The Godwinns Shoot Interview

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Some of the best shoot interviews we have conducted are with wrestlers that are out of the business for good. With nothing to lose and years of frustrations, the ears will be ringing of the RF Video Shoot Interview viewers. Dennis Knight and Mark Canterbury reached the highs and lows of pro wrestling together. Now with nothing to hide and no agenda, both men sat down and fired their barrels in one of RF Video’s most explosive shoot interviews.

Knight and Canterbury were some of the last of a dying breed. Both men made their careers in pro wrestling the old fashioned way. Both men came up from the dying territories, to the politics of WCW, and then to the big lights in the WWF. Knight and Canterbury combined their talents to become one of the most remembered gimmicks of the last decade, the Godwinns.

But before they slopped Triple H and the Bodydonnas, both men road the grueling roads of Memphis, TN. Both will tell you the lessons they learned and what it was like to work in one of the lowest points of one of wrestling’s classic territories. How were they able to parlay their minimal experience into a deal with WCW?

While their greatest fame came in the WWE, some of their greatest stories on the shoot come from WCW. What was it like to go from working for Bill Watts to Ole Anderson? What were the pressures of working for old school bookers in a new school environment? Memories are shared of bonds that would last a lifetime with fellow wrestlers Cactus Jack, Steve Austin, and Brian Pillman. Dennis’ Cactus Jack imitation will put you in stitches.

Along with more money came more frustrations in WCW. Let’s just say that Dennis and Mark are not a part of the Ric Flair Fan Club. Both wrestlers let loose their controversial opinions of one of the most polarizing individuals in the business. Dennis hates two guys in the business. One is Flair and the other is Eric Bischoff, and he’ll tell you exactly why.

What was it like to make the jump to New York? Mark recalls his battles with a legend in the making, Triple H. How close were they? What brought them together? How were both men accepted by the veterans in the WWF locker room? Who came up with the slop, the gimmick, the managers, and everything else we remember today as the Godwinns.

One of the most revealing segments of the interview is when they talked about their battles with the Clique. Mark’s battles with Triple H reached beyond the ring later in their relationship. How was the locker room divided in the battle with the Clique? Who sided with whom? What veterans stood up and said enough is enough?

The Godwinns had some classics with the Bodydonnas. Mark and Dennis talk about the Tammy Sytch dynamic. Both men worked with one of the original divas several times with the Bodydonnas and the Smoking Gunns. How did they get along? Well let’s just say time doesn’t necessarily heal all wounds and you will hear exactly why. If you thought you heard all of the stories on Tammy Sytch, you haven’t heard anything until you hear these.

The Godwinns took us in the back with a lot of backstage stories. The Godwinns were a part of one of wrestling’s biggest revolutions. What was it like to share the stage with HBK, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, the LOD, and more? Of course with the matches, came the ribs and you will hear about some great ones.

Dennis unleashes his frustrations on some that he felt have had a silver spoon in the business. Dennis recalls a conversation he had early in his career about injuries. Dennis talks about the advice and how he would remember it years later. Dennis then proceeds to go on a 15 minute rant about some of the whiners and cry babies he has encountered in the wrestling business.

Life in the fast lane isn’t always glamorous. Dennis and Mark talk about the roller coaster ride of partying and drugs in pro wrestling. What are their thoughts on drugs and are they a necessary evil in wrestling? It is quite a somber moment when both men talk openly about the rash of deaths in pro wrestling. Which deaths hit them the hardest? Could any of them have been prevented?

Like most wrestlers from this time period, you will hear some great HBK stories. Shawn wasn’t always an angle, and both men will talk about Shawn at the height of his arrogance. In addition, you will hear about the frustrations of working with one of wrestling’s most famous teams, the Road Warriors. Dennis questions the manhood of the two legends and tells you why. The two were also none too fond of the Harris Twins and in their words called them, well…you’ll have to find out.

