Talking The Bases with Tommy Dreamer & Lenny Dykstra

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“As an interviewer you must always be professional. You must be impartial and never let your opinions or what you have built up expectations lead you. When I was asked to sit down and interview Lenny Dykstra I was instantly thrown back to a 15 year old kid rooting his beloved Mets to the World Series. Lenny Dykstra epitomized all that I feel a baseball player should be competitive, play hard and be a great teammate. He was everything and the 1986 Mets were amazing. I was also nervous because I also know about the aftermath of Lenny’s baseball career. The arrests, his negative press and his appearances on Howard Stern. After meeting him for 5 minutes I realized never have any preconceived opinions about someone, I realized we had a lot in common. How can a wrestler and a baseball player have so much in common? In this interview I learned the passion, drive and sacrifice to play the game at a pro level. Doing anything it means to achieve the goal of being great, having a role model you just wanted to be. Meeting your heroes and they not turning out how you expected. The competitiveness and wanting to be the best. Dealing with politics and BS. Being a rare commodity to be loved in both NY and Philadelphia two of the greatest sports towns in the world. Having a mind for the business like I’ve never seen. The showmanship of being a character NAILZ and wanting to put butts in seats. Cutting promos on his opponents that I was shocked he did. This interview was mind blowing for me and after it was done I realized I never should judge a book by it’s cover. However I immediately went out and got his number 1 best-selling book and it made it all an even better experience. Lenny Dykstra is No Politics, No BS, Just Baseball. He was the heart & soul of the Mets and Phillies and did whatever he could for the fans, sound familiar? He is truly amazing and tough as Nailz, I hope you will enjoy this interview as much as I did conducting it.” -Tommy Dreamer