The Outsiders Shoot Interview

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This is the one we’ve all been waiting for. You know who they are. Scott Hall. Kevin Nash. THE OUTSIDERS. The team that jump started the Monday Night Wars and the heart and soul of the NWO. Two of the biggest stars in wrestling history and they chose to conduct their first ever shoot interview with RF VIDEO that covered all of their days in the Kliq along with the rise and fall of WCW from a first-person perspective. This is the must-have DVD of the year as all your burning questions finally get answered.

There will be the only DVD that will deliver all the Kliq road stories along with other exclusive backstage stories from their tenure in the WWF. This is the first ever shoot style interview Hall and Nash have done together and, as you can imagine, they play off each other with great charisma. You will be the fly on the wall watching two great friends goof on each other while discussing the business they are so passionate about. The locker room ribs. The heat between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Vince McMahon. Sean Waltman. All the big stories are covered.

Over the years we have heard differing stories on how the deal with WCW went down, but now is the first time both Hall and Nash were together to answer this question on what really happened behind closed doors and in the booking office. We also get the inside scoops on what Hall and Nash really thought about the following: Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg, the MTV Spring Break incident, who should and shouldn’t have been in the NWO, Larry Zybsko, Vince Russo, and so much more. All the controversies. All the backstage politics. All the wild stories. All in one DVD!!

Don’t be left out as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash deliver the shoot interview everyone will be talking about. Two of wrestling’s greatest talkers give their thoughts on Jim Cornette’s rants, Fake Diesel and Razor Ramon, their return to WWE, and even working through Scott Hall’s personal-life battles. This is THE shoot DVD for any wrestling fan of the ’90s and remembers when the word “attitude” wasn’t just a buzz word. From meeting up in the early 1990’s WCW as Vinnie Vegas and the Diamond Studd, to holding a lot of gold in the WWE during the New Generation in a very intriguing time of that company’s history, to the historic jump that helped changed wrestling forever, this is the one DVD you won’t want to miss!

