Tony Atlas 2010 Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO sat down with Mr USA Tony Atlas  for his first ever RF VIDEO shoot interview and it was another home run.  We talked about everything under the sun that had to do with his amazing career.   The highlights of the shoot interview included Tony talking about what he saw in the Puerto Rico locker room when Bruiser Brody was murdered.  Tony was one of the only witnesses who came forward and you will hear in gruesome details what he saw go down in the locker room shower with Bruiser Brody and Jose Gonzalez.  We now have shoots with almost everyone who was involved in this story and Tony completed the missing gap with his details.

Tony also talks about his drug use and his well known foot fetish which cost him his job in the WWF during the 80’s.  Wait until you hear how Tony missed a date and instead took a plane to CA to satisfy his fetish.  Tony talks in great details about his love for womens feet.  One of the saddest stories is when Tony talks about living life in a park during the winter and having a near death experience.  He was almost frozen to death on a park bench until a women came to his rescue with a ice pick and chipped away of him because he was a block of human ice.

You will hear the heat between him and Rocky Johnson and what happened when Paul Orndorff got into a shoot fight with him on the side of the road and bite his ear off.  Tony has stories on all of the top names in WWF during the 80’s and he talks in great details about his run in NWA and Georgia Championship Wrestling.  One of the best parts of the interview is when Tony talks about the top lessons he has learned about the wrestling business and how in wrestling you really have no friends what so ever because it is cut throat.

From working in Georgia, WWWF,Puerto Rico, World Class, WWF and WCW Tony takes us back in time as we discuss all of his major opponents.  What really happened in OVW with him and CM Punk?

How did you get started in wrestling
Talk about your body building and arm wrestling and power lifting
Who trained you
Who do you consider your mentor
What was training like and did you ever want to quit
Memories of first match with Bob Bruggers against art Neilson and Blue Scorpion
What are your memories of George and Sandy Scott
What are your early memories of Crocket Promotions
Did you see any racism in wrestling early on
How did you get the name Mr USA
What are your early memories in Georgia
What was Ole Anderson like and George Scott
What are your memories of winning the tag titles with Mr Wrestling 2
What are your memories of winning tag titles with Tommy Rich
What happened in the car wreck involving Tommy Rich, Ole Anderson that landed you in the Hopspital in Delaware, Ohio ?
Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis
Memories of Mr Wrestling 2
Kevin sullivan
Thunderbolt Patterson
Thoughts on Abby
Did you like wrestling for Georgia Championship wrestling
What happened between you and Mr Orndorff in a backstage brawlMemories of working Wahoo McDaneil
Andersons Gene and Lars
Early memories of Dusty Rhodes
Ric Flair
Bob Orton Sr
How did you get into WWWF
Thoughts on his first match with Johnny Rodz
Memories of Vince Sr
How would u compare Vince Sr to Jr
Lou ALbano stories
Thoughts on Bob Backland
Greg Valentine
Andre the giant
Jimmy Snuka
Working Hulk Hogan at MSG
Memories of Ken Patera
Working Somoans
Memories of the TNT show where you and Orndorff did the posedown
Bundy and Studd
Ivan Putski
Lanny Poffo
Randy Savage
Memories of working with SD Jones
Winning belts with Rocky Johnson and did they get along outside of the ring
What was the heat they had outside of the ring
Talk about your drug problem you had
Thoughts on working Harley Race
What were the Von Erichs Like
How was Fritz as a promoter
The Black Superman character
Any crazy Von Erich Stories
Drug scene like in World Class
Matt Borne
Brian Adidas
Memories of working for Mario Savoldi
Thoughts on Tony Rumble
Talk about the Bruiser Brody Murder
What did you see
What was the trip to the hospital like
Feelings on the other guys in the locker room and how did they react
Thoughts on going back to working in Puerto RIco
Thoughts on Invader
Who’s idea was it for Saba Simba and why did it not get over or work
Did you think the gimmick was racist
Memories of WCW and working with Cactus Jack and Barbarian against Too Cold and Ron Simmons
Thoughts on Kevin Nash
What happened with you at Wrestlemani 13 with the Rock
Memories of the MTV show and did they like the way he was portrayed
Thoughts on working Indy shows
Memories of working back in the WWE with Mark Henry
How did that come about
What was the locker room like
Mark Henry
Thoughts on Tommy Dreamer
Colin Delany did you see talent in him
Did you like working with Hornswoggle and Fit Finlay
Thoughts on the Abraham washington show and did you have favorite moment on there
Thoughts on steroids
Being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame
Any good ring rat stories
Any good ribs
Any good road stories
Who did you like to travel with the most
Talk about your book
What is your foot fetish all about
Being eliminated by The Fridge at WM2 Battle Royal.
Several years ago, Atlas was brought down to OVW to give a talk to the guys training there. Does he remember the verbal confronation between himself and CM Punk. What are his thoughts on Punk’s WWE accesion?
Being inducted by SD Jones to HOF in 2006. Was SD Jones his choice? Memories of that weekend.
Could the Bodybuilders of today crossover into wrestling like in the past? Rob Terry, Batista, etc.
Wrestling going towards smaller guys like Evan Bourne
How has WWE changed in his three runs 80s 90s 2000s?
Is it true he was scheduled for a big IC title push but was derailed because of drug issues?