Trevor Murdoch Shoot Interview

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Every once in a while RF VIDEO sits down with a wrestler who was trained by a true legends in the sport of professional wrestling. That wrestler always tries to step out of the shadow of his mentor and make a name for himself. Every wrestler likes to walk to the ring and be known for his own ring work and this guy is no different. It does not matter that he was trained by one of the best pro wrestlers of all time, a former NWA World Champion Harley Race. There is no question that Trevor Murdoch was able to make a name on his own ring work and not be known as the student of Harley Race. With all of the cookie cutter type of wrestlers in the wrestling world there is only a few that stick out and have their own look and style. Well RF VIDEO is happy to have had the chance to sit down with one of those guys that really threw a curve into the wrestling system over the last few years as Trevor Murdoch was ready to allow RF VIDEO the chance to conduct his first ever shoot interview!!

The interview was the first ever shoot that Trevor has been apart of. We talk all about his start in the business and how much Harley Race meant to him as a trainer. We talk about his early career in TNA and of course how he got started with the WWE. We talk about all of his top programs and how he became partners with Lance Cade. Did he have heat with anyone in the WWE, well I think the Hurricane could answer that question. What happened when these two went at it backstage and why did the dispute get out of hand. What does Trevor think of some of the other tag teams in the WWE like the Highlanders and Cryme Time. What was it like to work with HHH and HBK. What really happened to Lance Cade on that airplane. What was it like to work with Ric Flair after only hearing stories from his mentor Harley Race on working with the Nature Boy!! There are tons of backstage WWE stories and if your a fan of the WWE your going to want to hear this interview as Trevor holds nothing back including his return back to TNA and we find out why it was short lived. Trevor also talks about working for Noah and how it was for him to adjust to that life style.