What do you guys remember about meeting each other
How quickly did you become good friends
How frustrated were each of you with WCW in your early days
Can you talk about the pressures of being a top guy in the business
Scott, you called out Ric Flair on the last shoot interview for being untrustworthy for taking the WCW title with him to the WWE. Kevin, did you feel the same way
Do each of you think it is time for Flair to step aside
Did either of you ever pull any ribs on each other during matches against one another and if so what
To each of you, what made your matches against Shawn Michaels so good
Do you think Vince was responsible for a lot of the heat between Shawn and Bret
Any good Clique road trip stories
Thoughts on how Lex Luger turned out today as compared to when you worked with him
What do you guys remember about when the Ultimate Warrior came back
Each of you had different versions of how you made the deal to get into WCW. Can you each explain again how that all went down.
Were you guys apprehensive about going back to WCW and being misused like in the past
What were each of your initial impressions of Eric Bischoff
Who’s idea was it to get Eric so involved in the angle and your thoughts on it
Did either of you guys sense jealousy from the WCW boys when you went over and the two of you started getting over
Did any of the boys ever say anything to you guys about something you may have said about them during a match you guys did commentary on
Did you guys ever have a sense that you couldn’t totally trust Hogan
Did the two of you guys get along well with him or did you guys butt heads with him over any booking moves
Did you guys feel a lot of pressure being on top at the time in the NWO
Do you guys remember ever refusing to do an angle or match that you thought was just ridiculous in WCW
Eric Bischoff recently said about Scott that he was a constant problem and one of the biggest heat seekers he ever worked with. He has criticized Kevin in his book. Are you guys surprised after you took WCW to number one at how negative he has been publicly about the two of you
Do you think Eric was in the right place at the right time or he was really that smart
When Vince would have Hunter and DX come over to cut the promos at the arenas, did you ever consider going outside and trying to work your own angles out of it
Are you two surprised that Goldberg speaks negatively now about the two of you saying you tried to sabotage him
Scott you have said Goldberg was a mark for himself, Kevin do you agree
Are you surprised that so many people still criticize the one finger pin in the match Kevin had with Hogan
Was there anyone that was put into the NWO that you guys just thought shouldn’t be a part of it
Do you think WCW would have been successful at all if the two of you never came there
Do you guys think Vince Russo gets too much blame or too little for the end of WCW
Do you think he is a good booker
Do you guys think Scott was made a scapegoat for his bad habits when a lot of others had their own issues
What happened at the MTV Spring Break segment
A lot of wrestlers say they never knew who was in charge in WCW, is that accurate
Do you think you guys used Hogan or he used you or neither
Do you think Eric Bischoff at times was in over his head
Did it become frustrating when the NWO kept expanding
Kevin, when you went on TV and campaigned for Scott’s return was there an end game in it or was it just something you did on your own
Were you guys surprised Zbysko got over so huge when he feuded with you guys
When Russo came in and Eric was demoted, how did it affect you guys
Compare the two of them
Kevin, when Scott wasn’t in WCW an angle was shot where Goldberg tore up a fictitious contract against Scott. Scott said he didn’t even know about it. Was there a plan to bring him back.
Kevin, was it hard for you to not be able to get Scott back in
Do you think a feud between the two of you in WCW would have been big business
Do you think Vince would ever have the patience today to build an angle like you guys did against Sting for as long as you did
When Bischoff intended on buying WCW, would Scott have been brought in
At anytime in WCW when you guys were employed, did your contracts ever come up and allow you to negotiate with Vince
How would you guys have booked the WCW invasion angle different than Vince
Did Vince try and bring you guys right after he bought WCW
How huge do you think a true DX vs original NWO feud would be
Do you think that it would ever happen
When is enough, enough to where each of you just don’t want to wrestle anymore
Have either of you ever talked to backers about doing your own startups
Do you think Hogan will ever do his startup he has talked about for years
How do you think a congressional investigation will affect the business
Do you think Hogan was responsible for getting Sean Waltman fired
Thoughts on Kevin Sullivans booking in WCW
Do you think your promos would have been as good if they were scripted like today in the WWE
Do you think if Vince did a WCW One Night Stand like the ECW show it could work
When you came back to the WWE as the NWO, did you guys find anyone wanting to kill the angle off early for whatever reasons
If you guys were booking the WWE today, what would you do different
How do you think TNA will change when it goes to two hours
Do you regret any of the things you have done or people you hurt in your past
If the NWO was brought back, would you guys even want any kind of road scheduled at this time in your lives
Are you surprised at how much Vince puts himself into the shows
What made the NWO work in your mind and why hasnt it been able to be duplicated
Do you have any advice for guys now who may be struggling with success and their demons
Scott, inn an interview Kevin said that he and yourself were just big dicks in regards to the NWO vs. Wolfpac feud, thoughts
Are you guys surprised that Goldberg didn’t get over in the WWE and he hated it there
How differently do you think Vince would have booked the NWO angle in WCW
Were a lot of the promos you guys did when you would rip other guys shoots
In WCW, who did you guys enjoy most working with and least and why
On people voted that WCW jumped the shark when David Arquette won the belt, do you guys agree or disagree
Hogan has claimed he came up with the name NWO, but even Bischoff credits Scott. Do you guys remember how it came up
Bischoff has questioned whether he gave Kevin too much power, thoughts
Who from WCW do you think Vince missed the boat on and could have used better or if at all
What did you guys think when you saw the fake Diesel and Razor
Thoughts on UFC
Thoughts on newsletters and the internet
Thoughts on John Cena and Batista who are the flagship wrestlers today
If you guys were going to book a startup to take on Vince and TNA, what would you do
Do you think wrestling needs to go back to characters like Diesels and Razors
Konnan has said politics killed WCW, do you agree
Is it hard to book and wrestle at the same time without a conflict of interest
Do you think the booked finish for Starrcade 97 Hogan-Sting with all of the interference hurt business and Sting should have just went over clean
What do you think could spike an era in the business like the late nineties
What did you guys think of Jim Cornette’s rants against the you guys and Sean Waltman when you were in WCW? Do you think they were too personal
Lance Storm has said in regards to one of WCW’s big problems was booking over stipulated matches and the continued non-honoring of those stipulations
Did either of you consider buying WCW with investors
Who are some of each of your biggest influences throughout your careers
Who was a bigger acquisition do you think for WCW? Roddy Piper or Randy Savage
Was there anyone that became available and came to WCW who really surprised you
Do you think Heenan gave too much away when he questioned what side Hogan was on when he came down the aisle at Bash at the Beach
Did you realize that when Schivonne gave away the Mick Foley title finish on Nitro that it would backfire and people would watch Raw instead
Do you think WWE business would be just as strong if they did seasonal rosters to give guys time of