The Nasty Boys Vol. 2 Shoot Interview

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One year ago RF Video sat down with one of pro wrestling’s greatest tag teams. We heard some of the greatest road stories in the history of shoot interviews. One year later, and RF Video has done it again. RF Video is proud to present a brand new interview with the great Nasty Boys.

If you thought you heard it all in the first interview, you haven’t heard anything yet. This interview is full of more road stories and rib stories than any other shoot interview in RF Video history. The Nasty Boys start in the AWA and take all over the world as they recount their years of fun, madness, and debauchery. The Nasty Boys also answer the tough questions about some of wrestling’s urban legends. Nothing is off-limits in this interview with Knobbs and Saggs.

You will hear a ton of stories about the Midnight Rockers, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. All four men lived and traveled together for almost a decade. From the AWA to Memphis, to the WWE, there are stories from all time periods. From falling asleep on the road to a lot of drinking stories, the Nasty Boys tell them all. What veteran shockingly called out the Nastys on their behavior in the AWA? You will be surprised by the irony of this answer and the Nastys response.

Nobody is safe here in Nasty Boys history. Stories about everyone from Molly Hatchet, to Hulk Hogan, the Road Warriors, the Steiners, and the Ultimate Warrior are recounted about both Brian Knobbs and Jerry Saggs. The Nasty Boys recount a great story about the night Jerry Saggs was set up by the office for a beating in the AWA. There are a lot of classic Curt Hennig ribs retold in this classic shoot interview.

The Nasty Boys also discuss more aspects of their career which weren’t touched on in the first interview. The Nasty Boys give side of their story as to what went wrong with their now infamous last WWE appearance. The Nasty Boys also talk about incidents with Jim Herd, Jerry Lawler, Nick Bockwinkel, the Steiners, Mick Foley, and more.

In a magical moment, one of the Nasty Boys’ greatest rivals makes an unscheduled appearance. Bret “Hitman” Hart makes a cameo later in the shoot interview when he comes to visit the Nasty Boys. All three men reunite for the first time in years and you will catch it all here on RF Video. The three have some fun and take some jabs at one another in an absolutely classic RF Video shoot interview moment.

Whether you like the road stories or you want to hear about your classic wrestling heroes, this is an interview you don’t want to miss. You will feel like you are sitting in the car and taking a long ride through history with one of pro wrestling’s legendary teams. What more can the Nasty Boys have in store for RF Video? Find out as RF Video is proud to present a classic interview re-visited as we present to you the 2009 shoot interview with the Nasty Boys.

How did you guys meet
When you guys started teaming together in the AWA, did any of the vets try and screw with you guys
Ribs on Nick Bockwinkel
Greg Gagne and groupies
Any crazy Verne stories
Curt Hennig and locks
Good road stories with the Midnight Rockers
Did any of the vets mentor you guys
Was it hard to work with the older guys who may have been a little slower in the ring like Baron Von Rachke
Did you guys screw up any finishes early on
Memories of the Memphis party/groupie scene
True what they say about young groupies in Memphis
Did you guys crap in Lawler’s crown at the Royal Rumble
Are you surprised that Jeff Jarrett hasn’t used you guys
You guys worked various places with Scott Hall over the years, are you surprised at the way things have turned out for him
Who had the best psychology as a tag team that you guys worked with
What happened at your last WWE tryout
It was rumored that you were stiff and unprofessional. Thoughts
How did the locker room change
Were they warm towards you guys
Any conversations with Vince
Are you still close with any of the McMahons
Did you guys ever dabble in steroids
Bret Hart says in his book that he was a better wrestler than Hogan or Flair, what do you guys think
Who were the best you guys worked with
Who were some of the most overrated guys that may surprise viewers
Did you ever have a competition of ribs with anyone
Owen Hart ribs
Davey Boy Smith ribs
Curt Hennig ribs
What was the party scene like in Japan
Is it true that Jim Herd tried playing the Steiners against you guys
You talked in an interview about George Steele stretching wrestlers, can you talk about that here
Is it true that Wahoo McDaniel tried to break your nose
How much of Hogan Knows Best is a work
Thoughts on Hogan’s OJ comments
Did anyone refuse to take the pit stop
There were rumors that Vince was infuriated at Celebrity Wrestling. Thoughts?
Is it true that you were almost called the Mercenaries
The Wrestler movie
Thoughts on the Shawn Michaels-Hulk Hogan match at WrestleMania
How do you guys feel about scripted promos
Memories of the WCW Hardcore division
Memories of Gene Anderson
Thoughts on Tom Zenk and comments he made a few years back
What did the WWF offer you at the time to come over
Memories traveling with Jimmy Hart and why it didn’t last
Did you guys get fired from the AWA
Memories of the Ultimate Warrior
Thoughts on Ric Flair trying to get a reality show with his son
Thoughts on Iron Sheik
Is there any wrestler or wrestlers that you would like to see at these conventions
Beefcake did an interview where he said Nikki Ziering was passed around at the Celebrity Wrestling tapings. Thoughts
Best and worst promoters/bookers you worked for
Anyone try and screw you on the indys
How are your bodies physically
Are you surprised tag team wrestling has virtually disappeared
What do you think of the lack of kayfabe today in the business
Either of you interested in writing a book
What makes a great match
What makes a great angle
What makes someone a good worker
In your careers who did you find was overrated and underrated
What do you each do today
How much do you miss it
Favorite matches you guys20had
Do you guys enjoy conventions, signings
Any good road stories, ribs
Their hit list