The Outlaws Shoot Interview

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During the Attitude Era, there was one tag team that stood above the rest. One team that had more charisma than all the other teams put together. One tag team that could get 15,000 fans a night to loudly yell “S*CK IT!” Comprised of two midcarders, the New Age Outlaws went on to become a hot drawing act and one of the key soldiers in the war between WWE and WCW. Now, for the first time ever, both members of the New Age Outlaws Bad Ass Billy Gunn and the Road Dogg sat down for a remarkable shoot interview that covers one of the most exciting periods in wrestling history.

Both Billy Gunn and “D-O- double G” let loose on everything and everyone you can imagine, including the leader of Degeneration X himself, Triple H. You won’t believe what the boys have to say about the Game, but he isn’t the only one caught in the crossfire during this interview as both Bret Hart and Jim Ross also feel the stinging wrath of the Outlaws! For fans who loved watching the Monday Night Wars, this is a DVD for you as all the insider topics of the time are discussed at length. The Outlaws go over their memories of working with legends such as Mick Foley, Terry Funk and the Road Warriors along with all the other feuds we all loved to watch. Who could forget the first match between the Radicalz and the Outlaws when Eddie Guerrero broke his arm in a horrific accident? All of that, and much more, is discussed as the NAO talk about their career from the heyday of WWE to today in TNA!

Hilariously entertaining, both Gunn and Road Dogg go above and beyond when it comes to being a great interview as this shoot has one great story after another! You’ll hear about Owen Hart, Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, Steve Austin, the Rock, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo and all the big shows that the Outlaws were a part of! This DVD is now available in the New Release section.

