Tammy Sytch 2006 Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO once again delivers the most shocking, the most amazing, and the most demanded shoot interviews around with an emotional and powerful shoot with Tammy “Sunny” Sytch. For the first time EVER, Tammy gives full disclosure on her NINE MONTH relationship with a top WWE superstar. Tammy talks about how the relationship started, how the two traveled on the road – even rooming together – while keeping it a secret from EVERYONE but Vince McMahon. Tammy reveals every secret including a Jamaican vacation and how the two almost lived together. You will be amazed at this entire story and we can’t even announce one of the more shocking elements of the entire story that is completely mind blowing. Trust us, this is one of RF VIDEO’s most incredible shoots and is by far and away the most emotionally draining shoot we’ve ever filmed.

Of all the divas in wrestling, one star always shined brighter than all the rest. Tammy “Sunny” Sytch made national headlines when she was reported to be the most downloaded person of the year in 1996. The first true WWE Diva of the modern times, in 1996 thru 1999 there was not a more beautiful woman in the world of professional wrestling. From her Sunny Undercover segments on Shotgun Saturday Night, to managing LOD, the Bodydonnas, the Godwins, the Smoking Guns, and Farqooq, Sunny was the woman of the WWE. Later, she landed in both ECW and WCW, with her longterm companion (and husband) the late, great Chris Candido. Then, the dark times. The stories, the rumors, the dirt sheets, the risqué videos, the passing out.

Tammy finally sat down with RF VIDEO to talk about her past, present, and future in an enlightening and emotionally charged shoot interview. We cover every subject you want to know about and Tammy held nothing back in quite possibly the most emotional shoot in the exceptional history of RF VIDEO. This exclusive new shoot covers all the recent events in Tammy’s wrestling career and personal life. WrestlingVixxxens, the incident with Low Ki at USA Pro, the weight gain, Hardcore Homecoming and everything in between. Tammy discussed Chris Candido’s passing and the plans the two had for the future in heartbreaking detail. Tammy lets it all out over the course of the interview and the result is one of the most engrossing shoots that is sure to be one of the most talked about DVDs of the year.

The last time we spoke you were just getting started with Wrestling Vixxens, what happened with that
Thoughts on Missy Hyatt
Do you regret doing Vixxens
What was different about doing nude for Vixxens as compared to Playboy which you said you would never do
Chris talked a lot in his last interview about the both of your recovery, what was it turned the corner for you during that time that made you and he make the committment to recovery
Were there any plans for you to join Chris in TNA
Your weight gain over the years has been an topic among fans who can be very cruel at times. What do you attribute your gain in weight too?
How much does it hurt when you hear or read fans take shots at you over it
Have you ever thought about speaking to younger girls about such a thing being that you are someone who seems very happy with who you are, where as weight can be such a cruel issue to younger girls?
What happened between you and Low Ki at USA Pro
Are you surprised at the lack of respect to veterans on the indys today
We understand that Chris was to be managed by Francine at One Night Stand, were you going to be a mystery run-in or a part of the show in anyway
Would you prefer people to remember your legacy from ECW or WWE
Have you gotten any of your money owed from Paul Heyman
A few years ago you announced your retirement and said you were going to be a flight attendant, how come that didnt work out
What are your memories and thoughts of your time with Chris down in Puerto Rico
What do you think of Stacy Keibler’s success on Dancing with the Stars
What are your thoughts on Dawn Marie suing WWE for being fired while she was pregnant
When Chris broke his leg, did he take it hard
How hard was it for him not to use painkillers to numb the pain
What happened in the 24 hours leading up to Chris’ passing
Was he advised at all not to fly
How did you hear about his passing
Did you not think it was real when you first heard
Did you contemplate suicide at all
Were you the one who broke the news to his family
Did anyone step up and help you make arrangements and things like that
Over the next five years, what were the plans for you two
Did anyone surprise you by attending or not attending Chris’ funeral
How did you handle things over the next few weeks following the funeral once everything calmed down
The first booking you took was WEW, how did that come about
In retrospect were you ready to handle being in front of a crowd and working again
How much harder is it to resist temptation without the support from Chris
How close are you still with his family
Have you and Johnny talked about working together on the indys
You did an interview where you said that Chris’ family hold TNA responsible for Chris’ death, do they still
Who were your biggest support systems after his passing
Do you think anyone exploited you after his death
Is it a day to day thing getting through life without him
How long was it before your started dating
How weird was it to date being that you were with him since you were in high school
How is your battle with sobriety going
Is the wrestling business bitter sweet for you
When you hear things like that do they just roll off of you or does it hurt
Who in the WWE would you like to manage today if you could back
Who do you think has a chance on the indys of making it in the WWE
Do you think a full time womens wrestling company could work
Do you like doing commentary
What is the craziest thing a promoter ever asked you to do
What do you think of Shawn Michaels’ life turnaround as a reborn Christian
How surprised at you on the rise to political power of Triple H
I am going to through some local promoter’s names out and tell me thoughts, stories, etc
Is it true that you did not know about TNA’s Chris Candido Cup until midway through the tournament
Do you think they exploited his death
Were there ever plans to involve you in the tournament for at least an appearance
Who were your fav wrestlers growing up
Was managing it harder than you thought
How did you develop your promos
Good rib stories
Good road stories
Is there someone you saw that you thought would make it and didn’t
Is there someone you thought would never make it that did
How did you get into WWF
How did you handle the transition from territorial manager to now a world wide superstar
Initial memories of Vince McMahon
Thoughts/memories of Bret Hart
Do you think he takes the business too seriously
Are you surprised to see him back for the Hall of Fame
Thoughts on the Clique and Shawn Michaels
Thoughts on The Smoking Guns
Thoughts on Tom Pritchard
Memories of Louie Spicolli
Thoughts on Mick Foley
How did the change to the Attitude era affect your character
Do you think Vince played you and Sable against each other
Were you surprised to see her back 2 yrs ago
What do you think of the way WWE has transitioning divas off of the street to be wrestlers and personalities
Who are some of your fav girls to work with or watch on the indys
Does it bother you when a new girl on the indys is disrespectful towards yourself
Was there anyone you refused to work with and why
Are you still on good terms with Vince
Advice for young girls looking to get into the business
DO you still see yourself as a role model for women wanting to get into the business or female wrestling fans
Thoughts on newsletters and the internet
What do you miss most and least about being full time in the business
What are you doing today?
Do you think TNA has a future
Do you think you will be a part of it
Would you ever write a book
What was your favorite time in your career
What is your favorite moment in your career
What do you think is wrong with the business today
Would you like to be in the WWE Hall of Fame
Do you think Chris should be in the Hall of Fame
Do you have any plans to be a part of this year’s One Night Stand
Is there anyone you didn’t get a chance to work with that you wished you would have
Did you ever manage anyone who did not let you get your heat
Did you ever think your weight got out of control
Did it ever affect your job