Terry Gordy Shoot Interview

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The wrestling world suffered a huge loss when Terry Gordy passed away in June. This Terry Gordy shoot interview is now a tribute tape to the legendary Freebird. Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy came to the RF Video offices to conduct this shoot in what is now his last interview and only true look at his life and career. Hear about Gordys life from the man himself right here on this very special interview. This is what Gordy talked about:

-His start in the business as a young teenager.
-Early days in Georgia with The Freebirds.
-His tag team with Jimmy Snuka to feud against Buddy Roberts & Michael Hayes.
-Gordys domination of Georgia.
-How he was one of the earliest teams to popularize the use of theme music.
-His move to Texas. -Hear about the legendary feud against the Von Erichs.
-Terry gives his honest opinions on the outside the ring behavior of the Von Erichs.
-Youll learn about The Freebirds as they dominate every territory they worked in.
-His short stay in WWF.
-Gordys early days in All Japan.
-Hear about the rise of World Class.
-The downfall of the Von Erichs.
-Why did the Freebirds leave World Class for WWF?
-Terry covers life in WWF.
-Youll get the scoop on his becoming a major star in All Japan including his team with Steve Williams.
-Talk about his feud vs. Williams in WCW.
-How is Japan different than America?
-The details on his two near death experiences where doctors said he was actually dead for a couple of minutes.
-How did this affect his career?
-Did he regret it?
-Gordy talks about the IWA King Of The Death Match Tournament with Cactus Jack.