By the time we finished this interview the sun was rising and Dennis was just getting warmed up. These are two guys with a lot to say and a rare opportunity to say it. Needless to say they both took advantage of the opportunity and left no stone unturned in the interview. If you want to hear about the politics, the territories, the bookers, the backstage gossip, and the brutal truth well then this is the interview for you. Those scared of hearing the truth about some of wrestling’s biggest heroes may want to skip this one. These two put the shoot back in shoot interview.

How did each of you get started
What do you each remember about your early days on the indys
What were each of your goals when you got in the business
Initial impressions of each other
What were your initial impressions of Jerry Lawler
Memories of teaming together in the USWA
What were typical payoffs like back then
Memories of matches with Jeff Jarrett and Robert Fuller
How did WCW discover you guys
Initial impressions of WCW
Did you guys like the masks
Memories of Bill Watts
Were you guys frustrated with the lack of push early on
Thoughts and memories of the locker room
Any good road stories
Memories of Ole Anderson as a booker
Memories of matches with the Coles
Memories of Jesse Ventura
Memories of wrestling each other at Battlebowl
Memories of matches with Scorpio and Bagwell
Memories of matches with Cactus
Memories of Vader
Memories of Steve Austin and Brian Pillman
Who’s idea was it to lose the match against Marc Mero
Any good road stories from this time
Memories of Tom Zenk
How did you win d up leaving
Who contacted who regarding your WWE negotiations
Initial impressions of Vince
How come Mark went first by himself
Mark – Memories of your early matches there
Mark – Memories of the Dark Side gimmick
Mark – Memories of your series with Triple H
Did you guys know about the Godwinns gimmick right away
Who came up with the idea
How behind the idea was Vince
What was the locker room like at this time
Was it hard to become accepted
Were you guys originally ribbed
Who’s idea was it to give you Hillbilly Jim
Memories of Jim
Did you guys like the gimmick
When did you realize it was getting over
Who came up with the slop
Memories of matches with the New Rockers
Memories of matches with Owen and Davey Boy
Did you ever rib guys with the slop
Memories of Uncle Cletus
Memories of matches with the Smoking Guns
Memories of matches with the Bodydonnas
Memories of Tammy Sytch
How influential were the Clique
Memories of your first Wrestlemania
At some point did the two of you make a pact either early or mid way through=2 0your career as a team to stick together
Who was the captain of the team as far as calling matches
Who did you guys ride with up there
Was it hard to adjust to the crazy travel schedule
Did you like the Beverly Brothers gimmick
Memories of matches with the LOD
How did things change when Austin started to get hot
Mark – What happened in a match with LOD that you became injured
Did you feel pressured to come back early
How soon did you come back
Memories of the 4 corners match from SummerSlam 96
Memories of matches with LaFon and Furnas
Memories of matches with the Blackjacks
Did the road schedule ever take a toll on you guys
How did things change when Hall and Nash left
Did the clique’s power ever impact you guys
Memories of matches with the Blackjacks
Memories of Shawn Michaels
Memories of matches with the Outlaws
What was the key to having such a long run
Are you surprised as to how well remembered you guys still are
Memories of matches with the Harris twins
Who’s idea was it to repackage you guys
Who came up with the Southern Justice gimmick
How did Vince change once WCW started beating him in the ratings
Was it too soon for that gimmick
How did you guys work with Jeff Jarrett
Did you guys ever talk to WCW about coming over
Memories teaming with Jeff
Memories of matches with DX
Mark – How different was Triple H this time around
Mark how did you hurt yourself again
Did you think your career was over
Dennis – Did you fear for your spot
If you hadn’t gotten hurt, how much longer do you think the gimmick would have gone
Is it true that there were plans to bring you guys back a few years ago
Have you guys ever talked to TNA about coming in together
Are you surprised tag team wrestling has virtually disappeared
What do you think of the lack of kayfabe today in the business
Either of you interested in writing a book
What makes a great match
What makes a great angle
What makes someone a good worker
In your careers who did you find was overrated and underrated
What do you each do today
How much do you miss it
Favorite matches you guys had
Do you guys enjoy conventions, signings
Any good road stories, ribs