Terri Runnels Shoot Interview

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Tommy Dreamer is back as the special host to interview one of the hottest Divas of all time Terri Runnels for her first ever tell all shoot interview with RFVIDEO.  Nobody knows the WWE divas better than Tommy Dreamer as he knows what questions to ask to get all of the dirt.  This interview has it all, locker room stories, love stories, rat stories, road stories, behind the scene stories and so much more. Tommy and Terri start off the interview talking about life before pro wrestling and how she got involved into the business as a make up artist working for CNN.  You will hear a ton of stories on how she got into WCW and who came up with the Alexandra York character.  What was it like working with Nancy Sullivan and Madusa early on.  How was Ole Anderson to deal with as a boss.  Who did she have a crush on in the locker room and it was not Dustin yet but someone else!!  Did she like being paired with Mike Rotunda?  How did he react to the gimmick?  What was her relationship with Terry Taylor and Ricky Morton.  What was Missy Hyatt like behind the scenes?  Did Mr Hughes really fall asleep at ringside when he was her bodyguard?

How did she meet Dustin Rhodes, her relationship with the family. Why did she leave the company for WWE and how did that even come about.  She talks about coming up with Marlena and how Dustin made her call the office to get the spot.  She talks in great detail of the creation of Goldust and Marlena and how the character developed and who came up with the ideas and promos. There are tons of Goldust stories that you will love and that have never been spoken until this day.  She talks about all of the girls in the company like Luna, Sunny Chyna and so many others. We talk about the Monday Night Wars and the pillow fight that got her injured.  Want to know never told details about the flight from hell?  Why she respected Perry Saturn.

This interview has it all from rib stories and just so many kfabed stories that only the boys can share.  Tommy and Terri totally forget that the cameras are on and just talk for almost 3 hours about the business.  If you love to hear stories about the inner workings of the business you will love this shoot interview!!!  If you’re a fan of Dustin Rhodes or the characters that Terri took part on this is a must grab interview!