Steve Blackman Shoot Interview

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One of wrestling’s most fascinating eras is the era of the late 1990s. Steve Blackman lived that era as a WWE superstar. Steve Blackman’s career began long before he jumped the guard rail in 1997. The jumping of the guard rail and his WWE debut was just the icing on the cake.

Steve Blackman sat down with RF Video for one of the most interesting interviews to date. Steve’s career began in the 1980s and he remembers every day of it. Steve talks in the very beginning of the interview about why he never used steroids in wrestling or succumbed to drug and alcohol abuse on the road with a great story from his past. A great way to start, yet it was only the beginning.

Steve talks about lying his way into New Japan and a tour that would change his career. Who did he meet that changed his career on that tour and why? Who did he meet on that tour that tormented him and made his life miserable? What two wrestlers almost pushed him to the brink? Steve also talks about some great ribs played in Japan and a hotel prank that almost got him thrown him in jail.

Steve talks about his days in Stampede with one of the most famous crews in wrestling. Steve tells some great Brian Pillman stories that have never been told before. Steve also talks about touring with Owen Hart, the Bulldogs, Pillman, and more. Steve recounts some great Owen Hart ribbing and how they all found out who the stooge of the company was? Steve also has some great Stu Hart stories.

Steve made a deal to start with the WWE in the late 1980s, early 1990s but never did start until 1997. What happened? Steve talks about almost dying and the longest plane trip of his life. Steve also talks about the pitfalls of trying to come back and the suicidal thoughts he had on the road to recovery.

Steve returned to the WWE locker room in 1997, but not to wrestle. Steve came looking for years of retribution. Remember the two guys who tormented Steve years ago in New Japan? Steve walked into a locker room in Hershey, PA and told his friends he was here for payback. Who was it? What happened when Steve finally confronted him? Why didn’t Steve take retribution in Japan? The story is a great one!

Steve talks extensively about his career in the WWE. Steve talks about the Survivor Series 1997 and has an interesting take on it. Steve talks about his problems with promos. Steve talks about all of his favorite and least favorite tag team partners. Steve talks about his memorable matches, including SummerSlam against Shane McMahon. Steve talks about the road schedule, Vince McMahon’s first reaction to his gimmick, how he changed and altered the gimmick and why, who he liked to ride with, some great road stories and more. Which WWE superstar changed with success? Why are top guys so guarded?

Steve also talks about his experience in the Brawl for All. Why was Steve so confident that he could win? What rule changed the day of the tournament that made him change his game plan? Why does he think it didn’t get over? Was it a good idea? Memories of his match with Marc Mero and if he could have taken Bart Gunn? What did Bart do wrong against Butterbean? What kind of training did Steve do for his matches? Why didn’t he continue in the tournament?

Steve also talks about something Dan Severn said in an earlier shoot. Steve says what he thinks would have happened if Dan had shot in the Royal Rumble. Could Dan have pulled it off?

Steve also talks about why he got out of the business and what he is doing today. Steve gives his thoughts on UFC and how he thinks he would have done. Steve talks about his partner Ken Shamrock’s fights in UFC and has some interesting advice for his ex-partner and foe. Steve also talks about pro wrestlers getting into UFC and has some thoughts on how Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley, and Kurt Angle’s chances at long term success.

Steve is more than the black pants and black boots. Steve is engaging and has a ton of great stories in the ring and on the road. Steve has a great memory and takes us through his long journey to achieve success in pro wrestling. From death bed to WrestleMania, Steve talks about it all. This is truly an RF Video Shoot Interview for the ages.

