Team 3D- Brother Ray & Devon Shoot Interview

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They are the most wanted tag team in wrestling today. The innovators and riot starters in ECW, breaking tables and old women in WWE, and traveled around the world with stops in Japan and TNA. 8 time WWE World Tag Team Champions. 8 times ECW World Tag Team Champions. WCW World Tag Team Champions. WWE Tag Team Champions. 2005 All Japan Real World Tag League Winners…

The undisputed leader in pro wrestling shoot interviews, RF VIDEO has once again done the seemingly impossible. We’ve gotten all the top names that no one else can get. Sabu. Tammy Sytch. Roddy Piper. Bret Hart. Shawn Michaels. Now RF VIDEO has finally gotten a hold of one of wrestling’s all time greatest tag teams, Brother Ray and Devon, TEAM 3-D for one of the hottest shoots of the year! Finally, for the FIRST TIME EVER, the former Brothers Dudley sit down with us to talk about their incredible wrestling careers! This shoot interview asks all the questions you want answered! Team 3-D went in-depth on their time in ECW and talked about all the major storylines and wrestlers they were involved with. Paul Heyman, the Eliminators, Public Enemy, Joel Gertner, Rob Van Dam and Sabu are just the tip of the iceberg. We even got Brother Ray and Devon to talk on record about the infamous Mass Transit match and the Tod Gordon/mole story! Not a stone is left unturned as we covered all the topics you want to hear about including Brother Ray’s experience promoting ECW shows, their thoughts on the ECW locker room , and of course…. NEW JACK! Fans of the ECW riot starters will love to hear the former stuttering dancer along with his dastardly half brother talk about their glorious run. TESTIFY!

But that only sets us up to talk about Team 3-D’s WWE career. Everyone remembers the hot run Team 3-D had in New York and we discussed all of their famous matches and feuds. The Hardy Boyz. Edge & Christian. The TLC matches. Triple H. Rock. Steve Austin. Chris Benoit. Kurt Angle.We get their thoughts on the WWE experience and we also asked about that explosive night they showed up in Queens for an ECW show. Both members of Team 3D were completely frank about what happened in New York, and why they were separated as a team. We even brought up working the emotional One Night Stand and their subsequent departure from the company shortly thereafter. Finally you will hear Brother Ray and Devon’s unedited thoughts on John Lauranaitis! You’ll get all their favorite road stories, best ribs, and favorite WWE matches as well!

After leaving New York, Team 3D spent some time in Japan before winding up in Orlando for NWA TNA. We grilled Brother Ray and Devon about the atmosphere in TNA’s locker room as well as their thoughts on Jeff Jarrett. We conclude this incredible DVD by going over a wide assortment of subjects including Team 3D working for Shane Douglas’ Hardcore Homecoming last year and confronting New Jack! Team 3D shares advice on how to succeed in wrestling, how they think the new ECW will do, and let everyone know who they think is the biggest piece of garbage in the business. All that and much, much more! You know this one is going to get EXTREME as we get Team 3D together for a three hour shoot that holds absolutely nothing back! Available exclusively through RF VIDEO!

