UXW Shoot with Balls Mahoney

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Imagine standing in the center of the ring as Balls Mahoney’s music begins to blare fidgeting in your wrestling boots.

Imagine standing there as you see Balls, steel chair in hand, heading for you, the fear swelling within as the sweat drips from your forehead. Now imagine the impact of that chair when it crunches against your skull and the unconsciousness that follows. That’s what Balls Mahoney’s opponents have to look forward to.

Mahoney is a hardcore competitor, willing to put his body on the line, even if it means going through tables covered in thumbtacks, barbed wire or fire!

An old-fashioned slugger, Mahoney does show flashes of scientific greatness at times, and even at his girth, can take to the air if needed!

Proclaimed the one and only “Hardcore Chair Swinging Freak” by his enormous fan base, Mahoney is sure to leave his mark on ECW, as well as any opponents who are unfortunate enough to taste his steel chair!