Howd you get started
Was the training more difficult than you thought
What is your martial arts background
You also had an extensive background in weight lifting, can you talk about it
Were steroids big in the sport
Memories of your first match
Did you have any problems stiffing guys accidentally early on
What was Tony Altamore like
Early memories of Stu Hart
How did you get into Stampede
Did you go into the dungeon
Memories of the Hart family
Any good Stu stories
You almost lost your life on a South African tour, can you talk about it
How close were you to dying
How hard was it to come back from malaria
How hard was it to regain your muscle tone and athleticism
You did jobs on WWF tv in the 80s, how did you get in
Memories of being a job guy
What was the locker room like
Did anyone mentor you or help you out
Do you remember anyone being a real jerk
Were you ever given the impression you would get a job there
How many times did you try and come back from the malaria
How did you wind up getting a contract with the WWF
Initial memories and thoughts of Vince McMahon
Did creative come up with a gimmick for you
Was the office frustrated that you weren’t fully recovered
Who came up with the idea for you to jump the rail in your first angle
Who’s idea was it to incorporate your mixed martial arts skills into your gimmick
Did you come in early because of the Patriot or were you planned to start
Was there another idea before the Patriot got hurt
Were you accepted early on by the locker room
Can you talk about the dynamics between Shawn and Bret in the locker room
Early memories of both
Memories of matches with the Hart Foundation
Did you feel any pressure not to show up to RAW after Survivor Series
Who did you ride with back then
A lot of guys take shots at Marc Mero. You teamed with him. Do you think he gets a bad rap
How important was the timing of getting into the WWF right before it took off
Thoughts on Steve Austin
Did he change with success
Memories of your first WrestleMania teaming with Too Cold Scorpio
Early memories of working with the Rock
Memories of teaming with Shamrock and your feud with the Nation
Who’s idea was the entrance with the glowing sticks
Did you like turning heel
What was the deal with that feud between you and head of security Jim Dobson
How were you approached to do Brawl For All
What were your thoughts going in
Was it hard to train for something like that with the road schedule
How realistic did you think your chances were
Did you watch UFC at the time or any other MMA
What was your strategy going in
What was the injury you sustained in the tournament
Did you notice a different kind of respect from the locker room after the tournament
Do you think you could have beaten Bart
Could the Brawl for All work today
Memories of matches with Ken Shamrock
Memories of the parking lot match
Memories of the lions den match
Dan Severn did a shoot and he said he contemplated going into one of the Royal Rumbles and shooting on everyone and not going over the top when he was supposed too. How do you think that would have played out.
Memories of matches with Owen Hart
Talk about the rise of Triple H, what is your opinion of him
Do you think he holds guys back
How did Rock change with success
Whos idea was the cheese head gimmick
Did you like it
Did you like teaming with Al
Did you like the goofy stuff or the more straight laced persona
Memories of your run in the hardcore division
Memories of matches with Shane McMahon
Some guys say he tries to hard to be one of the boys, do you agree
Do you feel a lot of pressure working with him
Memories of your match at Summerslam and the big dive
Memories of the Blackman Bunkhouse Brawl Match
Thoughts on Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera
How did things change when they left
Memories of matches with Raven
Memories of teaming with Brian Christopher
Memories of traveling with him
How did his firing affect your push
Memories of matches against Kurt Angle
How did you wind up hurting your neck
Why do you think around that period a lot of guys were suffering major neck injuries
Was it harder to sit out mentally or physically
How committed to you was the WWE
Did you have a back up plan should your body not recover from your neck injuries?
On your time in HWA, was it hard to adjust to going from the WWF to the HWA? Did you enjoy working with the younger kids down there?
Thoughts on Les Thatcher
Did you see anyone in HWA that you thought would make it that did or didn’t
Why were you eventually cut
What was it like to go from WWE superstar to being unemployed
You started training a bit at the New Japan dojo with Ken Shamrock, were you considering MMA
Talk about your self-defense school
You did some interviews in 2004 talking about a comeback, how come that never materialized
What happened to the G N P clothing line
How did you wind up back for the RAW 15 year show
Were you surprised at the reaction you got from the fans
How were you received by the locker room
Had Vince changed at all
Do you think the door was left open
Do you still watch wrestling
Have you ever talked to TNA
Did you get any heat for appearing on Nancy Grace or Larry King
What made you want to do it
Do you think some guys spoke out just to get publicity
What are your thoughts on all of the deaths of the past few years and which in particular hit you hardest
Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling
Do you want to write a book
What do you think about the media attention pro wrestling is getting now in regards to drug abuse
What do you do today
Fav and least fav guys to work with
Fav ribs and road stories
Do you still have a passion for the business
What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler