Stevie Richards Shoot Interview

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It took RF VIDEO nearly 15 years to sit down with one of the original ECW superstars and it was well worth the wait. You can call him what you want, Big Stevie Cool, Dancing Stevie Richards the king of swing, Dr Stevie or Stevie Richards, as most of you know him from his early days in ECW. Stevie Richards set out to make a impact in the world of professional wrestling and he had a dream ever since he was a teenager as he wanted to be a Superstar in this business. He reached his goals by going thru political hurdles in ECW with the NY clique, going to WCW and facing diversities, falling back into ECW for more torment and then going to the wrestling playground that every wrestler dreams to showcase their talents which is called the WWE . After his long WWE run Stevie reinvented himself and ended up in TNA until he left the promotion and ended back on the indy scene where it all started for one of the most motivated pro wrestlers we ever sat down with.

In this solid 4 hour 20 minute shoot interview, yes almost 4 1/2 hours, Stevie covers for the first time ever in this RF VIDEO exclusive shoot interview his entire career from his early days in the Philadelphia wrestling scene that brought him to ECW. You will hear how he landed into ECW and how his relationship started with Paul Heyman. How did Stevie get partnered up with Scott Levy which later became one of ECW’s top money gimmicks of all time Raven. What was their relationship outside the ring? How did their ECW relationship cary over to WCW and WWE and even to this day and you will hear first hand on why is has never been a smooth ride for Raven and Richard’s as friends. What happened in ECW when Taz and the NY clique took issues with Stevie as Stevie talks all about what went on behind the scenes with his ECW run and how he took so much brutal heat from Tazz, Bubba, Perry Saturn and others. Stevie talks all about his run in ECW during the Raven vs Dreamer feud and what parts he played in it. How did Stevie get the singles push after his program working with Raven. Stevie talks about his early injuries that he suffered from Sandman and Terry Funk in ECW that almost made him crippled. If your a ECW fan the first two hours is pure gold. You will hear gossip on every ECW superstar that ever entered the ring as Stevie has worked with everyone in ECW. Stevie talks about all of his gimmicks in ECW from the BWO to making it on the very first ECW PPV Barley Legal working with Terry Funk and Raven.

Why did Stevie quit ECW and how did Paul Heyman take the news over the phone? How did Stevie end up in WCW with Raven and what was it like to be working in WCW during the boom period. You will hear about his WCW tun and what it was like work with with Randy Savage, DDP and working with Raven once again and why it was not as fun as it sounds. What was Hogan like towards him in WCW, you will find out. Stevie did not stick around WCW for a long period and there was a reason for it. Why did he come home to ECW? Did Paul Heyman welcome him with open arms?

What happened backstage when Stevie came to the ECW arena for the very first time and Taz and Bubba took him under the stairs for a nice chat, or was it that nice? Did Chris Chetti stiff Stevie in a shoot to teach him a lesson on his first match back with ECW at the NVR PPV? Why did Stevie leave ECW so quick after he was going to get a major singles push?

Make no mistakes about it, Stevie was one of the longest running talents who stayed around the WWE when he left ECW. He had one of the longest runs there out of anyone from ECW. What was it like to work with Heyman in the WWE and how were things different with Raven once he got there? What were the Dudleys like in WWE? Stevie talks about all of his WWE gimmicks from Right to Censor to working with Ric Flair in Philadelphia. Stevie was in the WWE and worked with every big name in the business. He even took over Stevie Night Heat and made it his own show until Stephanie McMahon caught on. The stories alone is worth the price of the shoot. You will hear stories on the Rock, Steve Austin, Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Chyna, Edge and every name that Stevie came across in the WWE locker room. How did he wind up in ROH for a angle there while he was under WWE contract? What did he think of the beating Blue Meanie took from JBL at One Night Stand?

Why did Stevie never get the push that he so deserved in the WWE? What obstacles stood in his way and how did the phrase “Ill show you you’ll see” come about and what was the meaning behind it? What did he think about the fake WWE ECW version? Want to hear his thoughts on CM Punk?

Remember this interview is 4 1/2 hours long so we spend plenty of time on every company he worked for. How did Terry Taylor guide his career and play an important role as his mentor for him?

Stevie spent many years working in the WWE as RF VIDEO dissected his entire WWE run from start to finish. There is nothing left untouched. After his WWE run Stevie reinvented himself and you will find out why. What was it like to work for TNA and once again to work with Raven. How was working with Mic Foley in TNA? What were his thoughts on working with Hogan and Bischoff. Did he think Dixie was smart to the businesss. What ideas did he have in TNA that never came into fruition and what promises were broken?

Do I need to tell you that this interview was 4 1/2 hours long, so you know we did not rush anything. What was it like for Stevie to resurface on the indy scene? What is Stevie into outside of the world of pro wrestling? You will hear about his love for modern day technology and how he is making it a second life for him. There is nobody else that has a bigger passion for his business than Stevie Richards. The guy has made tons of sacrifices to get to where he is. He has risked his own personal health to reach his goals. His journey in this business has been amazing. This is one shoot interview you will not want to miss. The variety of topics is huge and we cover every aspect of his career. We call this interview our golden egg here at RF VIDEO. I can assure you that this will be the most talked about shoot of 2013!

How did you get started
You have mentioned in the past that Chuck Williams would bully students, can you elaborate
Initial impressions of ECW
How did you get picked to be a part of Raven’s group
Did Raven and Paul help you develop your interview skills at the time
Did you feel added pressure
Did you sense jealousy from others in the locker room
Early impressions of Scotty
Memories of matches with the Pitbulls
Memories of match with the Steiners
Memories of matches with Public Enemy
Memories of your match with Luna
Memories of matches with Tommy Dreamer
Was there a Philly clique, a New York clique, etc
Memories of working with Gabe in the office
Do you think that helped you stay close to Paul and Tod
Memories of Taz
Memories of Paul from the time period
Memories of the Blue Meanie and the bWo
Did you hear from the actual N.W.O. guys at the time
Have they ever commented one way or the other to you about it
Why do you think you didn’t get the same respect from the ECW locker room that other guys in your position had
Memories of Shane Douglas
Memories of the Mass Transit incident
Memories of wrestling Guido on RAW
How did you and Scotty feel at the time about ECW’s relationship with the WWE
How were you guys treated from the locker room
Bret Hart once referred to you guys mockingly as a gang when you came into the locker room, thoughts
Any interaction with Vince
Did it bother you that ECW was branded as all hardcore when guys like yourself would go out and have good wrestling matches
Memories of wrestling Ricky Morton
Memories of the crucifixtion angle and the Kurt Angle fallout
Memories of being picked to wrestle in the Barely Legal main event
Was it dangerous wrestling The Sandman
Memories of Sabu
How did you injure your neck after Barley Legal
You announced your retirement, did you have sincere plans to retire
How did you wind up in WCW
How did Paul react when you told him you signed with WCW
How did the other ECW guys react
Was your relationship better or worse with Scotty in WCW
Impressions/memories of Hulk Hogan
Impressions/memories of Eric Bischoff
Impressions/memories of Hall and Nash
Memories of your match with Raven at Clash of Champions
Memories of wrestling DDP
Memories of wrestling Randy Savage
Memories of Ric Flair
What was it like to be a part of WCW at the time when it was so hot
How come you left so quickly
How did you wind up back in ECW
Do you think you had any more or any less respect for your brief run in WCW
Memories of your comeback match with Chris Chetti
How was Paul to work with this time around
Why do you think some of the New York guys seemed to have a hard time with you
Were you surprised when Perry left to go to WCW
You left pretty quickly, what happened
What were the plans for you if you had stayed
How did you get into the WWE
Initial impressions of Vince
Memories of your matches with the Acolytes
Memories of Steve Austin
Memories of The Rock
Memories of The Undertaker
Memories of matches with the Dudleys
Thoughts on the Dudleys
Memories of teaming with Dude Love
Whose idea was it to do the gimmick where you stole everyone else’s gimmick early on
What was it like to be a part of the WWE at arguably the hottest time in wrestling history
Favorite traveling partners
Any good road stories
Memories of Chris Jericho
Memories of Edge
Memories of wrestling Chyna
Surprised at how things turned out