Whos idea was it to put the two of you guys together
Thoughts on the gimmick and teaming together
Were you guys friendly before you teamed up
What made it work
Who was the captain and would call most of the matches
When did you realize this thing could work
Any good stories about one another early on
Thoughts on Vince Russ and did he help or hurt your team
Did the two of you feed off each others confidence
What do you guys remember about Survivor Series 97
Memories of your series with the Headbangers
Memories of matches with the Blackjacks
Memories of matches with the Road Warriors
Memories of the angle in which you shaved his head
Going into Over the Edge at what point did you realize Shawn wasn’t going to be in the match
How hurt do you think he was at that time
Were they hard to work with in that they thought they were more over than they were
When did the two of you realize that the Steve Austin character was about to take off
How did Vince change towards you guys as you guys started becoming more over
Terry Funk did a shoot interview and in regards to Brian said that Brian was one of the best talkers in the business at the time and thought you should do more than just your standard lines. Why did you stick with the standard lines and not deviate?
Was it meaningful or special to you when you first got the tag team titles or was it just business as usual
Memories of matches with Funk and Foley
Memories of the dumpster match
Memories of the cage match on Raw
Whos idea was it to put you two into DX
What was the reaction from HHH, Shawn, Chyna, and X Pac
Memories of matches with the Acolytes
Thoughts on Bradshaws success
Memories of matches with the Midnight Express
Thoughts on Cornette
Do you think he or Bob Holly are bullies
Memories of matches with Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett
At what point did Brian or Sean’s habits affect the team
How much did the two of you butt heads with Triple H
Did either of you ever have a physical altercation
How did things change for you Brian when Billy had shoulder surgery
Brian, you were the first guy to really work with Jericho. What were your thoughts on him initially
Brian, did you enjoy your singles run at that time or did you prefer tags
Did Hunter change after Mania when Shawn left
Did you guys become closer to any of them
How did life change for you the two of you to go from opening and mid carders to now main events on the hottest cable program in the country
Was it hard to stay grounded
Memories of matches with the Nation
Did you see the star power in Rocky
Whos idea was it to do those invading WCW skits
What would you guys have done if WCW sent shooters out there and taped it
What would you guys have done if WCW let you guys in
Do you credit that with turning the ratings war around
Did you guys hear from any WCW guys during that time period
How crazy was drug use during this time and partying
Memories of matches with Kane and Foley
How did Foley change as he became a top guy
Thoughts on Undertaker
Whos idea was it to break you guys up originally and have you guys feud with each other
What were your thoughts on the break up
Memories of the matches
Did you guys ever rib each other during the matches
You guys did an angle with Vince at the Royal Rumble where he had you up in his suite like he was recruiting you but it was dropped immediately, why was it dropped and where was it supposed to go
Whos idea was it to team you guys back up
Memories of matches with Mankind and Rock
How different was Rock with success
Memories of matches with Edge and Christian
Are you surprised at their success
Memories of working Guerrero and Saturn in their first match when Guerrero broke his arm
Thoughts on Eddie
Was there a stigma against ex WCW or ex ECW guys when they came over
Thoughts on matches with the Hardys
Thoughts on matches with the Dudleys
Were they hard to work with
Were you guys surprised at how controversial the crotch chop would turn out to be
How did the final split come down
Were you guys for or against it
Do you think it was politically motivated
Did you guys fight it at all
Billy can you compare teaming with Chuck to Brian and Brian can you compare teaming with Ron Killings to Billy
After you guys stopped teaming how close were you two
Was there ever any jealousy at over how well the other was being pushed
How did Vince change towards you guys from when you were on top to being mid carders
Thoughts on Jim Ross
How much of HHHs relationship with Stephanie and Vince conflicted with the best interests of the company
Why do you think tag team wrestling is on the decline
Are you surprised that in 2005 almost four of the most famous teams in WWE history, you guys, the Dudleys, and half of two with Christian and Jeff Hardy are now in TNA
What are your thoughts on Vince recently working with Bret and Jake on DVDs
Brian, it was reported that you could go back to the WWE at anytime if you cleaned up. Is that accurate
Brian, did you think TNA would be around as long as it has
Brian, Did you think Vince Russo was good or bad for TNA
Both – Thoughts on Jeff being on top
Do you think that in order for the company to grow a fan base that Jeff needs to drop the belt
Both- Thoughts on Scott D’Amore as a booker
Can TNA compete with the WWE
Without TNA where would you both be
Do you think your angle with each other is being drawn out too long
Thoughts on Chris Sabin
Thoughts on AJ Styles
How well do you think the Dudleys will fit in
Were you surprised that Matt Hardy never came in with his brother
Can one name make a difference in TNA
When Billy first came in it was reported in a few of the newsletters that Brian was mad Billy was making more money, is that true
How do you like the 6 sided ring
Favorite matches overall
Fav guys to work with
Least fav guys to work with
Good ribs and road stories
Thoughts on the deaths over the last few years , have any in particular affected either one of you guys more than another
Best ribs you ever saw
Road stories from all areas
Are you surprised by guys like Terry Funk and Flair who have been around this long
Is there anyone you didn’t get a chance to work with that you wished you would have
Can a good television writer write good wrestling
Can a newsletter or an internet reporter objectively critique a match
Could you have the cut in a Tough Enough
Did you ever feel pressured to take steroids
What did you guys think of ECW One Night Stand
Thoughts on Batista
Thoughts on Randy Orton
Thoughts on John Cena
Do you think it is a big problem that the older guys dont put the younger guys over, example Shawn Michaels and Chris Masters, Undertaker-Randy Orton, Ric Flair-Carlito Colon
What was your favorite time in your career
What is your favorite moment in your career
What do you think is wrong with the business today
Will either of you write a book
Who do you guys think are the best workers in the business today
How do you think UFC will impact WWE
Billy, were you surprised at how much of a stink DDP made about doing the job in his match in TNA
Thoughts on Monty Brown
Thoughts on Samoa Joe
Can his style work as a headliner
Thoughts on the X Division
Thoughts on Raven
Do you think DX will ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame with all of you present
Do either of you foresee a WWE return at any time in your futures
How much more healthy are the two of you without having to endure the full WWE grind
Can pro wrestling work on a seasonal basis
Can TNA run a successful house show tour
Favorite guys to work and fav matches
Least fav guys to work and least fav matches
Could DX work today