Tom Prichard Shoot Interview

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Dr.Tom Pritchard, former head trainer of WWE, sat down with RF VIDEO for a no-holds barred Shoot Interview, the most extensive of his long career. Being all over the wrestling map, Dr. Tom has seen so much and shared his thoughts and memories of his career. From WWE, to SMW, to the old territories, to in-ring training, Dr. Tom brings his memories to you in this entertaining and informative shoot.

As one half of the Heavenly Bodies and WWE developmental trainer, Dr. Tom had unique access to Smokey Mountain Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling while also having insight on all the big territories over the last quarter decade including Memphis and Fritz Von Erich?s World Class. Dr. Tom has seen it all, and in this shoot interview he reveals his thoughts on everything, including some of the more controversial people in wrestling like Vince Russo, Teddy Hart, Erc Bischoff and Jim Cornette. From Ox Baker to John Cena, you?ll hear Dr. Tom?s thoughts on all the big names in professional wrestling. You can order this today in the new release section. Here are the questions that we asked him:

Were you a fan growing up
Memories of seeing your first match/show live
How did you get started
Memories of working for Paul Boesch as a teenager
What was training like
How did your training differ from the way guys are trained today
Memories of your first match
What was the biggest misconception you had about the business before you got in it and started working
Memories of Tully Blanchard and Gino Hernandez
Memories of working the California territory
Memories/thoughts on Gene LeBell
Memories of teaming with Al Madril
Memories of Ox Baker
Memories of John Tolos
Memories of teaming with Chris Adams
Memories of Chavo Guerrero
Did you work with Roddy Piper in the area and if so memories
Memories of working for Don OWens
Early memories of Tim Horner
Why did you leave and go to the Southeast
Thoughts on the Fullers
Any good road stories
Within your first 10 yrs in the business, who were your fav and least fav bookers and territories
Thoughts on the Armstrongs
Thoughts on Mr. Wrestling 2
How come Wendell Cooley never made it bigger in your opinion
How bad was the drug scene back in the early 80s
Who do you credit early in your career as a mentor
Memories of Jim Barnett
Memories of working in Philly for Joel Goodhart
When would you say in your career you became really confident you could go out there and work with anyone
Did Vince Jr or Sr ever contact you about coming up within the first 10 yrs
Memories/thoughts on Dusty Rhodes
Were you ever contacted by him to come to the Crocketts
Was it true that you were originally asked to replace Dennis Condrey
Thoughts/memories of working for Bill Watts
Why did you leave so soon
How did your brother get into the business
Memories of the whole USWA-World Class feud
Thoughts/memories of Jeff and Jerry Jarrett
Thoughts/memories of Jerry Lawler
Thoughts/Memories of the Von Erichs
Memories/thoughts on Eric Embry
Thoughts/memories of working for Eddie Gilbert in the CWF
Why do you think the CWF never made it
Thoughts/memories of Paul Heyman back then
Any good rib or road stories from CWF
What is the car story with MIssy Hyatt
Thoughts/memories of Shane Douglas
How did you wind up in SMW
How well did you know Stan Lane before you two started teaming
Thoughts on Cornette
Why do you think SMW failed
Thoughts on Paul E and ECW
Why didn’t it work out
Memories of your SMW series with the Fultons
Memories of your SMW series with the Rock n Roll Express
Was it hard traveling back and forth for USWA and SMW
Thoughts/memories of Brian Christopher
Are you surprised that he has self destructed in a sense
Were you surprised when Cornette made a deal for you guys to do the angle on WCW Saturday NIght and work the WCW shows
How were you guys received in the locker room
How was Arn to work with in the six mans
Did you feel like an odd man out with Stan and Bobby
Memories/thoughts on Dutch Mantel
What was your fav angle in SMW
Who in SMW did you know was going to make it and who surprised you either way by making it or not
How much say did you have in Jimmy Del Ray becoming ur partner
What happened to Stan
Do you think you should have disbanded the Bodies when Stan left and gone to singles
What is the difference in teaming with Jimmy as compared to Stan
Thoughts overall on Jimmy Del Ray
Memories/thoughts on Tracy Smothers
Memories/thoughts on the Dirty White bOy and Dirty White Girl
Memories of your series with PG13
Early memories of Chris Candido and Tammy in SMW
Memories of Chris Jericho and Lance Storm in SMW
Thoughts on Jericho’s bloodbath in SMW
Thoughts on working the Gangstas
Thoughts on New Jack
Memories of your series with the Steiners
Thoughts on working Summerslam
Did you get any heat from the guys since you guys were outsiders so to speak
Did you have a contract with the WWF during that time or were you coming in through Cornette
What was the locker room like when Vince was indicted on steroid distribution
Were there noticeable changes
