The Hart Foundation Shoot Interview

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The Excellence of Execution, the Hitman and the Anvil. Two time tag team champions in the WWF. A legendary unit from an oft remembered period in wrestling history. For the first time ever, the Hart Foundation are ready to discuss their entire career on RF VIDEO’s exclusive new shoot interview! Bret “the Hitman” Hart, 2006 WWE Hall Of Famer and one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step in the ring. Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart, the power and promo man of the team. Together, they are back for a reunion of sorts, and both men are going to have to answer some hard hitting questions that have been on their fan’s minds for years.


We sat Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart down together to discuss their glorious tag team run and were amazed at the stories they were able to weave. This is one shoot you are going to want to go out of your way to watch as both Bret and Jim were in rare form. From the Hart Foundation’s humble beginnings, to their first time together as a tag team, to their entire WWE run, Bret and Jim brought their A game. From their legendary feuds with Demolition, Strike Force, The Bolsheviks, The British Bulldogs, The Fabulous Rougeaus, Rhythm & Blues, and The Nasty Boys, and covering all of the backstage hinjinx, this shoot has it all! From Bret and Jim’s solo runs, to reforming the Foundation to go after the tag team titles. Youll feel like Jimmy Hart while listening to these two guys talk about their historic run together.


You name the topic, and it was covered in depth. Stampede. The British Bulldogs. Jimmy Hart. The Hart Attack finisher. Get the low down on their entire WWE run, including many famous six man tags that were main events across the country. For the first time anywhere, Bret and Jim get specific when discussing their thoughts on wrestling tag team psychology. Will the ’80s boom come back? What about the next generation for this legendary family? All this and so much more!


You name the topic, and it was covered in depth. Stampede. The British Bulldogs. Jimmy Hart. The Hart Attack finisher.

  • Talk about the earliest memories of meeting each other
  • Did you guys get a chance to team together at all in Stampede
  • When you both came to the WWF, were you told you would team together
  • Is it true that management at first thought that you (Bret) couldn’t get over as a heel
  • How did the idea of teaming you guys along with Jimmy Hart come together, who’s idea was it and what were your early thoughts
  • You both were two of the strongest promos in the business, did you feel held back with Jimmy cutting your promos
  • How did you come up with the Hart Attack finish
  • At what point did you realize you two had something together
  • Memories of your first real series with the Bulldogs
  • Was there any resentment from guys higher up on the card at the kind of pace and ethic you four were putting out there every night
  • Psychology wise, how would you work a match with them if you knew you 4 would be coming back the next month as compared to if it were one and done.
  • Who was the captain of your team that called most of the match
  • Do you have any good road stories from back then
  • Memories of your matches with the Rougeaus
  • Memories of your matches with Tito Santana and Pedro Morales
  • The Rougeaus and the Bulldogs had their problems, what was your take on their situation
  • Memories of your matches with the Killer Bees
  • Why do you think that there is no push today in the WWE on tag teams after two successful eras between your era and then the era of the Hardys, Dudleys, etc about 5 years ago
  • What is the biggest thing missing today in tag team matches overall
  • Was there ever a clash of egos between you two as the two of you became more successful
  • Back then, what did it mean to finally get a run with the tag team titles
  • What was it like back then in the boom of the 80s period to be a WWF superstar
  • Do you think wrestling will ever immerse itself into pop culture like that again
  • How did Vince change with success back then
  • Were you surprised when you were told you would be dropping the belts to Strike Force with no build up
  • You did some 6 man tags against Hogan back then, what do you remember about working him
  • How crucial was Wrestlemania 2 to the success of you guys in being the last guys in the battle royal with Andre the Giant
  • In 86 they split you guys up into singles matches briefly during the house shows, which featured the now legendary match Bret had with Rick Steamboat in Boston. Why did they split you guys up and was it going to be permanent?
  • Also in 86 Vince did some heel vs heel tag matches with you guys, the Funks, and Sheik and Volkoff, you guys got over big as babyfaces on Boston in the match with Sheik and Volkoff. What was the rationale behind those matches
  • Memories and thoughts on matches with the Islanders
  • In 1987 when Dynamite was out, you wrestled against Davey Boy on a lot of house shows in which he had various partners. One was the Crusher in Chicago, what do you remember about that match and him
  • You did a lot of main events in 88 with the 6 man tags against Strike Force and Savage, was there added pressure on you guys
  • Memories of working 6 man tags teaming with Honkytonk Man
  • Again you guys split for awhile during the Bad News feud post Wrestlemania, was that split supposed to be permanent because you guys wound up teaming again shortly thereafter
  • Memories of your series with Demolition
  • Memories of matches with the Rockers
  • You guys wrestled a more physically demanding and faster paced match than some of the veterans of your time period, did you ever have guys who were scheduled to work with you two that asked you to slow down and work a more slower style to appease them
  • Memories of matches with the Nasty Boys
  • Did you guys prefer working as heels or babyfaces
  • Thoughts on the Ultimate Warrior
  • When the Road Warriors came over, did you have any problems getting them to sell for you
  • How were things different when you would team together years later
  • Jim – Can you compare teaming Owen as compared to teaming with Bret
  • Who were your guys favorite and least favorite teams to work
  • Jim – What are your thoughts about what happened at Survivor Series 97
  • You guys worked each other during the Bret-Owen feud, did you guys ever rib each other during any of the matches on the house shows
  • There is a new generation of Hart members out there in Teddy Hart, Jim’s daughter Naddie, and your nephew Harry, your thoughts on them
  • Bret – Does it bother you that they still play up the Montreal angle and tease their angles in a way where fans think you are coming back
  • Thoughts on guys like Hogan and Flair still wrestling today
  • Do you think that the WWE today places too much of an emphasis on size and look rather than ability
  • What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler
  • Plus alot more topics!!