Memories of Hunter
How did he change with more power
How did Vince change once WCW was bought
How were the WCW guys treated when they came over
Thoughts on the ECW revival angle
Thoughts when Stephanie McMahon got involved?
How was your relationship with Raven when he came over
Why do you think it never worked for him in WWE
Thoughts when Taz came over
Was he different in the locker room here than ECW
What was it like the first time you saw Paul in the WWE
Were you surprised ECW closed
Memories of matches with Perry Saturn
Memories of matches with Essa Rios
Memories of the Hardys
Did you find you had more respect from the WCW and ECW guys you worked with years ago now as opposed to years earlier
Do you find it ironic that you probably had a longer run in the WWE than most of those guys
Why do you think you had so much heat at different points in your career
How did the Right to Censor come about
Memories of working with Val and Ivory
Did you like the gimmick
You won the services of the Kat before she quit, where was that angle supposed to go
Do you think that her leaving really screwed you without a storyline
Memories wrestling Jerry Lynn
You left for a little while and came back for an angle with The Undertaker, memories working with him during this time
Why do you think Kronik bombed so badly
How did you wind up down in HWA
Thoughts on Les Thatcher
Memories of matches with Bubba
Memories of that whole crazy time where theyd change the Hardcore title all of the time
Memories wrestling Ric Flair
Memories of wrestling Randy Orton in his debut
Memories of when Brock Lesnar came in
Did you enjoy working with Paul when he wrote there
Who were your favorite and least favorite writers
Memories of working with Victoria
Whose idea was Stevie Night Heat
Memories of matches with Goldust
Was there a lot of pressure to work with your injured shoulder
Memories of your angle with Goldberg
Did you see the fight with him and Jericho
Did John Morrison aggravate your shoulder injury
How were you able to do the 3PW bWo reunion while under WWE contract
Memories of wrestling Chris Masters in his debut
Memories training Shane McMahon for his match with Shawn Michaels
Could you make a great living as a utility guy so to speak in the WWE
You did one shot for ROH, why only 1 shot, what were the plans for you, what happened
Memories of when JBL went after Meanie at One Night Stand
Were you surprised they booked an angle on SmackDown out of it
Did you enjoy having the b.W.o. back
Thoughts on Nova and how he wound up as a power player in the office at one time
Your thoughts on the Chris Benoit tragedy
Are you surprised that some guys still think he was framed
Why do you think Vince brought ECW
Do you think it could have worked
Memories wrestling Sabu on Saturday Nights Main Event
Memories of working with CM Punk when he came in
Are you surprised at his success
You had a little push in ECW, what were the longterm plans
Is it true that Kurt Angle did not want to work on the ECW shows
Thoughts on the short WWE/ECW tour of the old ECW venues
How did you find out about your release
How did you wind up in TNA
Did you like the Dr. Stevie angle
Thoughts on Dixie Carter
Thoughts on working with Raven in TNA
Thoughts on how Raven’s career played out
Thoughts on working with Mick Foley in TNA
Thoughts on when Hogan and Bischoff came in
Thoughts on TNA’s ECW resurrection
Thoughts on your match with PJ
Why did you wind up leaving
Your thoughts on all of the ECW reunions over the years
Why do you think some work and some don’t
Do you think it is time to put it to rest
Why does Extreme Reunion work
What is the story with your $1 million baseball video game challenge called you insane regarding your political aspirations and your theories on Hurricane Sandy, thoughts?
Why do you think you never got a shot on top for a major company
Thoughts on John Laurinitius
Thoughts on scripted promos in the WWE
Thoughts on John Cena
Thoughts on WWE today
You have kept a relatively low profile since leaving TNA, how come
How did you get the spot as a technology expert on Fox and Friends
What is the best wrestling video game ever made
What is missing from today’s WWE games
What would you do to make it better
What was your favorite run/gimmick you had in wrestling
Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling
Do you want to write a book
Do you have any aspirations to go back to wrestling full time as a booker
What is life like after WWE
Do you have any advice for guys breaking in today
Favorite matches
Favorite/Least favorite guys to work with
Do you think youll go back for one more run in the WWE
Any matches you regret
Favorite ribs
Favorite road stories