Spike Dudley Shoot Interview

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A man who, in nine years, went from runt of the litter to the boss of the (former) Dudley family.

The original giant killer.
A grade school teacher who left teaching third grade to achieve his dream and go beyond while becoming WWE Cruiserweight, European, Hardcore, and Tag Team Champion.
A guy who stayed in ECW as the ship was sinking, who gave his body to the fans, in a brutal series of matches against World Champion Mike Awesome and Television Champion Rhino, taking some of the sickest bumps in the history of the promotion.

For the first time ever, Spike Dudley does his first shoot interview. If you want tons of great new ECW stories along with some WWE stories, this is the shoot for you as Spike is open and honest about both of his runs. Hear a true wrestling fan speak on the business as Spike holds nothing back. From ECW on TNN, to Smackdown on UPN, Spike has had a career which has seen him go all over the wrestling landscape of America. From coming into the WWE when ECW folded, ’til being released earlier this year during Black Wednesday. Little Spike Dudley has had quite the career and now shares his stories with everyone on this anticipated release. Experience the rise and fall of ECW firsthand with spike as he rode the roller coaster all the way to the end, then get trapped in the amusement of the WWE funhouse!

Were you a fan growing up
Who did you like watching
Did you play any sports growing up
When did you know you wanted to give it a shot
Were you discouraged at all early on because of your size
Now you were a third grade teacher, when did you decide that you were going to make wrestling your full time career
As a former teacher what are your thoughts on Matt Stryker who as a teacher used sick time to wrestle in Japan and got caught and fired
How did you meet Roland Alexander
Thoughts on Roland
Memories of training
Did you enter the school to be a wrestler
Memories of Chris Daniels, Donovan Morgan, Mike Modest
Memories of your matches out West with Erin O Grady
What do you remember about the indy years before ECW
How were you contacted, were you contacted or did you contact them
Did you ever have any talks with ECW before that time
Did you know anyone in ECW before you came in
Were you nervous coming into ECW
What was the biggest misconception you had of ECW
Initial impressions of Paul Heyman
Were the other guys receptive to you in the locker room
How receptive were Bubba and Devon
Memories early on of working against them
Do you think they were overly stiff
Did anyone take liberties with you because of your size
Did anyone in ECW ever refuse to put you over or sell
Memories of Chris Candido
Memories of matches with Axl
Did you prefer tag teams or singles
When you started in ECW, were you part of the ring crew
Were you caught in the middle of the problems between Erin and everyone else
Initial thoughts on Taz
How did your friendship with Taz grow over the years
Thoughts on working Taz
Thoughts on Dreamer
Thoughts on teaming with Mikey
Thoughts on matches with the FBI
Thoughts on matches with Balls and Axl
The Bam Bam Bigelow feud. Whos idea was it? Did Bam Bam have any reservations about putting you over, memories of the matches
Would you say that was a turning point for you in your career
How come do you think Danny Doring and Chris Chetti have not been able to transition to WWE
Thoughts on teaming with New Jack against the Dudleys
Thoughts on working with Gran Naniwa
At what point in your career did you think, wow I made it?
Thoughts on matches with Rhino
What did you think when Paul told you he was giving you the tag team titles
How did ECW change when Taz left
Which departure surprised you most? Raven, Saturn, Taz, or Mike Awesome
Who were you surprised never continued success after ECW closed and vice versa
How crazy was the drug scene in ECW
Thoughts on Tajiri
What do you remember about the whole deal with Mike Awesome
Do you still have heat with him over it
How do you think that affected ECW long term
Were you ever contacted by WCW when you were in ECW
Thoughts on working with RVD
Thoughts on Sabu
At what point did you realize there were problems in ECW
Did Paul E ever lie to you
Was it discouraging the less and less he would come to house shows
Did you have in your mind a breaking point where if things didn’t turn around by this time you had a back up plan
Who did you ride with in ECW
What do you remember about the night you injured your knee against Mike Awesome
Did you feel any pressures to return early
What did you do during your time off
Any good road stories
What do you both think made ECW so successful, and at what point do you think ECW was at its highest point? Conversely, what do you think caused ECW to fail and what do you think other than the close itself was the lowest point?
Memories of the final ECW PPV
What did it mean to you to get the ECW title
How much money were you owed by ECW
Did you ask Paul directly the future of ECW and if so what did he say
Memories of the final shows in Arkansas
How did you know it was finally overCould an ECW succeed today
How aware were you of Vince McMahon’s financial involvement in ECW?
Do you think you were suckered by Paul Heyman
It has become public that Paul was under contract to the WWE before ECW actually closed, what are your thoughts on that
What is the biggest misconception about ECW
Memories of the night Sandman wrestled naked
Who do think were the most overpushed guys/girls in ECW?
What do you remember about the ECW/XPW angle
Were you contacted by XPW after ECW closed
Dave Meltzer wrote a lengthy piece about ECW and said that Vince McMahon’s deal as part of funding Paul was for Paul to steer talent towards Vince and away from WCW when leaving. What do you all think of that, and can you remember any instances where that happened?
