Tommy Rich Shoot Interview

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Tommy Rich has been in wrestling for approximately 20 years. Tommy Rich was the main star in Georgia Championship wrestling for many years to the very end of it. Tommy was the youngest NWA world Champion. Tommy Rich has competed in the USWA off & on as well for many years. Tommy was in USWA & drew some of the highest gates ever in his feud with Jerry Lawler. Tommy Rich also competed for over a year in WCW when they started peaking. Tommy Rich was also in Smokey Mountain Wrestling when they folded. Tommy has a ton of memories & stories about all the above and more. While watching this interview, you will feel like you are on a 3 hour car ride with Tommy as the memories are endless. The wrestlers questioned are Shane Douglas, Brian Lee, Chris Candido, Eliminators, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Sandman, Axl Rotten, Paul Heyman, BWO, Tommy Dreamer, Beulah, Francine, Pitbulls, Sandman & More.