Terry Taylor Shoot Interview

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Taylor has been through it all not only as on air talent, but behind closed doors inside the WWF and WCW offices. Taylor takes you into the WWF and WCW offices and reveals inside information and stories. Hear about how he went from being touted as a future superstar to the Red Rooster gimmick. From Vince McMahon to the Von Erichs, youll hear all about it in this shoot.

– His start in the business.
– Covers Memphis in the early 80s.
– Did he like being a good guy?
– What were Lawler, Jarrett, Gilbert and the rest of the Memphis crew like towards him?
– Details on his transition to Mid-South.
– Stories on Steve Williams, Ted Dibiase, Bill Watts, and others.
– His violent feud vs. The Sheepherders.
– Info on his feud vs. The Freebirds.
– Taylor talks about when he turned heel on Chris Adams.
– Going to World Class.
– What were the Von Erichs like?
– All the details on going to WWF.
– How did Vince McMahon treat him.
– Why was he given the Red Rooster gimmick?
– What did he think about being the Red Rooster?
– Lombardi studio angle.
– Why did he leave WWF?
– Taylor covers his WCW tenure.
– Learn about his role in the York Foundation.
– Reason why he left as a performer.
– Hear about his role in the WCW front office.
– What problems did he have in WCW?
– Taylor takes you with him to the WWF front office.
– Details on WWFs problems.
– His future.
– How political was WCW?