Axl Rotten did a shoot where he mentioned the final years in ECW and the guys on top and said that those guys weren’t ECW, thoughts?
You were one of the guys that came into the WWE pretty quickly after ECW closed. How did that happen?
Did you have a back up plan after ECW if you never got a call to go to the WWE
How different was the Paul Heyman in WWE as compared to ECW
Did Bubba and Devon go to bat for you to get into WWE
Initial impressions of Jim Ross and Vince
What were you told about how you would be used
Thoughts on your initial feud with the Dudleys, Edge, Christian, and Rhyno and the Hardys and Lita
How receptive was the locker room to you
Were you stigmitzed as an “ECW guy”
Thoughts on your first pay per view match at Backlash 01
Was it weird to be working with Justin on a WWE pay per view
Did you feel more or less pressure on a WWE PPV compared to an ECW ppv
Was it easier or more frustrating putting spots together in six man tags and can you give examples
Thoughts on Wrestlemania 17, your first Wrestlemania
How different was life for you now that you were now a true celebrity, wrestling superstar
How weird was the locker room once the WCW guys started working there
Were the WCW guys ribbed a lot
Were guys less willing to sell for someone of your size in the WWE then ECW
Can you point to any specific instances
Whos idea was it for the story with Molly
Was it difficult to work that kind of angle with her since shes very religious
Thoughts on your series with the Hollys
How odd was it to be working with Erin on a WWE pay per view
Thoughts on Bob Holly, do you think hes a bully?
Are you surprised it didn’t work out for Raven in WWE
Thoughts on some of the writers: Brian Gerwitz
Dave Lagana
Paul Heyman
Stephanie Mcmahon
In July 2001 you broke your fibula. What kind of pressures did you feel to come back early or even wrestle through it
Did you find the road agents helpful or a hinderance
Were you on the “flight from hell” and if so, thoughts
Whos idea was it to put you and Taz together
How different was Taz at this time compared to his ECW tenure
What was it like for you to be a WWF tag team champion
Thoughts on working with Bubba and Devon in the WWE
Do you think they ever rubbed anyone the wrong way
Thoughts on wrestling at Wrestlemania 18 and winning the hardcore title
Thoughts on Randy Orton
Thoughts on Brock Lesnar and how he left
Thoughts on Kurt Angle
Thoughts on Eddie Guerrero
Were you surprised when Bubba and Devon were split apart
Whos idea was it to put you and Bubba back together
Memories of your matches with Benoit and Guerrero
Memories of matches with William Regal
Many people say Triple H holds people down and has too much power on Raw, what are your thoughts on him and his reputation?
Thoughts on the match you had with him on Raw
Was it his idea to give you that much
Thoughts on John Cena
Thoughts on newsletter and the net
Were you pressured to alter your physical appearance
Did you use steroids
What do you think of steroids in wrestling
What did you do to get yourself in that kind of shape
Will you maintain that lifestyle
Thoughts on your series with Jamie Noble
Do you think the Cruiserweight division will ever be successful
Are you aware that the cruisers were told to tone down there style, and thoughts
Thoughts on the 4 corners Survivor series match
Thoughts on Rey Misterio Jr
How much of being successful in the WWE is about politics
Thoughts on Chavo Guerrero
Thoughts on the entire Edge, Lita, Matt Hardy situation
Thoughts on Wrestlemania this past year and the battle royal
For six or so years you were on the road constantly, what has life been like for you without that kind of lifestyle
Thoughts on Paul London
Thoughts on matches with Kidman
Thoughts on One NIght Stand
Thoughts on RVDs speech
Thoughts on the inclusion of WWE talent
Were you disappointed that they completely dropped the angle the next night
Is there anyone that wasn’t on ONS that you think should have been
Thoughts on the JBL-Meanie incident at ONS
Thoughts on JBL when you have worked with him
Are you surprised Meanie got a job out of it
Were you worried what would happen if the table didn’t catch on fire at One Night Stand
Good road stories from your time in WWE
Good rib stories
Were you surprised when you were told you were droppin the belt to announcer, Sho Funaki
Thoughts on Steve Austin
Thoughts on the Rock
How were you told you were being released
How surprised were you
Are you upset that you are released while less talented guys are still employed there
Were you surprised about anyone else’s release
Did you have any proposed gimmicks or angles in the WWE that were turned down
Fav matches in the WWE
Fav guys to work with and why
Least fav guys to work with and why
At what point in your career did you think you made it
Any regrets
Does it bother you when you see less talented guys being pushed at a time when your released
What is your future
Do you think TNA has a future
Do you think you will be a part of it
When did you find out that the WWE would prevent you from using your name
What is your side of the story
Have you talked to Paul since all of this went down
Do you think this has closed the door on a return to the WWE
Do you have any desire to get out and work indys
How much of a toll has all the punishment you have absorbed on your small frame taken on you at this point in your life
Thoughts on Shane Douglas’ Hardcore Homecoming series
Does it bother you after your release when you see all these contests for 250 grand a year like Tough Enough or Diva Searches
Do you watch tapes and if so, who
If WWE started ECW back up, could it work
Do you think an indy can rise above and compete like ECW did in the current climate
Any regrets