Tyler Rex Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO conducted a brand new shoot interview with Tyler Rex which if your a WWE fan there are plenty of backstage stories and never told road stories that Tyler was happy to share with the RF VIDEO universe. We knew this was going to be a great interview when Tyler informed us that he was never going to go back to the WWE and that he would be a open book with us. One of the hot topics was how John Cena and Tyler had a major falling out…We get into the entire story that has never been told before until now during our interview. Why did the two have issues and what was the major blow up? What happened when Tyler Rex was on a airplane with other WWE personal when he had a bad feeling that there was something wrong with the plane? What did the office think after he made the airline take him back to the gate from the runway causing himself to get taking off the plane like a scene out of Final Destination? Want to hear what happened the night the Big Show came into the locker room and threw a major fit on the locker room and how Tyler stood up to him. How much heat was on him after his cartoon took off on social media and what did Marc Henry do in the catering area after he saw it. Thoughts on all the top talent in the WWE including Sheamus as we talk about the match that had to be taped twice and why….What was it like working with Curt Hawkins…Who did he not get along with in the WWE, as Tyler opens up in his first ever shoot interview with RF VIDEO…

The interview kicks off starting about his background and breaking into the business in CA. We talk all about his start in the WWE and winding up in WWE developmental system in FL. What was his training like and who were his peers? Who did he share the locker room and what were his real thoughts on the guys in the locker room. What did he think about his start in ECW? Did he enjoy being put on NXT? Want to know what it was like for him to work the major TV shows and how was it backstage being around the biggest names in the business. Tyler had a passion for the business but some might say politics got in the way when major stars and Tyler have butted heads. Why did he leave the company before his big push with a new gimmick and how did Curt react to his quitting the company. How did the office react and find out why he will NEVER go back to the WWE.

As a special bonus Tyler gave us his cartoon that caused so much tension and created some issues with himself where he had to be called into the office with HHH. Yes we talk all about that too!!! Oh yea did I mention not only do we get the first cartoon that started it but he also gave us 2 other cartoons that have never seen the light of day until now!!!!

What were your first memories of pro wrestling?

Were you a big fan growing up?

What made you decide to start training as a wrestler?

Did the training come easy to you?

Early memories of training under Mike Bell?

Favorite memories of learning from him?

You worked a lot for Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) in California. What
are your favorite memories of promoter Rick Bassman?

Favorite memories and matches on the California independent scene?

Talk about the processs of trying out for and getting signed by WWE?

What were your expectations going into WWE developmental?

First impressions of Florida Championship Wrestling?

Take us through a week of the schedule and what life was like in FCW?

First memories of:

Steve Keirn
Norman Smiley
Dusty Rhodes

You had a chance to work with a lot of talents that were in
developmental. Let’s get your thoughts on them during this time period
– as workers, why they did or didn’t work out with WWE and whether you
are surprised in some of their cases that they didn’t make a bigger
splash for themselves post-WWE:

-Hade Vansen.
-Ryklon aka Ezekiel Jackson
-Eric Perez
-Aja Jr
-Ted DiBiase
-TJ Wilson aka Tyson Kidd
-Bryan Kelly
-Sinn Bodhi
-Stu Sanders
-Jay Bradley
-Trent Baretta
-Eric Escobar
-Wes Brisco
-Jack Swagger
-Ricky Ortiz
-DJ Gabriel
-Caylen Croft
-Eli Cottonwood
-Abraham Washington
-Yoshi Tatsu
-Big E

What were the politics like in developmental at the time Was it a
supportive locker room or were guys out to beat each other to the main
roster and were cutthroat?

Why do you think there were so many DUIs in FCW during that time period?

How often did you undergo Wellness Testing in FCW? How often on the
main roster?

Thoughts on the story Aja Jr. was caught trying to cheat on a test?

Memories of teaming with Johnny Curtis to win the FCW Tag straps over
DH Smith and Tyson Kidd?

You feuded with Curtis as well in FCW – compare your chemistry in the
ring with him as a partner and as an opponent?

Thoughts on Curtis’ success with the Fandango gimmick?

Memories of feuding with Drew McIntyre for the FCW championship? How
has Drew changed since he was in developmental? Are you surprised he
isn’t still with WWE?

