
Were you there when Crockett merged/bought Central States and if so how did that come about
Thoughts/memories of Dusty
Were you there when Chono came in and if so, memories
Thoughts on Rufus R Jones
Thoughts on Mike George
Memories of Kimala at this time
Were you there when the Von Erichs would come in and if so, thoughts
Memories of managing Hacksaw Higgins and JR Hogg
Memories managing Bobby Jaggers and Moondog Moretti
Thoughts on Jaggers
Did you ever work with Buddy Landel here and if so, memories
Memories of the Loser Leaves Town match with Brody
How did you wind up in the WWF, who contacted who
What were you promised
How did Harley react when you told him
Did he physically threaten you
Initial impressions of Vince
Memories of your first angle with Blassie and buying half of his stable
How was Blassies health at the time
Was there ever any jealousy or bitterness from the other managers like Heenan or Hart
Early memories of Hogan
Early memories of JYD
Was he as out of control as they say
How were you received by the locker room
Did you and Butch watch each other’s back
Memories managing Sheik and Volkoff
Any good Iron Sheik stories
Memories of their series with Martel and Zenk
Thoughts on Zenk
Memories of recording Jive Soul Bro
Was that a big move upwards in your character and recognition
Memories of your first Wrestlemania
Memories of when Missy Hyatt came over and did Missys Manor
Memories of Wrestlemania3
Did you make any outrageous purchases with your money
What do you remember about Billy Graham during his run with Butch Reed
Was Butch happy about dying his hair or blonde or did he not care
Memories managing Kimala
Thoughts on the Dynamite Kid
Was it hard adjusting to being a world wide superstar
Were you there when Jacques Rogeau jumped Dynamite and if so memories
Did Vince ever want you to wrestle in any gimmick matches
Memories managing Bossman and Akeem
Memories of matches they had with Demolition
Were you ever uncomfortable with the Akeem gimmick
Memories of working with Hogan
Memories of Savage
Any memories of the stories of Savage locking Elizabeth in closets
What happened the night Butch Reed was supposed to get the I-C belt
Did you experience any racism in the WWF during this time
How crazy was the drug scene
Memories of the whole ring boy scandal
Were you there when Kevin Kelly (Nailz) attacked Vince
Did you find the angle where Roddy Piper painted himself half black against Bad News racist
Memories managing Warlord
Was Ultimate Warrior as crazy as they say
Memories of managing Zeus
Was Zeus ribbed at all
Memories of Kerry Von Erich and any stories
Are you surprised at Bret and Shawns success
Was there ever any talk of giving you actual girls since your gimmick was somewhat of a pimp
What were your favorite skits or angles
Were you aware of Crockett and the competition
What do you remember about when the Sheik and Duggan got caught together
Memories of Honkytonk Man
Were you surprised when Harley came over
Memories of Hacksaw Duggan
Memories of Andre The Giant
Any Mr Fuji ribs stick out to you
Memories of Survivor Series 88 when all the managers were ringside
Was it competitive getting your heat in that kind of situation
What was the biggest payoff you ever got in the WWF
Memories of when Tully and Arn came over
Memories of Koko B Ware
Were you in Europe the night he got into a fight which got him fired
Did anything you did during this time ever bother you
Why did you leave for a little while in the early 90s
How did Vince change the bigger the WWF became
Whos idea was it to come back as a babyface Reverend
Memories of the angle with Kimala
Memories of the skits like when you taught him how to bowl
Memories of Jesse Ventura
Are you surprised at his success
Were you disappointed that your guys did not get to headline Wrestlemania 5 and it went to Hogan vs Savage
Were you ribbed at all by any of the boys for the gimmick
How much of a shoot was that gimmick
What do you think of the influence of Church in the WWE today by Shawn Michaels and Ted Dibiase
Who were your fav and least fav guys to manage in the WWF and why
Did you manage anyone who did not let you get your heat
Any good road stories
Memories of when Dusty Rhodes came into the WWF
Memories of Ric Flair coming in
Was there a noticeable difference in house show payoffs with or without Hogan
What lead to your leaving
Did you leave on good terms with Vince
When is the last time you saw Vince
What is different about the WWF back then as compared to today
Did WCW ever try and bring you in
Why do you think the role of the male manager is non existent
Does it bother you that they stick less talented women in those roles today
Can a male manager get over today
You were at Bobby Duncam Jrs funeral, what was your relationship with him
Thoughts on drug abuse in pro wrestling
You presided over Rick Davidson’s funeral, what was your relationship with him
Does the lack of kayfabe today surprise or bother you
Thoughts on newsletters
Are you under a legends contract
Have you been contacted over the last several years for an appearance here and there by the WWF
Would you like to go into the WWF Hall of Fame
Are you surprised that Flair and Hogan are still active wrestlers
Is there anyone that made it that surprised you and is there anyone who didn’t make it who you thought would
Do you still watch wrestling
What are your thoughts on all of the deaths of the past few years and which in particular hit you hardest
Favorite Ribs
Do you want to write a book
What do you think of Vince Russo’s conversion to Christianity
Are you surprised Vince bought WCW
What advice do you have for aspiring managers
Memories of Shane McMahon when he first started working there
Any regrets