Taz Shoot Interview

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Since we have been doing the Shoot Interviews,Taz has become one of our most requested one. Taz did not disappoint. Taz has been a mainstay of ECW since virtually the beginning of the promotion. Taz has been there through the ups & downs & has seen a lot of people come & go. Taz has always been very opinionated & is very much the same during this interview. Taz invited us into his very private Dojo. Some of the topics of discussion are the following:His in & out of the ring rivalry with Sabu, Erin OGrady, personal conflicts with Bam Bam Bigelow before Living Dangerously, his shooting background,his meeting with Eric Bischoff,Perry Saturns leaving & the similarities between his & Perrys gimmicks,his fight with Green Day,conflicts with 911,working for SMW & Jim Cornette,Kevin Sullivan,his brief USWA stay,Stevie Richards “imitation” of Taz on Nitro, Sandman calling him a cancer & a ton more. This video is a must for Taz,ECW,& wrestling fans alike. Get inside the head of one of the most misunderstood wrestlers in the industry.