While you were FCW champion, memories of these bouts and competitors
you worked with:

-Alex Riley
-Lance Hoyt
-Joe Hennig

You worked with Heath Slater for the FCW title during that time period
– memories of working with him and why do you think he’s been able to
last so long in the company when so many others from that time period
have been let go?

Were you surprised when he was chosen to beat you for the title?

What was the best and worst thing about your FCW experience?

When did you first find out they were moving you up to ECW?

What ideas were pitched to you before you went up? Were there any
pitches for characters or plans before you debuted that ended up

How did you feel about the surfer character?

You actually got hurt right before you debuted. Were you concerned
about not being able to physically go in the ring?

Compare the WWE main roster locker room to developmental?

Memories of wrestling Zack Ryder in your debut – walk us through that
first day and what it was like before, during and after the match.

What sort of feedback did you get from WWE Creative?

You had a short program with Zack in ECW. Thoughts on how he worked to
get himself over with the fans and how WWE killed the push.

Memories of your program with Paul Burchill in ECW?

You had a chance to work against William Regal in ECW a few times –
memories of being in the ring with him?

You were still working FCW after being brought up to the main roster.
Were you ever given an idea of when you’d be on the roster fulltime?

Memories of working with Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt while they were the
Rotundas in FCW and thoughts on their main roster work?

You were working a lot of dark matches as the ECW brand slowed down.
Did the company give you any ideas of plans they had for you? Were you
in a position to suggest anything for yourself?

Talk about the incident where you freaked out on a plane and demanded
to be let off in Wisconsin. Is it true you told everyone on the plane
they should get off if they didn’t want to die? What exactly was the
issue with the plane and why did you get concerned? Did you get any
heat from the company when it came out online that it happened?

Memories of working the Wrestlemania 26 Battle Royal in Phoenix?

What’s it like living that Wrestlemania week experience?

When was the call made to bring you back up to Smackdown and add you to
the Bragging Rights Smackdown team?

Memories of the Raw vs. Smackdown feud leading up to that PPV?

Thoughts on some talents you had a chance to work with on the main

-Alberto Del Rio
-John Cena
-Rey Mysterio
-Kofi Kingston
-Big Show
-Cody Rhodes
-Chris Masters
-Chavo Guerrero

How do you end up teaming with Cut Hawkins? Thoughts on him as a
person and a wrestler?

Memories of your program on TV with Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne?

When the decision was made to add the team to NXT, were you let down
because it was back to a secondary show?

Who was writing NXT at the time and how was that show, from a backstage
perspective, different from working for ECW, Smackdown, etc.

During the NXT era, you got to work with a lot of different talents.
What are your memories of working with:

-Santino Marella
-Percy Watson
-Titus O’Neill
-The Usos
-Brodus Clay
-Yoshi Tatsu
-Johnny Curtis
-Derrick Bateman aka EC3

What led to the storyline feud with Hawkins and Reks vs. Matt Striker?

Memories of that storyline that stick out?

Memories of working with Ryback – was he as rough in the ring as he’s

Just as the team seemed to be poised for a push, you decided you were
leaving the business to be with your family. What led to you making
the decision? Was it something you were thinking about for a long time
or was it a quickly made decision?

What was Hawkins’ response when you informed him you were leaving the

How did the company respond to your request to be released? Who did
you speak with? Did they try to get you to change your mind?

If you hadn’t decided to leave, how do you think your WWE career would
have gone?

How different do you think Hawkins’ career would have gone had you

Before you left, you had an animated series “Midcard Mafia” that WWE
objected to – explain what the series was, why WWE crapped on it and
whether we’ll ever see it again?

Do you still enjoy wrestling after the experience of working for WWE?

Talk to us about your book “Body by Spartan” and what led to you
writing it?

What led to you coming back to wrestle for PWS this weekend?

Do you intend to wrestle more on the indy scene or is this just a
special occurrence?

Do you miss performing at all?

Favorite stories about being on the road?

Favorite Arena, city and country to work?

Any interesting interactions with Vince McMahon?

Thoughts on WWE under HHH and Stephanie?

The Performance Center?

Would you ever want to go back to work for WWE once your daughter gets

Favorite ribs?

Any final comments for all your fans?