How did each of you get started
What do you each remember about your early days on the indys
What were each of your goals when you got in the business
How did you each wind up in ECW
What did you originally think of the Dudley gimmick
Bubba – What did you think originally of the stuttering gimmick
Did the two of you have to work out at the ECW school and shoot with Taz and some of the guys when you came into the company
Your thoughts on the ECW locker room early on
Memories and thoughts on matches with the Pitbulls
Were there guys early on who had a hard time putting you guys over since you were the new guys and some guys are veterans
Were you guys accepted
At what point did you think you guys won the respect of the locker room
How big a motivator was Paul E
Were you disappointed that you guys split and feuded with each other early on
How did you each feel when Spike got introduced to the group
How did you feel when Joel got introduced to the group
Did you ever rib Joel
DVon – Thoughts on when you were paired as a team with Axl
DVon – What do you remember about the Eric Kulas match
Did the both of you go to Paul to reform the team together
How did you develop your promos and the trademark style
What did you guys think when Public Enemy wanted to come back and not put you over
Initial impressions on your matches with the Gangstas
Over the last several years New Jack has had a lot of things to say about you guys. He claims you stole his camouflage gimmick, the bomb music, and specifically points to the rap you guys did. After working with this guy for a few years sometimes every weekend, where do you think it went wrong and how do you respond to his accusations
Thoughts on your series with the Eliminators
How did things change for ECW after Barely Legal
The Tod Gordon/mole story is now infamous. You guys were rumored to be a part of that deal. How true is that and what are your thoughts on it
Bubba – When did you start becoming part of promoting the towns
Bubba – Did you like that part of the job
Thoughts on matches with RVD and Sabu
Thoughts on matches with Dreamer and Sandman
Were you surprised when Raven left right after Barely Legal
Thoughts on matches with PG13
Memories and thoughts on your matches in FMW with Terry Funk
What were your thoughts when Stevie came back at November to Remember
Do you think the Sandman was too reckless wrestling drunk
Memories of matches with Axl and Balls
Did you guys ever get bored of wrestling the same guys every weekend
Dvon – Memories of wrestling Terry Funk in Trenton
Bubba – What was the story behind your match with Taz at Hardcore Heaven, it was originally scheduled to be Candido and Taz
Does it bother you when you hear that Tod Gordon is putting out a book where he says he is going to talk in depth about the party scene in ECW and name names
How were you contacted about going to the WWF
What was Paul E’s reaction
Is it true you offered to stay for a dollar more
Were you hurt that Paul would not give you even a dollar
It has become public that Paul was under contract to the WWE before ECW actually closed, what are your thoughts on that
What do you both think made ECW so successful, and at what point do you think ECW was at its highest point? Conversely, what do you think caused ECW to fail and what do you think other than the close itself was the lowest point?
What are your relationships like with Paul Heyman today?
It has come out that since Paul was getting paid by Vince, he swayed talent to go to Vince rather than WCW. Do you think that was underhanded?
What were your initial impressions of the WWE
There is an urban legend of sorts that the Acolytes worked real stiff with you guys in your first match there to send a message, what are your thoughts on that
What were your expectations going into the WWE
Do you think coming from ECW actually held you back initially
Memories of matches with the Hardys
Matt Hardy said in his book he liked the matches, but Bubba was not somebody he was interested in hanging out with outside of the ring, was there any tension between you guys
Memories of Wrestlemania 2000
Do you think that match made you guys WWE superstars
How did your life change after that match
How hard is it to put a match together like that
Who is the captain of your team in putting matches together
Did it get stale to you wrestling the Hardys and Edge and Christian constantly over the next several months
Bubba – What happened with you and Sylvan Greenier where you apparently punched him in the face in a match
When you came back to ECW for the Queens show, how did that come about
How did ECW change from the time you left
Were you surprised when it closed
Were you surprised when Paul suddenly appeared on Raw
What did you think when they did the ECW angle on Raw, how did that come about
What did you think of the direction it went, merging with WCW and being managed by Stephanie
How was Taz different in the WWE than he was from ECW
Thoughts on matches with Chris Benoit
Thoughts on matches with Kurt Angle
How did the idea come about to split you guys up
Dvon – Whos idea was the Reverand gimmick
Dvon – Thoughts on Batista and why he didn’t seem to get over at that time
Bubba – What were the plans for you as a single
Bubba – It seemed you had a real hot match one night on Raw with HHH and the angle with HHH was never followed up on, why do you think that is
Thoughts on Brian Gerwitz and Dave Lagana
Memories of your series with 3 Minute Warning
What did you guys think when you saw Eric Bischoff first appear on Raw
Do you guys think they burnt out the TLC gimmick
Do you think HHH has too much power
Did you think it was a big insult even though it was for storyline to be part of a 6 for 1 trade for HHH with the whole Raw and Smackdown lottery deal in 2004
Thoughts on when you guys were put with Stacy Keibler
Are you surprised at her new success
Thoughts on the Rock
Thoughts on Steve Austin
Thoughts on being managed by Paul on Smackdown
Thoughts on how that whole match with Undertaker and burying Paul Bearer alive played out
You guys were off television for awhile before One Night Stand, why
What did you think when you heard that ECW was coming back last year
What did you guys think when Shane tried putting his ECW tribute shows last year
Thoughts on Eddie Guerrero
What happened with you guys and Jim Cornette in OVW in the match you 3D’d Beth Phoenix
What did you think about the way One Night Stand shaped up last year
Bubba – You looked in great shape, did you spend a lot of time working out preparing for a WWE return
What did you think of the WWE involvement in the show
What did you think of the Meanie-JBL incident
How do you think your match was on the show
Was it odd working again against Dreamer and Sandman after all of those years
What lead to your departure after One NIght Stand
Some people think you were fired, can you clarify how it all broke down
Thoughts on John Laurenitus
Do you think you would have stayed if you were able to negotiate with Vince directly or if JR had been in charge
When did you first find out that you were going to have a problem with the Dudley name
Did you approach Paul E about it and his reaction
Did you try and contact WWE to see if you could buy the name
What were your plans after leaving
Do you think you guys miscalculated the Japan market and its strengths
Thoughts on Japan
Good road stories from your time in WWE
Good rib stories
Fav matches in the WWE
Fav guys to work with and why
Least fav guys to work with and why
Did you assume you would go to NWATNA when you quit
How soon did you talk to NWATNA
What were your impressions going in
Were you apprehensive about Jeff jarrett having so much power
How much creative control do you have over your characters in TNA
Thoughts on your matches with Team Canada and AMW
Do you think TNA has a future
What has life been like for you on the indys now as compared to several yrs ago
What is it like to wrestle on a Wrestlemania
Is there anyone you are looking forward to wrestling in TNA or the indys
Are you worried of getting hurt on the indys for example in a bad ring, etc
Would you ever go back to the WWE
If you could make a tape of only 2 hrs of your matches to be put into a vault, which would they be.
Do you think WWE dropped the ball on tag teams
What did you guys think of the funeral parlor angle
Do you want to write books someday
If you could change some things about TNA to make it more successful,what would they be
Does it bother you when they continually bring back older talents like Nash, Sting, and Steiner
Would you ever like to open a school or become trainers somewhere
Biggest piece of advice you can give for success in the business
What is your favorite moment in your career
What is the biggest misconception about wrestling in the WWE
Thoughts on wrestling for Shane’s Hardcore Homecoming show last year
What happened when you ran into New Jack
Some people call Bubba a bully, how do you respond to that
How do you think the new ECW will do
Would you like to be a part of it if you were free agents
What do you think will go wrong if anything
Can ECW work today
Can a third promotion compete with TNA or WWE today
Would either of you like to start your own company or be a booker
Thoughts on Chris Candido
To each of you, what is success in pro wrestling
Who’s the biggest piece of shit in the business
Did you ever refuse to do a job for anyone and if so, why