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Tori was hired by the WWE during the Attitude era and has worked with almost every major name in the business during her run in the WWE. Before she was discovered by the WWE Tori was an american body builder and also worked for Portland Wrestling where she was discovered by Roddy Piper and Raven. She later went on to LPWA and wrestled for All Japan Women Wrestling. Once in the WWE in 1998 she worked with the likes of Sable, Luna, Nicole Bass, Chyna, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Ivory, Jacqueline, Lita and the Kat. As you can see she worked with basically all of the women in the WWE. Who could forget her run with Kane and what was it like being paired with DX? She traveled with Chyna during the HHH-Steph drama and talks about what that was like and how she kept herself out of trouble. What was Sable like to work with and what drama did Sable cause for her? Did she think Bubba Dudley was stiff in the ring when she went through the table. What was it like working that hardcore match with Ivory and what does she think of Raven? Tori also talks in great detail about being part of the first Tough Enough and what was Bob Holly and Taz really like. She talks about the night Owen Hart passed away and what she saw in the ring with Owen before the crowd came into the venue. She shares her thoughts on the Chris Benoit situation as well. If your a fan of the WWE from the 90’s to the early 2000 era your going to want to get your hands on this shoot interview.

How did you get started in the business
Talk about your body building background
Where were you raised at
Were you a wrestling fan growing up
How did you become a valet for Raven in Portland wrestling working as Taylor Made
memories of working that territory
Memories of Don Owens
What was Raven like many people don’t have nice things to say about him
Who trained you
Thoughts on Brad Rheingans
What was the hardest thing to pick up in training and did you ever want to quit
Who was your mentor
How did you get involved in LPWA
Memories working there as Terri Power
What was it like to work Lelinai Kai
Memories working Judy Martin
Memories of teaming with Reggie Bennett
How did you get involved in All Japan Women in 1992
How different was the Japanese Style compared to the states
Was it more stiff
Was it hard to adjust to the Japan life style
WHo are some of the other girls you got to work with in Japan
Memories of teaming with Kyoko Inoue
How did you get into the WWE in 1998
What were your goals in WWE
Did you have to go to OVW first
How was it working with Victoria in OVW? Did you sense that she had the potential to make it in the big leagues back then?
Impressions of Vince
Who hired you was it JR and your thoughts on him
Did you have a meeting before you went up there
Did they make any promises to you
What was it like to work with Sable when you made your debut handing her the rose
A lot of girls said Sable was hard to work with is that true
Memories of working with Luna and what was she like outside the ring
Memories of working mania with Sable
Thoughts on Nicole Bass
Memories of your program with Jacqueline
Memories of working Ivory in 1999 July
Memories of your hardcore match on Raw with Ivory when the mirror was smashed over your head
Did you like being paired with Kane as his GF
What was HHH like
What was Steph like behind the scenes
Memories of working with Xpac
Memories of working with Mick Foley
What was Chris Jericho like to work with
Thoughts on Chyna
Thoughts on Trish Stratus
Thoughts on Molly Holly
Thoughts on Lita
Memorie of working with the Cat in the pudding match
What are your thoughts on what happened with Chyna-HHH-Steph real life situation
Memories of getting a stink face by Rikishi at Wrestlemania
Memories of becoming part of DX
Thoughts on Road Dog
Memories of your match with Dudleys
Thoughts on Bubba and do you think he was a bully
How did you get a torn labrum
Memories of your angle with Raven as the Black Ninja and why was it short lived
Thoughts on Tough Enough
Do you think it exposes the business
Thoughts on Bob Holly and his antics on that show
What led you to leaving the WWE
What do you do now?
Ever think of going to TNA
What girls do you like to watch today
Any good ribs
Who did you travel with
What was your typical week like in the WWE
What was your most and least favorite memory of being apart of the WWE
Who would you have liked to work with that you never had a chance to work with yet
Any regrets looking back
Do you keep in touch with anyone in wrestling now
Any odd fan moments after shows like stalkers
Thoughts on all the deaths in the business
Advice to girls trying to break in