Steve Williams Shoot Interview

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RF Video brought one of the most successful wrestlers in the Japanese scene to our offices to discuss his entire career. No other interview goes into more detail on what the Japanese wrestling scene is like, particularly All Japan, than this shoot with Steve “Dr. Death” Williams. First, Williams goes into his famed wrestling and football career at the University of Oklahoma. How and why did Bill Watts get him into the business and why did Watts push him so quickly? Who taught Doc the tricks of the trade? Hear all about the rise of the legendary UWF with stories on The Freebirds and Ted Dibiase. What is the truth behind the elbow that caused him to get 100 stitches? You wont believe the details of the car accident he had with Rick Steiner and how they saved someones life. Williams covers the downfall of UWF and what it was like to go to the NWA as UWF champion and not have that used in a storyline. Next, Williams takes us to Japan to reveal how he started in New Japan and how he became the only man to ever work in New Japan and All Japan at the same time. What was Terry Gordys influence in all this? If you are a fan of All Japan this is the first interview to really talk about all their top stars like Jumbo Tsuruta, Kawada, Kobashi and Misawa. Williams matches against Kobashi in 1993 set new standards and youll hear all about it. What was All Japan like during its heyday? What is it like working the different American and Japanese styles? The interview then gets very controversial as Doc talks about the two times Gordy actually died in great detail. Williams recounts what it was like to return to NWA in 1989 just as the promotion was getting hot and how it was to work with The Steiner, The Firebirds, Kevin Sullivan and Mike Rotundo. You wont believe what he has to say about drug and alcohol use and about being sued in a maternity case as well as the outcome. This is unbelievable material. How crazy was UWF promoter Herb Abrams? What happened when All Japan recently broke up and Misawa left the company? What is it like now in Japan and what behind the scenes role does Williams play? Can a New Japan vs. All Japan feud work? You cant get a more in depth look at the Japanese wrestling scene than this informative shoot.