The Gangstas Shoot Interview

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A decade ago, RF Video sat down with one of our most explosive shoot interview guests. Never before has anyone in the business been as open and controversial as New Jack was the first time he sat down with RF Video. RF Video has visited with New Jack numerous times for a classic series of Shoot Interviews. For the first time ever, New Jack sits down on camera with the subject of many of his past interviews. RF Video is proud to present to you the first-ever Shoot Interview with New Jack and Mustafa, the Gangstas.

This interview puts a new spin on past interviews. Mustafa and New Jack together recollect their years as one of the most successful tag teams of the 1990s. Whether it was the Rock and Roll Express or the Dudleys, the Gangstas have something to say about all of their past oppo nents. Hear stories never told before on RF Video about some of the Gangstas most controversial moments.

The Gangstas recall their amazing journey from the rural towns in Louisville to the madness of Philadelphia. What did Jim Cornette see in them? How responsible was Cornette for the content of the Gangstas’ interviews. How were they treated initially by the ECW locker room? What were the differences between Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman? Hear from both men what inspired their style, New Jack’s jump, all of the blood and more in this amazing Shoot Interview.

Over the years, New Jack has not been kind to Mustafa on RF Video Shoot Interviews. Both men are presented with past quotes from New Jack’s interviews. Does New Jack stand by his statements? How does Mustafa react hearing some of these accusations for the first-time? The tension on this video has to be seen to be believed. The Gangstas reunion may be a short one immediately following this video.

Both men also recollect all of the backstage incidents and controversies the Gangstas were famous for. The Gangstas recount everything from riots in SMW to jail time in ECW. Why did the Gangstas split up in the first place? How did Mustafa handle New Jack’s fame? How real was it when the two of them finally got to wrestle each other in ECW? This interview puts a new spin on anything you have ever heard before from New Jack.

If there is anything we can guarantee you about this interview, it is intensity. All of the chaos and insanity is caught on video and brought to you courtesy of RF Video. . It is with great pleasure that RF Video presents to you the first-ever Shoot Interview anywhere with New Jack and Mustafa, the Gangstas!

What do you remember about the first time meeting each other
What did each of you think of the other
Whos idea was it to team you two together
Before the team, what were each of you doing
What did each of you think of Jim Cornette
Did you guys have any problems early on as a team
Who called the shots between you guys
How close were you guys outside of the ring
Memories of matches with the Heavenly Bodies
Memories of wrestling Terry Funk
Memories of your matches against the Rock N Roll Express
Did those matches help you guys gel as a team
How did D-Lo get into the mix
Did anyone complain about you guys being too stiff
Any good road stories
Who made the call between you guys to get into ECW
Was this something you both agreed to
Was it important to you guys that ECW have a strong tag team division
New Jack you have told a story about having to do jobs for a couple of months as some kind of a punishment and you coming up with the dive that way. Must afa, what were your original thoughts on this
Who got the Gangstas in more trouble? New Jack or Mustafa
Did Paul or Jim Cornette ever try and pit you guys against each other
Mustafa, you disappeared for awhile. What happened.
Was there heat between you guys when Mustafa disappeared
How many times have the two of you gotten into fist fights
How important is it to like and trust your tag team partner
Mustafa, what did you think the night New Jack destroyed Chad Austin
Mustafa, did you like not talking much on promos
Who came up with the whole promo idea of Jack doing most of the talking and Mustafa making crazy noises
Memories of matches with the Eliminators
Memories of matches with the Dudleys
Jack – You have accused the Dudleys of stealing your gimmick when they went to the WWE. Did you bury the heat with them.
Mustafa – What did you think the night of the Eric Kulas match
Jack – You have said that it would bother you that Mustafa was satisfied just being in the middle of the card when you wanted more. Did the two of you guys butt heads over this.
Mustafa- Did it bother you when the crowds starting chanting more for New Jack rather than the Gangstas
Mustafa – How important were you to the success of the Gangstas
Mustafa – How did you wind back in ECW
Were things different between the two of you
What did the two of you think of your matches
Were there any plans to reform the team after the feud was over
Ricky Morton has said in past interviews that he was upset at New Jack for punching a fan and getting banned from a town in the middle of your feud. Is that true?
Is there any one specific death in the business that really got to you guys
Tod Gordon said in a shoot interview about New Jack – If he thinks he’s right, no one ca n make him think otherwise.” Do you agree Mustafa?