Smokey Mountain Wrestling – Year in Review 1995

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1. Rock N Roll Express vs. Al Snow and Unabomb
2. Al Snow and Unabomb vs. Thugs
3. Buddy Landell promo
4. Brad Armstrong vs Cornette Militia (Al Snow, Unabomb and Buddy Landell)
5. Ricky Morton gets fired from SMW
6. Thugs vs. Heavenly Bodies
7. Brad Amrstrong vs Buddy Landell
8. Thugs attack Heavenly Bodies in locker room
9. Armstrongs vs. Tommy Rich and Buddy Landell
10. Tommy Rich vs. Buddy Landell (Barbed Wire match)
11. Heavenly Bodies vs. Thugs (Gibson turns heel)
12. Jim Cornette and Gibson promo
13. Sgt Rock Debut