Terry Funk Shoot Interview

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He has been called the Texas Bronco, The King of the Death Matches, and a Hardcore Legend. He was Extreme before that term was even invented. He’s tougher than shoe leather and he’s middle aged and crazy. He’s Terry Funk. Now it is your turn to know the complete life story of The Funker, firsthand. RF Video Inc. is proud to present the Terry Funk Shoot Interview, our jewel of the shoot interview series. Find out about Terry’s days before wrestling in Amarillo. Also, find out about Terry’s early days as a professional wrestler and what it was like growing up in the business with a legendary father and brother. Terry also talks about wrestling in Japan where he was a superstar. He talks about his days in All Japan during the late 70’s and 80’s, when wrestling was on fire. Hear his views, opinions and unique stories about Giant Baba, Jumbo Tsuruta, Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen and Abdullah the Butcher that will leave you thoroughly entertained. He then talks about life in the WWF, NWA and in Hollywood during the 80’s. How does he feel about Hogan? How does he feel about Flair? How Does he feel about Vince? It is all in here! Terry then talks about the dangerous and bizarre world of FMW and IWA, where you sometimes put your life in danger every time you step into the ring. He talks about wrestling Onita in an explosion match. He talks about the infamous IWA King of the Death Match Tournament. He then talks about Cactus Jack. Wrestling with and against Cactus in barbed wire,and about Cactus and the Hell in the Cell. All is discussed! The interview is then finished up with topics discussed about his new home in ECW. What he feels about Paul E. His greatest feuds and matches. His world title reign. His protégé Tommy Dreamer. There is just too much to list. This is one that is a must for all of you hardcore fans!