Ted DiBiase Shoot Interview

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This interview was conducted in his home town of Jackson, MS. Ted DiBiase is a true legend of professional wrestling. He has seen and done it all, and he will share his stories with you on this shoot interview. He talks about his early days in the Mid-South and Georgia territories. From the infamous piledriver angle with the Freebirds to his quest to be the NWA World Champion are just some of the items that are discussed. Find out all of the details on just what happened in the finals days of the demise of Georgia Championship Wrestling, to the reasons why he never beat Flair or Race for the NWA Title. He then talks about his days in the UWF and relationship with Bill Watts, Jim Ross and the other UWF superstars. Find out about his switching companies to go to the WWF, and his relationship with Vince McMahon. Tons of stories about Hulk Hogan and just what it is like to be “The Million Dollar Man” are included. Ted also goes back to the days of the infamous WWF title change with Hogan and Andre, and the Hebner Brothers. What was it like to wrestle Hulk Hogan in Hulk’s Madison Square Garden debut in 1979, and what was it like to be on top of the WWF for so many years? Well, here is your chance to find out! Also discussed is his final days in the WWF, his short managerial career in the WCW as a part of the N.W.O., and his days in All Japan when he teamed up with the legendary Stan Hansen. From the Junkyard Dog to Randy Savage, from Eric Bischoff to Jim Barnett, from Dusty Rhodes to Giant Baba, these stories are a who’s who in professional wrestling!