Tod Gordon Shoot Interview

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RF Video went to ECW founder Tod Gordons jewelry store in downtown Philadelphia for this in depth shoot interview. Gordon was the one that started ECW and he owned the company until 1997 when he left in controversial fashion. This is a must for ECW fans as Tod tells all about the business and behind the scenes side of ECW. The former ECW commissioner starts with his TWA days with Joel Goodhart that resulted in some legendary shows and he covers Goodharts money problems. How did ECW start and what early problems did Tod encounter? There are many stories about ECWs original booker Eddie Gilbert including why Gilbert was fired. Tod tells who the booker was after Gilbert before he hired Paul Heyman. Tod also reveals all the things NWA promoter Dennis Coralluzzo did to try to stop ECW. Gordon goes into great detail about Heyman covering too many topics to list here. What was Tods relationship with the big names that passed through ECW? Did he get too close to them to be their boss? Tod discusses drug use and how ECW negatively affected his relationship with his family. You get the entire scoop on the famous throwing the NWA title belt down incident. Tod makes public several things that no one ever knew before, even Paul Heyman, like how Public Enemy got their WCW jobs. Find out what Eddie Gilbert wanted to do in ECW a year after he was fired and what Paul E. wanted to do with Tod a few years after he left the company and why it didnt happen. Youll learn about the infamous crucifixion deal and why it cost ECW Kurt Angle. Tod takes you behind the scenes at Barely Legal and gives the complete story on how ECW got on PPV. Learn all the details on how and why he left ECW including how he almost took a lot of ECW talent with him to WCW. How did ECW get Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson when they were under WCW contract? What was it like dealing with Eric Bischoff and find out what Bischoff offered to Gordon to try to put Jim Cornettes SMW out of business. Tod was honest as a promoter and he is honest here as he discusses Sabu and many others. This is a true behind the scenes look at ECW. If you want to know about ECW we highly recommend this shoot interview.