Vader Shoot Interview

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This time we went to Boulder, Colorado to the man known as Vader’s home to conduct a major shoot interview with Vader on 1/1/98 just days after his release from the WWF. WOW, what a trip and what stories we got from VADER. Topics discussed are a very detailed summary of events including & leading up to his infamous locker room battle with Paul Orndorff,the never told before offer from Bischoff. How he got started in AWA,Bruiser Brody,Inoki,Baba,Muta,ALL Japan + New Japan stories. His off air dealings with WCW employees. His Summerslam match with Shawn Michaels,how he was approached by NJPW to be Vader,TONS of stories about Hogan and Flair not wanting to drop the strap to him. His views on the clique and what happened in WWF with Bret Hart. Tons of WWF backstage stories. Also more about the Arn Anderson and Sid Vicious stabbing as he was there first hand. Talks about life on the road with WWF and WCW and also the famous match and feud with Cactus Jack and his ear getting ripped off. There is so many more stories that he tells that are great. This is one of the best shoots that we have ever done.