Teddy Long Shoot Interview

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RF Video sat down with legendary NWA Referee..WCW manager/WWE Referee/Smackdown/Monday Night Raw/ECW GM Teddy Long for a near 3 hour tell all shoot interview. Teddy has been around the business for the past 20 years getting his start running errands for Abdullah the Butcher during the Georgia heyday and paid his dues and broke into the business as a young referee. During this interview you will hear how he paid his dues and started to get friendly with some of the more influential names in the business like Kevin Sullivan and Eddie Gilbert. How did Teddy get noticed for having the gift of gab? This is a great interview from start to finish if you love road stories because Teddy has driven the roads with some of the biggest names in the business and has seen it all.

You will hear how Teddy used to get tea for Dusty Rhodes and JJ Dillon during early booking meetings during the Crockett era and how Dusty would keep Teddy in the room to listen to early booing meetings which later Teddy connected the dots and gives his reasoning why Dusty did that and explains how that helped him. Teddy experienced a lot of racism in wrestling with some of the biggest names calling him the dreaded “N” word as Teddy holds nothing back and tells you who those top guys are and are still big names on TV today. You will be shocked to hear who some of these guys are. Teddy had a lot to prove and once he was given the mic with Normal the Lunatic/Mike Shaw his career took off as a manger which soon led him to manage Sid Vicious/Dan Spivey who would be known as the Skyscrapers. Ff course Sid did not last and Teddy gives his thoughts on why and how Mean Marc Callous took his spot and how he transformed himself to be one of wrestlings biggest phenomenon’s known as the Undertaker. Teddy has been a top official ref too before all of that and has seen some major shoots take place in the ring like Steve Williams and Ric Steiner go at it!!! Teddy’s biggest run in WCW was with Butch Reed and Ron Simmons as he managed Doom. He talks all about their program with the Horseman and their main angles when he was a limo driver for Ric Flair and his thoughts on Ric Flair and Arn Anderson, and you will hear first hand why he did not like them both and why he wanted to prove something to them even when he was in WWE. Teddy was there for the Monday Night Wars and for the first time ever you will here a brand new perspective on the Chris Benoit/Nancy Sullivan/Kevin Sullivan drama that got started backstage at WCW and what lead to the tragic passing of Nancy and of course the Chris Benoit murder/suicide story. Teddy talks about working for all the major owners/bookers in WCW from Jim Herd, Kip Frey, Bill Watts and of course Eric Bischoff. You will hear why he had issues with Sid Vicious and did not really care for Marcus Bagwell and why. Managing Johnny B Badd and having locker room issues with the Horseman that were real. What major promoter called him the N word in the NWA and told him to get off his plane?

When Teddy left for the WWE in 1998 he gives his reasons why and how it was like for him to restart as a referee in the WWE before he was asked to once again manage talent in the WWE and eventually become on of wrestlings biggest GM’s on Smackdown and Raw. Teddy has been around the biggest names in the WWE and has seen it all. He was there for the locker room fights between Vader in Orndorff in WCW and knew the story that took place in the bar with Marc Henry and Michael Hayes. He was there the night that Owen Hart passed away and of course the tragic day where they found Eddy Guerrero passed away in his hotel. Teddy has stories on everyone and incredible stories on what it was like to work with Vince himself behind the scenes and of course Steph and HHH. His WWE behind the scenes stories are awesome and hilarious. His feuds on TV with Vickie Guerrero, John Laurinaitis are all covered and we talk about everything he did in the ring in the WWE by working with the biggest names in the company in front of the camera’s and behind the scenes. Vince loved Teddy that is why he lasted so long and you will hear why. Teddy talks why Vince loved him during TV tapings and what made him stand out. From the wedding where he had the heart attack to becoming the GM for ECW and working with Booker T during his run as US Champion Teddy Long has been apart of WWE story lines for a seemingly decade and we get him to talk about everything that happened during his WWE run. There are stories on the Undertaker, John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, and the biggest names that you see on TV every Monday night.

Teddy pulls no punches and gives very open and honest opinions on the entire roster and if he don’t like someone he will tell you why during this shoot. This was a great interview that I know you will enjoy if you grew up watching NWA, WCW and the WWE…Holla, Holla…Playa!!!