Terry Funk & Manny Fernandez Wrestling Seminar

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One of pro wrestling’s all-time greatest legends, Terry Funk, teaches up and coming wrestlers about the art of wrestling–from all aspects. The former NWA World Champion and ECW World Champion shows wrestlers what a difference the simple (and often overlooked) details can make in the way of selling and psychology. To hear Terry (who is a retired SAG actor in addition to being one of the greatest wrestlers to ever live) speak to wrestling students about cutting a promo is priceless. His experience shows as he discusses subtleties to consider when talking in front of a camera. The seminar’s other instructor, accomplished pro wrestler and trainer “Raging Bull” Manny Fernandez, was also a student of Terry Funk’s at the beginning of his career. Fernandez, who held the NWA World Tag Team titles with both Dusty Rhodes and Rick Rude, teaches wrestlers what it takes to make it in today’s industry. This Texas Legends class is a must see for all pro wrestlers and anyone who is interested in intricate techniques of great pro wrestling.