The Godwinns Pt. 2: The Darkside Shoot Interview

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The title says it all on this one. Never before has RF VIDEO done such a controversial interview like this one. I can promise you that this will rock the foundations of the wrestling world. When RF VIDEO was contacted about doing this one we even questioned Mark Canterbury and Dennis Knight.

This interview takes a look into the dark side of the pro wrestling business. We talk about a ton of taboo subjects that were never supposed to go public until now.

We even had Billy Gunn sit on during this interview for the first part of it and Harry Smith stops by. As you will hear I even asked him on video 3 times if he was sure that he wanted to do this interview. I wanted it clear as day that he came to us and not vice versa. There was a lot of drinking going on during this interview and as you will see when I do the previews there was some drug use as well. Again when we do these interviews these are as real as it gets. The guys know what they are doing and we do not get them hammered before hand. These are grown adults that know when we have a deal and the time we are doing it with them. If they what to get high or drunk its up to them and as you will see when you watch this, this was a way of life for them and not something we asked them to do to make the video more interesting.

Well the interview took a real wild turn at many different points. I lost control of the interview at times when Dennis would take over and he started to hammer Mark with his own questions. These guys even got into debates with each other about the WWE Wellness policy, taking somas on the road, cocaine use on the road, and one of the most shocking parts of the interview is when they got into a argument of why his son was really released from the WWE. Dennis was his trainer in FCW down in Florida and told Mark some hard truths that I think he just did not want to hear. These guys went back and fourth on many issues.
We also got them to finally talk about the Undertakers clique in more detail. We even got them to expose what the initials stand for which is taboo to even talk about. I asked them also on tape what would their peers think about this interview and they gave a great answer.

As we dove deeper into the underworld of the wrestling business, the interview got a lot darker. We talked about wrestlers doing things they did not want to do, like working with guys that were high, Owen Harts accidental death and so many other controversial subjects. We talked about the drug problems of current stars like Scott Hall and Matt Hardy. In fact wait until you hear the discussion they have about the Hardy Boys.

Dennis and Mark also get into a debate about the WWE rehab program that is going on now. At times I had to do nothing during this interview but sit back and let those two guys talk to each other. There really will never be anything else out there like this interview. This was not a shoot this was beyond real!!!