Torrie Wilson Shoot Interview

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Torrie Wilson, one of wrestling’s most beautiful divas sat down with RF VIDEO to conduct her first ever shoot interview! For the first time ever you will get a chance to understand the girl that lies beneath the makeup, glitz, and glamour as Torrie walked us through her entire career.

Coming into wrestling from a background of fitness competitions and modeling, Torrie described what it took to be successful in those arenas and compared them to the grueling world of professional wrestling. Going straight into the WCW madhouse, Torrie was around all the big names and controversial events and was more than willing to share her thoughts on all of them. Vince Russo. Eric Bischoff. Hulk Hogan. Randy Savage. Scott Steiner. Kevin Nash. Ric Flair. David Flair. Eddie Guerrero. Shane Douglas. The names and stories come fast and furious. We asked Torrie about the rumors of Kimberley Page being jealous of other girls’ success. Who helped her the most? What were the politics like? How hard was it being a women in such a testosterone filled workplace? How did her romance with Billy Kidman start? We also got Torrie’s reactions to some of the crazy gimmick matches she was a part of, including being in a cage and on top of a scaffold.

Torrie talked about her transition to the WWE and what type of impressions all the Superstars made upon her. Trish Stratus. Vince McMahon. Stacy Kiebler. Tajiri. Dawn Marie. Al Snow. Kurt Angle. Nidia. The Undertaker. Jamie Noble. Sable. Billy Gunn. Triple H. Stephanie McMahon. Carlito. Every major angle and storyline is covered. We asked Torrie point blank about how her family felt about her being in Playboy as well as how it changed her life. Torrie was there to see the fight between Booker T and Batista and gave us her reaction. The shoot also became very emotional when the subject of Chris Benoit came up. This is one DVD where you’ll get an interesting comparison between the workings of WCW and WWE from someone who was in both companies during some truly remarkable times.

As an exciting bonus, we’ve also included a mini edition of FACE OFF with Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie! That’s right, you’ll also getting a bunch of behind the scene stories by two of wrestling’s most well remembered females as they sat together and answered questions about their shared time in WWE. Their favorite angles. Their favorite matches. Their favorite Vince McMahon stories and much, much more. A truly fun segment!

How did you get started in wrestling
What was your background in fitness and modeling
Was the training difficult in fitness competitions
Compare the sport to wrestling as far as politics, etc
Were you a fan before you got involved
Had you ever considered wrestling before
What was the biggest preconceived notion you had about wrestling
Was it a fulltime gig at first or just part time
Was it hard understanding the dynamics of the locker room or politics at first
How did you get into WCW
Memories of Scott Steiner
Did you sense any jealousy early on from the girls in WCW
Some ex WCW female talent say Kimberly Page was jealous of other girl’s success, do you agree
Initial impressions of Vince Russo
Initial impressions of Kevin Nash
Was it hard learning to do promos
Who mentored you or helped you most
How bad were you hit on when you first came into WCW
Was it overwhelming at all
How did your life change once you started getting some notoriety
Did you trai n in the power plant at all
Did anyone teach you to wrestle or bump
Who came up with the whole Samantha gimmick in WCW
Memories of working with David Flair
Memories of working with Ric Flair
Could you sense that David wasn’t ready for that spot
Memories of working with Vince Russo on angles
Impressions of Hulk Hogan
Was it hard to date a boyfriend outside of wrestling once you got in it
Thoughts on Hogan Knows Best
Memories of your feud with Randy Savage and George
Did you work well with George
Was Randy obsessed with George
Did you ever take an interest in really learning how to wrestle or were you content on being outside of the ring
How did you wind up with the Filthy Animals
Thoughts on Konnan
Initial impressions of working with Billy Kidman
How did that develop into a romance
Did your romance ever make things difficult for you in either WCW or WWE
Memories of Eddie Guerrero
Memories of being in the shark cage
Memories of refereeing Kim and Asya
Was it difficult with both Russo and Bischoff leaving
You left WCW for a little while after the angle where you were caught with Eddie in the dressing roo m. What happened
Memories of working with Paisley in cat fights
Memories of your angle where Hogan kissed you
Memories of the whole feud with you guys and Hulk
Who’s idea was it to put you with Hulk and turn you
Did you guys like it
Was he easy to work with
How did you wind up with Shane Douglas
Memories of working with Shane
Did you watch any tapes of Shane and Francine to help you work the gimmick
Memories of your first matches, the mixed tags
Memories of working with Daffney
Memories of the scaffold match
Were you afraid of the scaffold
What do you remember about when WCW released you
Why did that happen
Did you think your career in wrestling was over
How did life change for you
How soon did you have talks with the WWE
Initial impressions of Vince
Was it easy to make a deal
How different was the dynamic in the WWE locker room
Initial impressions of Trish Stratus
Were the other girls helpful
Could you talk about your battles with anorexia and bulimia
What was it like doing skits with Vince
Was it odd to see so many ex-WCW talents in the WWE
Was there a rift between ex WCW talent and WWE talent
How well did you get along with Stacy Keibler
Memories managing Tajiri
Did Tajiri kayfabe you on his English
Who’s idea was the whole Dawn Marie angle
Thoughts on Dawn
Memories of AL
Did your dad start to get calls or anyone from your family who weren’t smart to the business
Thoughts on being involved in a feud that lasted 9 months
Memories of your match with Dawn
Did any of the other girls become jealous of your television time
Thoughts on Kurt Angle
Thoughts on the Rock
Thoughts on Undertaker
How were you approached about Playboy
How did your family feel
Were you happy with how it turned out
How did it change your life
Memories of your feud with Nidia
Memories of Jamie Noble
Memories of your feud with Sable
Was there any tension, some people say Sable is hard to work with
Did you have any problems with any of the kissing
Did WWE ever propose a storyline that you said no to for whatever reason
Memories managing Billy Gunn
Memories of your feud with Shaniqua
Memories of teaming with Sable against Jackie and Stacy
Memories of feuding with Hiroko
Were you for the move to RAW
Memories of your feud with Ashley
Was there ever tension between the girls with wrestling backgrounds and the new Divas
Memories of teaming with Victoria against Trish and Ashley
You left for awhile for personal reasons and it was rumored you were fired. Why did you leave and what happened
Memories of Vince’s Devils
Thoughts on Candice
Memories of matches with Mickie
What is your favorite place you got to travel to with the WWE
How different was WWE from WCW
Who were your favorite wrestlers to watch
Thoughts on Triple H
Thoughts on Stephanie McMahon
Did you like working on ECW
Who was your favorite booker or writer to work with
Did your success in the WWE and Billy’s lack thereof cause tension
Memories of your angle with Carlito
Was it hard to stay in shape on the road
What did you do in your next life after wrestling
What death in wrestling hit you hardest
How shocked were you about Chris Benoit
What do you remember about the fight between Batista and Booker at the SummerSlam photoshoot
Why did you eventually leave
What do you do now
Do you have any desires to return
Thoughts on TNA and the knockouts
Do you think that the WWE went to far away from booking girls with wrestling backgrounds as opposed to Divas for awhile
Any good road stories
Were you ever ribbed
How bad is sexual harassment in wrestling
Can you talk about the challenges of being a female in the business
Would you ever want to write a book