Why did your run in the WWF as the Heavenly Bodies come to an end
Fav and least fav matches during this time
Thoughts on ur matches with the Rock N Roll Express in the WWF
How were you contacted about going over to the WWF full time
What were COrnette’s thoughts on it
Were you hesitant about going since it would be a change with a heavy travel schedule
How did you feel when first told about the Skip and Zip gimmick
Initial thoughts on Vince
Initial thoughts on Jim Ross
Did you fight to keep your hair
Can you do your Roddy Piper imitation by the way and have you ever done it for him
Memories of Louie Spicolli
Before you went to the WWF did WCW make you an offer
Thoughts on Eric Bischoff
Thoughts on your Survivor Series match in 95 against the “underdogs”
Chris has said he was too immature for his position at the time, do you agree
Memories of your series with the Godwinns
Did it mean anything to you to win the WWF Tag titles
Memories of your series with Billy and Bart
Thoughts on the Clique
Apparently they used to screw with Chris and Tammy, were you ever caught in the middle
Thoughts on Shawn Michaels
Thoughts on Bret Hart
Thoughts on Scott Hall
Were you guys for or against losing Sunny
Why do you think the Bodydonnas werent pushed more
Memories/thoughts on ur series with the New Rockers
Memories of your matches with Owen and Davey
How did you find out Chris was leaving
Did you have an option to continue working as a singles
What was life like for you to be off the road and working in an office
What were your daily duties
Did you enjoy working Memphis on the weekends
Thoughts on Randy Hales
Thoughts on your match with Sid Vicious
Did you like being a road agent
Did guys treat you differently
Who were some of the guys you found and signed
Could you sign anyone or did you have to go through Vince and JR
What was the craziest thing an indepdent wrestler, manager, or valet ever did to meet you to give you a tape
Memories/thoughts training Ken Shamrock
Memories/thoughts working with the Rock
Memories/thoughts on Sean Stasiak
What are your thoughts on what happened in Montreal at Survivor Series
What was Vince like for the next several days
Thoughts on Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera
Do you think they got lucky or were really that talented
Did you miss wrestling full time
Thoughts on the rise to power of Triple H
Do you think he holds people back
What was it like working under Jim Ross
Thoughts on Pat Patterson
Thoughts on Brock Lesnar and how things turned out for him
What is the difference in what you used to look for in talent compared to a John Laurenitus
How would you have handled the whole Matt, Edge, Lita scenario
Do you think the PPV should have been stopped after Owen passed away
What was the WWF like for those 48 hours
What do you think are the reasons WCW failed
When Vince bought WCW was there anyone you tried to keep from WCW that Vince vetoed
Did you push to sign Flair, Sting, Goldberg
What does Vince look for in talent
Did you see the Buff Bagwell and Shane Helms fight
How involved were you with the Funkin Dojos
Thoughts on Teddy Hart
Was there anyone you thought Vince was crazy to sign that he did
Do you think the OVW system works
What were the pros and cons on working with Les Thatcher
You were real high on Steve Bradley at 1 point, what happened
Thoughts on the sale and the invasion angle
Is there anyone that you tried to sign from ECW that you werent allowed to
What lead to your release
Do you think there were people there working against you
What is your relationship like with Vince and JR today
What happened in your meeting with Vince a week after you were released
How difficult was it for your mentally to find yourself unemployed after 25 years in the business
Thoughts on Tommy Dreamer taking over ur job
Are there a lot of politics in the WWE office
Are you able to make a living working indys
Have you talked to TNA about doing anything with them
Have you thought about starting your own territory
Are there any guys you were about to sign or were high on when you were released
What is the biggest lesson/s you learned about your time in the WWE
Can cruiserweights or luchadores ever make it in the States
Who have you seen on the indys over the last several months that you would have signed if you could have
What is the biggest problem with the wrestlers on the indys
When you do your seminars, what surprises you the most that guys or girls were never taught or don’t know
Can strong style wrestling make it in the states
Can TNA compete with the WWE
Do you prefer working with vets or younger guys on indy shows
What makes someone a good worker
In your career who did you find was overrated and underrated
Thoughts on Brian Hildebrand
What advice would you guys to talent wanting to get a job in the WWE
Would you like to go back
Favorite matches overall
Fav guys to work with
Least fav guys to work with
Who do you enjoy watching
Good ribs and road stories
Career goals for the next year and five years
Who do you think will be the next big thing in the business
How will Cena and Batista do within the next year